God Of War Ragnarok
God Of War Ragnarok

Gamers around the world eagerly dive into the mythological realms depicted in the “God of War” series with each new release, and “God of War: Ragnarok” is no exception. The excitement is enhanced by the additional challenge of unlocking a comprehensive list of trophies and achievements. These significant milestones serve as a testament to a player’s skill, determination, and mastery of the game. Unlocking every trophy requires thorough exploration, battling formidable foes, completing intricate puzzles, and uncovering hidden secrets throughout the Nine Realms.

“God of War: Ragnarok” continues the epic journey of Kratos and his son, Atreus, weaving a story that not only advances the plot but also challenges players with varied achievements. With a mix of 48 trophies consisting of a single Platinum, four Gold, sixteen Silver, and twenty-seven Bronze, the path to 100% completion is a blend of straightforward tasks and complex feats. Each accomplishment reflects a different aspect of the game, from story progression to combat prowess and collectible hunting.

Key Takeaways

  • Trophies motivate players to fully immerse themselves in the game’s content.
  • Players need diverse skills and strategy to obtain the Platinum trophy.
  • Completing the trophy list demands extensive exploration and mastery.

God of War Ragnarok Overview

“God of War Ragnarok” brings a captivating adventure that bridges ancient mythology with action-packed gameplay. Players follow Kratos and Atreus as they navigate a prophesied war that threatens to reshape the cosmos.

Main Story and Key Characters

“God of War Ragnarok” continues the formidable journey of Kratos, a fierce warrior, and his son Atreus. The narrative weaves a compelling story as they grapple with their fate amidst the looming threat of Ragnarok. Known as the “God of Thunder,” Thor is among the mythical figures that stand in their path. The duo, referred to as “The Bear and The Wolf,” undertake arduous quests, which are vital strands of the main story.

Exploring the Nine Realms

Exploration is pivotal; each of the Nine Realms offers unique landscapes and challenges. Players can traverse realms like Svartalfheim, home of the dwarves, and the fiery Muspelheim. As they journey, collectibles hidden across these worlds enhance the gameplay. Successful exploration and collection contribute greatly to achieving the coveted platinum trophy.

Combat Mechanics and Upgrades

Combat is at the game’s heart, with intuitive mechanics allowing for a blend of strategic and action-driven encounters. Kratos utilizes an array of weapons such as the “Hammer of the Rebellion” and his trusty blades, while Atreus aids with his bow and skills. Armor, shields, and accessories like the “Amulet of Yggdrasil” can be upgraded. Enhancements and skill upgrades are essential for both defense and attack, offering various ways to customize Kratos and Atreus for battle.

Achieving 100% Completion

When playing God of War Ragnarok, completing the game fully involves unlocking all trophies. This includes acquiring collectibles, completing quests, and overcoming tough battles.

Trophy Acquisition Strategies

To start, players should focus on completing the main story to gain access to all necessary items. Silver, gold, and bronze trophies will require meeting specific game achievements. For instance, the silver trophy “Dragon Slayer” demands defeating a certain fearsome beast. It’s vital for players to check a comprehensive trophy guide or roadmap to ensure no trophy is missed, especially the coveted platinum trophy, which signifies total completion.

Collectibles and Secrets

Collectibles such as Lore, Nornir Chests, and Artifacts are essential for 100% game completion. Additionally, unlocking secrets like the Stags of the Four Seasons or finding all Lindwyrms contributes to achieving special trophies like “The Florist” or “The Librarian”. Players should systematically explore each area and track their progress towards the “Collector” trophies.

Completionist Challenges

Challenges like “Trials by Fire” or the “Crater Hunts” offer players tough objectives to conquer. It is important to complete these to collect items like the scaled armor set or the “Trials of Muspelheim” trophy. Players seeking a full trophy list must also finish quests such as “The True Queen” and “Blood Debt”. These specific challenges often tie into elaborate encounters or require completing side quests.

Difficult Encounters

Players will encounter tough adversaries like Garm or Heimdall. To achieve 100% completion, they must overcome these difficult encounters, like “Battle the God of Thunder” or “Battle the Mysterious Valkyrie”. Defeating these formidable opponents often rewards players with essential trophies such as “The True Queen” for defeating Gna or “Rebel Leader” for overcoming Gryla. Such encounters test a player’s skill and strategy to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the world of trophies in God of War Ragnarok doesn’t have to be tricky. This section aims to answer common questions to guide players toward the coveted Platinum trophy and beyond.

How can I obtain the Platinum trophy in God of War Ragnarok?

To earn the Platinum trophy, players must complete a series of achievements that often require 100% game completion. They should focus on unlocking all other trophies, including those for collecting various items and completing challenges.

What are the most challenging trophies to earn in God of War Ragnarok?

Some trophies require considerable skill, such as ones awarded for defeating tough enemies or completing time-bound challenges. Players often find these to be the most difficult.

Can all of the trophies in God of War Ragnarok be earned in a single playthrough?

Yes, it is possible to acquire all trophies in a single playthrough. However, players must be thorough in exploring and completing all tasks and challenges presented in the game.

Are there any trophies in God of War Ragnarok that can be missed?

There are no trophies in God of War Ragnarok that are missable. Players can return to different areas to collect items or complete tasks that they might have skipped or overlooked earlier.

What is the complete list of trophies available in God of War Ragnarok?

The game offers a range of trophies, including one Platinum, four Gold, sixteen Silver, and twenty-seven Bronze, along with additional secret trophies. These can be earned through various game activities and milestones.

Is there a special achievement for completing God of War Ragnarok on the hardest difficulty setting?

No specific trophy is awarded just for completing the game on the hardest setting. However, playing on a higher difficulty can add to the challenge and satisfaction of achieving other trophies.

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