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Fortnite’s latest update, 29.10, introduces exciting changes and features, ensuring players stay engaged and entertained. Key highlights include the introduction of new skins from Guardians of the Galaxy and a collaboration with Avatar Korra. These updates bring unique Mythic items like Waterbending, enhancing gameplay with fresh, immersive experiences.

Another notable feature of the 29.10 update is the LEGO game mode titled Mechanical Mayhem. This mode emphasizes vehicle building, providing players with innovative ways to explore and enjoy their adventures. The update ensures continuous improvement and keeps the game dynamic and fun.

For those eager to dive into the detailed changes, this article covers all the essential updates and features introduced in version 29.10. Knowing what to expect and how these changes impact gameplay can help both new and seasoned players enjoy Fortnite even more.

Fortnite v29.10 Update: New Features and Fixes

Fortnite update 29.10 was released on March 26, 2024.

Gameplay Changes

The new Fortnite Season has already been memorable, as we’re once again on a map with some new POIs, but some weapons have been a bit overpowered in Epic’s eyes. HYPEX has noted that theMK-Alpha Assault Rifle and the Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle have been hit with a nerf.
Additionally, a new item called “Slap Juice” has been added, which is similar to the Chug Splash, but instead gives you Slap effect and heals you slowly.
Lastly, Epic has added a new type of Reality Augment called “Scoped Salvo.” This Augment makes all semi-automatic weapons like SMGs and pistols function as burst weapons, firing two shots with each pull of the trigger.
Finally, in terms of gameplay, first-person mode has been added to creative maps, allowing players to build and create in first-person mode.

Weapon Changes

MK-Alpha Assault RifleDamage nerfed
Havoc Suppressed Assault RifleDamage nerfed

New Item

  • Slap Juice: Heals you slowly and gives you Slap effect.

New Reality Augment

  • Scoped Salvo: Makes all semi-automatic weapons fire in bursts.

Creative Mode

  • First-person mode added.

This update brings a mix of balance changes, new additions, and creative tools to Fortnite, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction of Guardians of the Galaxy skins and Korra collaboration
  • Mechanical Mayhem LEGO mode with vehicle building
  • Detailed patch notes available for in-depth gameplay changes

Main Features and Changes in Update 29.10

Fortnite update 29.10 introduces several new features and changes aimed at enhancing gameplay. Players can expect new gameplay mechanics, vehicle updates, a collaboration with Guardians of the Galaxy, and various bug fixes.

New Gameplay Mechanics and Constructs

The update introduces the Smart Transfer feature, allowing players to automatically move items between inventories more efficiently. This helps when managing resources, especially in intense Battle Royale situations. Another exciting addition is the Banana of the Gods in the Lego Fortnite mode. This unique item provides special buffs and abilities to players who find it.

Vehicle Updates and Additions

Epic Games has made significant improvements to vehicles in this update. Skydiving while driving has been refined to feel smoother and more intuitive. Additionally, new Lego vehicles are now available, adding a creative twist to the game. These vehicles come with unique durability values and can change the way players traverse the map.

Guardians of the Galaxy Collaboration

A highlight of this update is the Guardians of the Galaxy Bundle. Players can now purchase skins and cosmetic items inspired by characters like Drax. This collaboration adds a fresh dynamic to the game, enhancing the overall Battle Royale experience. The bundle includes exclusive outfits and emotes, making it a must-have for fans of the franchise.

Cosmetic Items and Battle Pass Content

The Battle Pass for Chapter 5 Season 2 now offers Super Styles and a variety of new skins. Dynamic Hush is one of the standout cosmetics currently available in the item shop. Other additions include Korra Cosmetics and various quests tied to unlocking these new outfits. Nike-themed outfits also make their debut, adding to the extensive list of customization options.

Balance Adjustments and Weapons Update

Several balance adjustments have been implemented in this update. The Hand Cannon has returned with updated stats to make it more viable in combat. A new Mythic weapon has also been introduced, providing players with more options during gameplay. These changes aim to create a more balanced environment, addressing various concerns raised by the community.

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements

Epic Games continues to refine Fortnite with numerous bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Noteworthy fixes include addressing issues with in-game lag and improving matchmaking speeds. Adjustments to Power Cell availability ensure that players have consistent access to this crucial resource. These improvements contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fortnite v29.10 update introduces new Mythics, weapon adjustments, and various gameplay changes. Epic Games has also addressed some bugs and added features to enhance the player experience.

What changes have been implemented in the recent Fortnite patch?

The v29.10 update includes new Mythic items such as Korra’s Waterbending technique. Super Styles for characters and LEGO game mode enhancements are also introduced. Weapon adjustments include increased Drum Gun damage and changes to Snipers and the Huntress DMR.

Can you detail the new features from Fortnite’s latest update?

This update features Korra’s Waterbending Mythic from the popular show. Players can use sharp frozen water projectiles with it. Additionally, there’s a collaboration with Guardians of the Galaxy, adding new skins and items.

What are the bug fixes addressed in the latest Fortnite patch notes?

Several bugs have been fixed in the update. Epic Games resolved issues related to game performance, visual glitches, and some gameplay mechanics that were not functioning as intended. Specific details on the fixes were not provided.

What can players expect from Fortnite’s Chapter 5 season update?

Chapter 5 Season 2 of Fortnite brings significant changes. These include the addition of new content, collaborations with popular franchises, and adjustments to game mechanics and items to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

How has gameplay been affected by the most current Fortnite update?

The update has balanced some weapons for better gameplay. Snipers are now less common, and some have been removed. The fire rate and damage of select weapons have been increased, leading to a more competitive environment.

Are there any new weapon or item balances in the latest Fortnite patch?

Yes, several weapons have been balanced in the update. The Drum Gun’s damage and fire rate have been increased. Changes have been made to the Huntress DMR’s damage and projectile speed. Snipers are now less common, affecting gameplay strategy.

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