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The Adepti of Liyue

In the game Genshin Impact, Liyue is safeguarded by mystical entities known as the Adepti. These powerful beings weave the fabric of Liyue’s history and stand guard against any threat.

Adepti Overview

The Adepti are more than just characters in Genshin Impact; they are revered guardians of Liyue, empowered by celestial origins. Bound to the land by a pact with the Geo Archon, Morax, also known as Rex Lapis, they are tasked with the protection of the region from malevolent forces. These beings blur the line between the divine and the corporeal, consisting of illuminated beasts and lesser gods. Each Adeptus plays a distinct role in Liyue’s defense and contributes to its rich cultural heritage.

  • Roles

    • Protectors of Liyue
    • Enforcers of Morax’s will
    • Cultural figures
  • Composition

    • Illuminated beasts
    • Lesser gods

Notable Adepti

Liyue’s storied history boasts several notable Adepti who have become fan favorites for their intriguing backstories and the roles they’ve played:

  1. Xiao – the vigilant yaksha, always ready to fend off darkness to ensure the safety of Liyue’s citizens.
  2. Cloud Retainer – known for her wisdom and a penchant for culinary perfection, often observed in the clouds above Mt. Aocang.
  3. Madame Ping – a kind-hearted elder with the appearance of a grandmother, greatly respected for her knowledge and benevolence.
  4. Ganyu – a half-qilin Adeptus, serving as a secretary for the Liyue Qixing, with a deep loyalty to the city and its people.
  5. Mountain Shaper and Moon Carver – both renowned for their might and duty to Liyue’s prosperity.

Additionally, Shenhe is linked to the Adepti, though she walks a path between the human world and that of the Adepti, under the tutelage of Cloud Retainer.

  • Known Adepti
    • Xiao: Ensurer of peace
    • Cloud Retainer: Guardian of wisdom
    • Madame Ping: Benevolent elder
    • Ganyu: Liaison to mortals
    • Mountain Shaper & Moon Carver: Pillars of strength
    • Shenhe: A bridge between two worlds

These Adepti hold a crucial place in the narrative of Genshin Impact, each with a duty to the balance between celestial powers and the human world. Through their endeavors, Liyue has flourished under their watchful eyes.

Cultural and Historical Context

Within the world of Genshin Impact, the Adepti are more than just powerful beings; they embody a fusion of rich lore with profound historical and cultural significance rooted in the game’s Liyue region.

The Lore of Adepti

The Adepti are esteemed entities in Liyue, often depicted as intermediaries between the divine and the mortal. They are neither gods nor humans, but powerful beings capable of shapeshifting, taking on both human-like appearances and forms of various illuminated beasts. Notable among them is Zhongli, also known as Rex Lapis, the Prime of Adepti and the Geo Archon of Liyue, revered for his wisdom and pivotal role during the ancient Archon War.

Throughout the quests in Genshin Impact, the traveler encounters several Adepti, like the yaksha Xiao, whose duty it is to fend off evil and protect Liyue. These stories draw players into Teyvat’s expansive history, where the echoes of the Archon War still resonate, and beings like the Adepti and the mighty qilin illustrate the blend of myth with the land’s culture.

Liyue’s History and Myths

Liyue’s history is as layered as the Jueyun Karst peaks that dominate its skyline. It’s a region steeped in legend, where the memory of the Guizhong, goddess of dust, and the ancient geo construct, the Skybracer, still linger. Liyue Harbor, at the heart of this region, stands as a testament to the harmony between humans and Adepti, with the governing Liyue Qixing ensuring the prosperity and order of the harbor.

The diverse myths embedded within Liyue’s culture, such as the stories of the protective Adepti and the celestial Celestia from where the gods observe Teyvat, are central to understanding this land. Characters like Yanfei, who is part-human and part-Adeptus, offer a personal perspective on the region’s intricate history, where folklore and reality merge seamlessly. Mortals in Liyue look up to the Adepti with respect and reverence, a feeling rooted in centuries of coexistence and protection—a theme that is pervasive throughout the many quests and narratives in the game.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Genshin Impact’s gameplay introduces the player to a variety of characters and quests that shape their journey. Among these, the Adepti stand out, offering unique challenges and opportunities.

Character Builds and Guides

  • Xiao: Players aiming to optimize Xiao’s potential should focus on the Anemo damage and CRIT Rate. His build typically includes the “Viridescent Venerer” artifact set to amplify Anemo damage and reduce opponents’ elemental resistance.
- Artifact Sets for Xiao:
  - Viridescent Venerer (4 pieces)
  - Gladiator's Finale (2 pieces) plus Viridescent Venerer (2 pieces) for an early game option
  • Yanfei: As a Pyro DPS, a Crimson Witch of Flames set boosts her Pyro abilities. Players should prioritize her Crit Rate and Pyro Damage bonus for maximum efficiency.

  • Yae Miko and Nahida: These characters benefit from equipment that enhances their Electro and Dendro damage, respectively. Gearing up with artifact sets such as “Thundering Fury” for Yae Miko and “Deepwood Memories” for Nahida can be highly effective.

World Quests and Events

  • Lantern Rite: This is a major annual event where players complete varied quests and mini-games to earn rewards like Votive Rainjade and Clearwater Jade. Rewards often include new characters like Xiao or event-specific items.

  • Votive Rainjade and Clearwater Jade: Essential for event-specific trades during Lantern Rite, they’re obtained by completing relevant quests and activities.

  • Spirit Carp and Paper Shadow Solutions: These are examples of event items or mini-game components players will interact with during certain in-game festivals or quests.

  • World Quests involving the Adepti: These quests take players across Liyue, interacting with the likes of Xiao, Qiqi, and other Adepti or related NPCs such as Starsnatcher. These quests not only expand the lore but also offer generous rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Adepti of Genshin Impact are guardians shrouded in intrigue. Below are some of the top questions fans have about these mysterious figures.

Who are the Adepti in the game and what is their role?

The Adepti are powerful, god-like beings in the action role-playing game Genshin Impact. They protect Liyue, one of the game’s regions, serving as its mighty guardians and enforcers of order.

What are the characteristics that differentiate an Adeptus from an Archon?

Adepti are immortal beings with great power and typically serve under an Archon, but they are not on the same divine level. An Archon, like Rex Lapis, is a god who reigns over one of Teyvat’s seven elements and regions.

Can you list all the Adepti characters currently known in Genshin Impact?

Known Adepti in Genshin Impact include Xiao, the Conqueror of Demons; Madam Ping, a wise and elderly Adeptus; Ganyu, who is half-Adeptus; Mountain Shaper; Moon Carver; Cloud Retainer; and a few others.

How does Adepti lore in Genshin Impact correlate with Chinese mythology?

Genshin Impact’s interpretation of the Adepti draws from Chinese mythology, where similar beings possess great longevity, magical abilities, and reside in sacred mountains, often mentoring heroes or cultivators.

In what ways do the Yaksha differ from the Adepti within the game’s storyline?

The Yaksha are a specific group of Adepti, tasked with battling karmic debt and are known for their ferocity. Unlike the other Adepti, they often suffer from the emotional toll of their battles.

What is the backstory of Zhongli’s connection to the Adepti?

Zhongli, previously known to players as the Geo Archon Rex Lapis, is closely connected to the Adepti. He is their creator and former leader, who has since stepped down from his divine role to experience life as a mortal.

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