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Facebook’s pivot away from the Gifts section signified a new era for digital gift-giving on the platform. Introduced as a way to send physical gifts to friends and family through the social media site, Facebook Gifts allowed users to celebrate special occasions or just show appreciation with a few clicks. However, the service has seen its sunset, with the social media giant ultimately deciding to close the Gifts shop. While this discontinuation has left a gap, it doesn’t leave users without options. There are still many other ways to acknowledge and celebrate important events using Facebook’s array of services.

With the removal of the Gifts section, Facebook users are now exploring alternative methods to convey their sentiments. Digital gift cards and other online services provide various options for users looking to send a token of appreciation or celebration. Additionally, Facebook itself offers features like birthday and event reminders which can be maximized to maintain personal connections and convey well-wishes without the need for a tangible gift. These services allow users to stay engaged and offer their best wishes, even in the absence of the Gifts program.

Alternatives to Facebook Gifts: Sending a Thoughtful Surprise

Since Facebook discontinued its Gifts section, sending a virtual present directly through the platform isn’t possible anymore. However, you still have some great ways to send gifts and well wishes to your Facebook friends.

Digital Gift Options

  • Gift Cards: Amazon, Apple, and countless retailers offer e-gift cards, which can be sent over email or text message. Choose one based on your friend’s interests.
  • Online Subscriptions: Treat your friend to a streaming service, a music subscription, or even a subscription box filled with goodies they’ll enjoy.
  • Experiences: Book a virtual cooking class, a concert ticket, or a relaxing spa experience. Many companies offer digital vouchers for various activities.

Creative Ways to Celebrate Online

  • Donate to their cause: Support an organization or charity they care about by making a donation in their name.
  • Personalized Message: Write a heartfelt post on their Timeline, share a funny or memorable photo, or create a video message.
  • Virtual Celebration: Set up a Zoom call with other friends and give your best wishes together. You can even play online games together for extra fun.

Choosing the Right Approach

Here’s a table outlining factors to consider when deciding on a Facebook gift replacement:

OccasionIs it a birthday, holiday, or a ‘just because’ moment?
Recipient’s InterestsWhat do they love? Think hobbies, favorite stores, etc.
Your BudgetHow much are you willing to spend?
Time SensitivityDoes the gift need to be sent right away?

Remember, whether you choose a digital gift or a heartfelt gesture, the thoughtfulness behind it makes all the difference!

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook’s Gifts service has been discontinued.
  • Users have alternative methods to celebrate events and occasions.
  • Birthday and event reminders on Facebook strengthen personal connections.

Alternatives to Facebook Gifts

With the closure of Facebook Gifts, users may be looking for different ways to send presents and tokens of appreciation through online services. This section covers several options to fill the void left by Facebook’s decision to phase out its gift-giving feature.

Social Gift-Giving Services

Social gift-giving services provide an easy way to send gifts to friends and family using social media platforms. An example is Karma, which allows users to send thoughtful gifts to their connections. Also, services like Wrapp have gained traction by allowing users to send digital gift cards through social networks.

Digital Gift Card Platforms

Digital gift card platforms are popular for their convenience and range of options. Users can purchase and send gift cards that their friends can redeem at major retailers or online stores. Platforms like Giftly and eGifter offer this service, giving users the chance to buy and send a variety of digital gift cards.

Retail and Brand-Specific Options

Many retailers and brands have their own gift-selling solutions. Users can go directly to a retailer’s website and purchase digital or physical gifts to be sent to the recipient. This option often includes custom messages and can sometimes tie into a birthday reminder feature to prompt users about upcoming birthdays or events.

Maximizing Birthday and Event Reminders

When Facebook discontinued its Gifts section, users needed new ways to acknowledge birthdays and events. Here are suggestions for how to effectively use reminders and personalized gift ideas.

Integrating Calendars and Reminder Apps

Users can sync Facebook birthday reminders to external calendar apps on devices like iPhones. This ensures they remember to celebrate birthdays. Most calendar apps allow users to set alerts for upcoming birthdays. For U.S. users, birthday reminders can reflect local time zones. This helps send wishes or gifts on time.

Steps to Sync Facebook Birthdays With Your Calendar:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the Events section.
  3. Find the Birthdays area.
  4. Look for the option to export birthdays.
  5. Follow the prompts to add them to your personal calendar app.


  • Never miss a friend’s special day.
  • Get reminders in advance.
  • Plan and send gifts on time.

Personalized Gift Suggestions

Gift suggestions tailored to an individual’s likes can make the absence of Facebook Gifts less of an issue. Explore friends’ Facebook timelines for hints about their interests. This can reveal ideal gift ideas.

Tips for Personalized Gifts:

  • Review your friend’s recent posts.
  • Note any hobbies, favorites, or wished-for items.
  • Choose a gift that matches these interests.

Personalized Gift Ideas:

  • Books from favorite authors.
  • Merchandise related to liked TV shows or bands.
  • Specialty items for hobbies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The closure of the Facebook Gifts section has left many users looking for new ways to send tokens of appreciation through the social media platform. Here are some alternatives and solutions.

What alternatives are available for sending gifts through Facebook now that the Gifts section is closed?

Since Facebook discontinued the Gifts section, users can only send digital content like gift cards. They can use features such as Facebook Card, a digital card that people apply to different retailers’ services.

How can users send gift cards via Facebook following the discontinuation of the Gifts service?

Users wanting to send gift cards can do so by purchasing digital codes or Facebook Cards. These can then be sent to friends and family through messaging on Facebook or by posting directly to the recipient’s timeline.

What features does Facebook offer to celebrate special occasions in place of the former Gifts section?

Facebook provides several features to celebrate events, such as creating a post, sharing an image or video, hosting a virtual event or fundraiser, or even just sending a message with well-wishes.

Can Facebook Dating features be utilized to send gifts or tokens of appreciation to someone you are interested in?

Facebook Dating does not provide a feature for sending gifts. It focuses on building relationships through profiles, chat, and shared interests without a direct gift-sending functionality.

What steps should be taken to troubleshoot Facebook Dating if it’s not visible in the app?

If Facebook Dating is not appearing, users should check for the latest updates of the Facebook app. They can also visit the Help Center for guidance or check if the feature is available in their location since it might not be supported everywhere.

How can friendships be managed within Facebook Dating, and are there options to connect or send gifts?

In Facebook Dating, users can manage potential matches and engage in conversations. There are no options to send gifts within Facebook Dating. Users can connect by expressing interest in profiles and starting a conversation if the interest is mutual.

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