How to factory reset MSI Laptop
How to factory reset MSI Laptop

Sometimes, life throws us lemons in the form of a misbehaving laptop. Fear not, for a factory reset can be the lemonade you’re seeking. Here’s how to reset an MSI laptop to its original glory.

Introduction: Why Would You Need a Factory Reset?

Ever felt like your laptop took a time travel trip back to the 90s, acting slower than a snail? Or perhaps you’re planning to sell it and need to erase personal data? Factory resetting can solve these dilemmas, returning your MSI laptop to its out-of-the-box state.

Precautions Before You Begin

Backup Your Data

Remember, a factory reset wipes EVERYTHING. Before diving in, save your files, photos, and treasured memes to an external drive or cloud storage. Losing data is like losing memories – preventable and sad.

Ensure Power Stability

Is your laptop’s battery reliable? If unsure, plug into a power source. A shutdown mid-reset is like pausing a sneeze – uncomfortable and problematic.

Keep Your Recovery Media Handy

Some MSI laptops may require recovery media like a DVD or USB drive. It’s a good idea to keep it close, just in case your laptop asks for it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Factory Resetting an MSI Laptop

Accessing the Recovery Menu

  1. Power off your laptop.
  2. Turn it back on and immediately start pressing the “F3” key repeatedly until the “MSI Recovery Manager” pops up.

Starting the Reset Process

  1. Within the “MSI Recovery Manager”, choose “System Recovery.”
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions, but brace yourself – there’s no turning back once you click “Next.”

Reinstalling Windows

Your laptop will now initiate the reset process, which includes reinstalling Windows. This can take some time, so maybe brew a cup of coffee? Or tea, if that’s your jam.

Post Factory Reset Tips

Setting Up Windows Again

Once the reset is complete, you’ll have to set up Windows as if it’s your first meeting. Choose a language, region, and personalize settings. Remember, be gentle; it’s a fresh start for your MSI laptop.

Restoring Your Data

Time to get those memories (aka data) back! Connect your external drive or head to your cloud storage and start the restoration process.


Resetting an MSI laptop might seem daunting, but with this guide, you’re well-equipped to tackle the challenge. Remember, it’s a fresh start, so embrace the newfound speed and efficiency!


  1. Will I lose my Windows license after the reset?
    • No, your MSI laptop retains its Windows license even after a reset.
  2. Can I choose not to reinstall Windows?
    • The MSI Recovery Manager typically includes Windows reinstallation in the reset process.
  3. How often should I factory reset my laptop?
    • Only when necessary. Regular maintenance can keep you from needing frequent resets.
  4. Is a factory reset the same as a hard reset?
    • Not quite. A factory reset returns your device to its original settings, while a hard reset merely restarts your device forcefully.
  5. What if my MSI laptop doesn’t have the recovery manager?
    • You might need recovery media or a fresh Windows installation. Check with MSI’s official support for guidance.
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