Beidou Character Overview

Beidou is a celebrated character in the action RPG game “Genshin Impact.” Hailing from Liyue, she is known as the Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean. She commands respect both on land and sea as the captain of the fleet known as The Crux.

Element: Electro
Weapon: Claymore
Constellation: Victor Mare

A mighty warrior with a greatsword in hand, Beidou’s playstyle is robust and dynamic. She harnesses the power of Electro to unleash charged attacks against her foes. Her unique combat skills make her a formidable adversary, as she skillfully combines the might of her claymore with her Electro abilities.

  • Skill 1: Thunderbeast’s Targe
    • This ability allows Beidou to counterattack with a shield of lightning after absorbing damage.
  • Skill 2: Tidecaller
    • Tidecaller lets her unleash a powerful Electro-charged slash, turning the tide of battle.

Players often choose Beidou for her ability to parry and her crowd control capabilities. She’s a staple in teams that need a blend of attack and defense strategies.

As a character, Beidou stands out for her bravery and leadership. Stories of her battling sea monsters and cutting through storms contribute to her legend within the game. Despite the danger, she tends to face challenges head-on, reflecting her assertive personality through every quest and battle.

Combat Abilities

Beidou, the formidable captain of The Crux fleet, stands out in Genshin Impact with her powerful Electro abilities that cater to both attack and defense strategies.

Talents and Skills

Beidou’s Normal Attack consists of up to 5 consecutive strikes, while her Charged Attack drains Stamina to unleash 2 rapid sword swings. The Plunging Attack strikes from mid-air to hit the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Passive Abilities

Her first passive, Retribution, allows her to counter-attack with Tidecaller at precise timing. Conqueror of Tides grants her the ability to resist interruption and decreases stamina consumption for her team when swimming.


Each of Beidou’s six Constellations boosts her abilities further. For instance, Sea Beast’s Scourge, her first constellation, increases the damage of her Normal and Charged Attacks.

Damage and Elemental Reactions

Beidou excels at triggering Electro-charged reactions when paired with Hydro characters. This utilizes her skills such as Tidecaller and Stormbreaker for dealing Electro DMG and spreading its effect between enemies.

Stat Prioritization

Her primary stats are ATK% and Electro DMG Bonus. Prioritizing Crit Rate and Crit DMG maximizes her damage output, with HP and Energy Recharge supporting her survival and ability uptime.

Recommended Weaponry

The Akuoumaru claymore increases ATK based on the amount of energy the team has, while Serpent Spine boosts CRIT Rate and damage dealt at the cost of taking more damage.

Artifact Selection

Thundering Fury enhances Electro DMG and reaction damage, and Emblem of Severed Fate pieces increase Energy Recharge and Burst DMG.

Ideal Team Composition

Beidou functions well as a DPS or Sub-DPS. She synergizes with Fischl for Electro resonance, Kazuha for crowd control, Bennett for buffs, and Xingqiu for setting up Electro-charged reactions.

Ascension Materials

For ascension, Beidou needs Vajrada Amethyst along with Treasure Hoarder Insignia, Noctilucous Jade, and enemy-drop materials to enhance her levels and improve her combat performance.

Playstyle and Strategy

Beidou is known for her impressive counterattack capabilities and her role as a hard-hitting Electro character in Genshin Impact. Maximizing Beidou’s potential involves a balanced approach to both offense and defense, as well as a strategic use of elemental interactions.

Offensive Tactics

Beidou excels at dealing max damage through her counterattacking skill. Timing her Elemental Skill, Tidecaller, to coincide with enemy attacks not only reduces incoming damage but also unleashes a powerful electro counterattack. For highest damage output, focus on building her Electro DMG and ATK stats.

Defensive Measures

Her Elemental Skill provides more than just offense. When correctly timed, Tidecaller can absorb damage and grant Beidou a shield, increasing her survivability. This makes her valuable for enduring tough battles where both dealing damage and defending are key.

Navigating Through Liyue and Inazuma

In the regions of Liyue and Inazuma, Beidou’s abilities shine. Whether it’s reducing swimming stamina consumption with her passive talent Oceanborne or fighting against common foes like Treasure Hoarders, where Treasure Hoarder Insignias are often needed for ascensions, she’s a reliable character for exploration.

Synergizing with Elemental Reactions

Pairing Beidou with characters that can trigger Electro-Charged or Superconduct can significantly increase her damage potential. Electro-Charged is effective against enemies with the Wet status, while Superconduct is ideal to reduce Physical Resistance, complementing Beidou’s physical attacks.

Exploration and Quests

During exploration, Beidou’s counterattacking skill helps quickly dispatch mobs, making the search for chests and resources more efficient. Her Elemental Burst allows her to deal AOE Electro damage, useful for quests and defeating multiple enemies simultaneously.

Engage with Beidou’s playstyle to fully experience her strengths in Genshin Impact. With savvy control over offense and defense, mastering her skills will lead to a rewarding gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we uncover some of the most common questions about Beidou, highlighting her combat abilities, connections, and characteristics that draw players to her.

What are the strengths of Beidou in combat?

Beidou excels in combat with her counter-attack ability, which can unleash heavy damage against enemies. She’s also known for her electro damage, beneficial in creating powerful elemental reactions.

Who are the notable characters linked to Beidou’s storyline?

Beidou is closely associated with characters like Ningguang, as they both hold leadership positions in Liyue. Their interactions shed light on the balance of power within the region.

What is the significance behind Beidou’s eyepatch?

The eyepatch has become Beidou’s trademark, hinting at her seasoned nature as a captain who’s faced countless battles. It’s more than a fashion statement; it’s a badge of her experience.

What makes Beidou a popular character among players?

Beidou’s popularity comes from her bold personality and skill as a captain. Players often appreciate her no-nonsense attitude and the strategic depth her electro abilities add to gameplay.

How do you effectively build Beidou’s talents and artifacts?

For an effective Beidou build, focus on talents that enhance her electro damage and counter-attacking abilities. Artifacts should be chosen to boost her attack power and electro damage bonus.

What role does Beidou play in a team composition?

Beidou typically serves as a sturdy sub-DPS or support character. She can absorb damage with her shield and contribute significantly to the team’s overall damage output with her electro abilities.

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