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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was released for the PS5 on February 29, 2024. While we know a PC version is in the works, a timed exclusivity agreement is tying the game to the PlayStation 5 for three months. That means no matter what, we won’t see a PC version before May 30, 2024. But that’s simply the earliest date that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth can launch on PC – it doesn’t mean that FF7 Rebirth is actually coming out for PC on that date.

FF7 PC Release Info: What We Know

Confirmed?No. Square Enix has only officially confirmed the game for PS5 initially.
Release WindowPS5: February 29, 2024
PC: Unclear. Earliest would be May 30, 2024 but some estimate that it will take longer. No announcement from developer.
ExclusivitySquare Enix has a history of timed exclusivity deals with PlayStation. Final Fantasy VII Remake had a year of exclusivity. This game (Rebirth) has a 3 month agreement with PS5.
Factors Influencing PC ReleaseRemake Part 1’s PC sales success
Potential development time needed for porting
Strategic release scheduling by Square Enix
Interviews With The Developers
Where to Find UpdatesSquare Enix Website: (

Key Takeaways

  • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth release date on PC is currently unknown
  • The game offers an expanded narrative and modernized gameplay.
  • Details on PC-specific enhancements are currently limited.

Release Information

The highly anticipated arrival of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to the PC has created a lot of buzz. We know there is a 3-month exclusivity agreement with Playstation, so that pushes the earliest date to the end of May. However, the developers haven’t announced anything firm yet.

Announcement and Release Date

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was launched on the PS5 on February 29, 2024. The anticipation has only grown since the announcement of the specific date when players can begin their adventure on the PC. So far we haven’t received any update about the PC release other than the fact that it can’t come before the end of May.

Platforms and Exclusivity

When it was first revealed, the game was tied exclusively to the PlayStation 5. The developers hinted that a PC release will follow, which is in-line with the prior game in the series.

Pre-Order and Editions

Gamers looking forward to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have the option to pre-order the game ahead of its launch, but it’s not currently available on Steam.

Game Overview

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth promises to bring an expanded experience to the iconic series with fresh gameplay, a deep story, and updated audiovisuals. This eagerly awaited installment continues the trilogy, immersing players in an even larger world of adventure.

Gameplay and Features

The combat system blends real-time action with strategic, turn-based elements. Players can control characters like Cloud, Tifa, and Barret, each exhibiting unique abilities and skill trees. The use of Materia remains central to gameplay, allowing characters to cast spells, summon powerful entities, and enhance their stats. Chocobos also can be used for transportation across the expansive world.

  • Combat: Real-time with strategic pause options
  • Character Abilities: Customizable via Materia and skill trees
  • World Exploration: On foot and by riding Chocobos

Characters and Story

The narrative picks up the tale of Cloud Strife and his allies Tifa, Aerith, and others as they confront the antagonist Sephiroth. The story includes pivotal events like the Nibelheim Incident and explores the Lifestream concept. Newcomers in the party, such as Cid, Yuffie, Vincent, and Red XIII, add to the depth of the saga, each with their backstory intertwining with the main narrative.

  • Main Protagonist: Cloud Strife
  • Key Locations: Midgar, Cosmo Canyon, and others
  • Central Theme: Lifestream and its importance to the world

Visuals and Sound

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduces improved visuals with detailed character models and stunning environments that breathe new life into Midgar and beyond. The soundtrack incorporates classic themes, ensuring a nostalgic yet fresh audio experience for both long-time fans and newcomers.

  • Graphics: Richly detailed, immersive world design
  • Soundtrack: Original compositions paired with an iconic theme song

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