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Character Overview

Navia, a new Geo character in Genshin Impact, brings a fresh playstyle to the game’s character roster. With her debut, players have access to a character who adds a strategic twist to the Geo element.

Navia Background

Real Name: Navia Caspar
Region: Fontaine
Affiliation: Spina di Rosula
Birthday: August 16th
Constellation: Rosa Multiflora

Navia hails from the water-rich region of Fontaine and is affiliated with the Spina di Rosula, a group with notable influence. She stands out with her distinct heritage and role within Genshin Impact’s expanding universe. Her birthday falls on August 16th, and her associated constellation is the Rosa Multiflora, which is often reflected in her thematic design elements.

Navia Character Attributes

  • Rarity: 5-Star
  • Weapon: Claymore
  • Element: Geo (Earth)

Unlike other Geo characters who may rely heavily on their defense stats or require a team of the same element, Navia breaks this mold. She is a claymore-wielding Geo character recognized for her unique ability to generate Crystallize reactions, which is pivotal for her damage output. As a 5-star rarity character, Navia offers a game-changing experience with her distinct skill set that emphasizes Crystallize effects to bolster her elemental skills and enhance combat efficiency.

Combat Mechanics

Navia swings into battle with a unique Geo-based combat style that sets her apart from her peers. She wields her claymore with precision, tapping into Geo energy to unleash powerful crystalline attacks.

Navia’s Normal Attack and Elemental Skill

Normal Attack: Terra Florescens

  • Normal: Performs up to 5 successive strikes.
  • Charged: Drains stamina to lash out with a series of powerful slashes at the cost of stamina.
  • Plunging: From mid-air, Navia plunges to strike the ground, damaging enemies along her path and dealing AoE damage upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Lustrous Stone

  • Skill Details: Navia wields her Geo power to form a crystalline structure that explodes, dealing Geo DMG to all nearby enemies and providing her with a unique buff. This skill is pivotal for her DPS build, as it sets the foundation for her crystallize reactions.

Navia’s Elemental Burst and Passives

Elemental Burst: Rocky Refrain

  • Burst Description: A whirlwind of Geo energy is summoned, dealing substantial AoE Geo DMG to foes. The burst paves the way for enhanced damage through crystallize reactions and benefits from boosts to Navia’s ATK stats.


  • Lithic Aegis: Increases Navia’s CRIT rate, providing a steady boost to her damage output.
  • Stone Harp Symphony: Inflicts more damage when using Normal or Charged Attacks after a crystallize reaction.

Navia’s Best Artifacts:

  • Primary: Focus on ATK%, CRIT Rate, and CRIT DMG to maximize her damage potential.

Talent and Constellation Overview

Talent Details:

  • Talents upgrade Navia’s skills including her Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst.
  • Priority: Leveling up her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst ensures higher damage output in battles.

Constellation Overview:

  • Each Level: Offers enhancements to Navia’s abilities, further empowering her Geo attacks and survivability.
  • Notable Constellation: Early Constellations boost her E Skill effectiveness, which is essential in her skill rotation.

Build Optimization

To maximize Navia’s potential in Genshin Impact, focus on artifacts and weapons that enhance her unique Geo damage abilities and playstyle as a main DPS. Picking the right team members will further bolster her performance in battle.

Artifacts and Equipment

Navia thrives with a build that amplifies her Geo damage. For artifacts, aim for the Archaic Petra set which boosts Geo damage by 15% for 2-piece and can amplify the damage for the whole party with its 4-piece bonus after picking up a Geo crystal. The choice of goblet should focus on Geo DMG Bonus, while the sands should ideally have ATK% or Energy Recharge to sustain her abilities. The circlet should prioritize Crit Rate or Crit DMG, depending on which stat Navia needs more.

When it comes to weapons, the 5-star options like The Unforged and Tidal Shadow provide substantial base ATK and bonuses that can augment Navia’s shield strength and damage output. A fully refined Serpent Spine is a solid 4-star choice, boosting CRIT Rate and damage dealt, provided players can manage the increased damage taken.

Team Composition and Synergies

For team comp, Navia can fit well with a variety of members but excels with characters that can exploit her Crystallize reaction. Characters like Zhongli provide additional shields, enhancing survivability, and enabling her to utilize Retracing Bolide set if players prefer that route for even stronger shield and DMG performance in lieu of Archaic Petra. Fischl can offer off-field Electro support to swiftly generate Crystals with Electro-Charged reaction. Xiangling and Bennett make a great pair for providing additional ATK buffs and triggering Overloaded with their Pyro abilities, which complements Navia’s kit well.

Consider adding a healer like Kokomi, who can provide not only healing but also Hydro application for more reaction potential. Remember that a balanced team to support Navia will ensure she performs her best as the main damage dealer.

For ascension and talent materials, players will need items such as Ousia, Marechaussee Hunter, and specific drops from bosses and domains tailored to Navia’s kit. These materials are critical to advancing Navia’s capabilities in Geo dominance through her ascension and skill enhancement.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ve compiled some of the most common inquiries about Navia, a character from Genshin Impact, providing clear and specific answers.

What is the rarity of the character Navia in Genshin Impact?

Navia is classified as a 5-star character in the game, indicating her as one of the more rare and potentially powerful characters available to players.

Does Navia have a higher damage output compared to Ayaka?

Navia’s damage output is influenced by her unique abilities and can be quite formidable, but direct comparisons to Ayaka’s damage would depend on various factors including player strategy, team composition, and artifact build.

Which character attributes or stats does Navia’s damage primarily rely on?

Her damage scales with attack (ATK) and benefits greatly from geo damage bonuses brought on by corresponding artifacts and her abilities.

What are the best team compositions to include Navia in?

Navia fits well into teams that capitalize on Geo synergies. She works effectively with characters that can provide shields or generate elemental reactions conducive to her skill set.

Can Navia be used effectively in main DPS roles or is she better suited for support?

Navia’s skillset is versatile. She can be built as a main DPS, leveraging her Geo abilities, or as a support character enhancing the team’s damage output and resilience with her crystallize reactions.

What are the ideal weapon and artifact choices for optimizing Navia’s performance?

The optimal gear for Navia would typically include a powerful Geo Claymore and artifacts that bolster ATK stats and Geo damage, like the Nighttime Whispers set mentioned in the search results.

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