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Facebook Messenger is a popular messaging app with many ways to change how your messages look. You can do more than just send and receive messages. You can also make your messages look different. For example, you can make your text bold or italic to emphasize words. To bold a word, put asterisks (*) at the beginning and end of it. To italicize a word, use underscores (_) before and after it. You can also send coded blocks of text to make your messages more interesting.

Fun with Facebook Messenger Text: Beyond the Basics

Formatting Your Messages

Want to add some flair to your chats? Facebook Messenger has a few formatting tricks up its sleeve.

  • Bold: Surround your text with asterisks (*) to make it bold. Example: *This is bold text*
  • Italics: Surround your text with underscores () to make it italicized. Example: _This is italicized text
  • Strikethrough: Surround your text with tildes (~) to create strikethrough text. Example: ~This is strikethrough text~
  • Monospace: Surround your text with triple backticks () to format it in monospace. Example:This is monospace text“`

Hidden Tricks & Easter Eggs

Messenger also hides some fun surprises:

  • Word Effects: Certain words trigger special animations. Try typing “congrats,” “happy birthday,” or “you’re the best” to see what happens.
  • Hidden Games: Start a conversation with a friend and type “@fbchess” to play chess or “@dailycute” for a daily dose of adorable animal photos.

Table: Text Tricks Summary



Not all of these tricks may work on every device or version of Messenger. Have fun experimenting and discovering new ways to express yourself in your chats!

Key Takeaways

  • The messaging app, Facebook Messenger, includes various text tricks.
  • Text in messages can be formatted using simple symbols for bold and italics.
  • Messenger offers special features like coded text blocks for interactive chats.

Getting Started with Facebook Messenger

Starting with Facebook Messenger is straightforward. A new user just needs to install the app and grasp the basics to begin chatting with friends and managing conversations.

Installing the App

To begin using Messenger, the first step is installing the app. On an Android device, go to the Google Play Store, and if you’re on iPhone, visit the App Store. Search for “Facebook Messenger” and download the app. You can also use Messenger on a PC or any device with internet access by visiting messenger.com.

After downloading, open the app. You have the option to log in using an existing Facebook account or sign up as a new user by entering your phone number. Messenger operates independently, so having a Facebook account is not a requirement.

Understanding the Basics

Messenger is more than just a chat app; it seamlessly integrates with your device’s capabilities. After logging in, you’ll see a list of friends you can chat with. To start a conversation, tap on a friend’s name. The app lets you send text messages, share photos, and more.

Notifications ensure you’re alerted to new messages, but these can be customized for privacy and convenience. You can adjust notification settings such as sounds and alerts for specific chats. It’s simple to be in the loop without letting notifications overwhelm you. Messenger values privacy, allowing users to control their message settings and who they communicate with.

Advanced Messaging Features

Facebook Messenger is packed with features that allow users to enhance their chatting experience. From sending fun animations to managing group messages, these advanced options cater to different needs and preferences.

Creative Chat Enhancements

Personalization is key in Messenger, and users can customize their chat with various themes and color schemes. To change a theme, open a chat, tap the ‘i’ button, and select ‘Theme.’ Emojis, stickers, and GIFs add color and context to conversations. One can even assign nicknames to friends in group chats by tapping on the person’s name in the chat and selecting ‘Edit Nickname.’

Communication Options

Messenger excels in its range of communication methods. Users can send both voice and video calls for a face-to-face conversation or send an audio message by holding down the mic icon. For moments when speaking isn’t an option, typing a message and peppering it with expressive reaction emojis helps convey tone.

Fun with Messenger Games and Bots

Playing games with friends is straightforward in Messenger. In a chat, tap the + sign, select ‘Games’ and pick one to challenge a friend. Bots are another interactive feature. For example, the Spotify bot can suggest music, and a simple basketball game can be accessed by sending a basketball emoji and tapping on it.

Managing Conversations

For busy times, knowing how to mute notifications is essential. In the chat list, swipe left on a conversation and tap the bell icon to mute. To manage incoming messages, users can review message requests from unknown contacts by going to the profile icon and selecting ‘Message Requests.’ Group chats can be muted or left when they become overwhelming.

Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks

Some other useful functions include sending money through the app by linking a bank card and tapping the $ icon. Sharing one’s live location is done by tapping the + icon and choosing ‘Location.’ To inquire about opinions, create a poll within a group chat by selecting the + icon and then ‘Polls.’ For private conversations, users can turn on secret conversations with end-to-end encryption from the chat settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers some common queries users have about using Facebook Messenger’s text tricks to enrich their chatting experience.

How can you access secret features in Facebook Messenger?

Accessing secret conversations on Facebook Messenger is simple. For iOS, start a new message, then select “Secret.” On Android, begin a new message and switch the secret option on. This enables encrypted messaging for added privacy.

What steps are required to apply text effects in Facebook Messenger conversations?

To add text effects in Messenger, open a conversation, type your message, and tap the Aa button. A selection of effects appears, and you can choose one to apply to your text before sending it.

What functions do the symbols and emojis serve in Messenger chats?

In Messenger, symbols indicate the status of messages–a blue circle means sending, a checkmark indicates sent, and a filled blue circle with a check means delivered. Emojis represent emotions and activities, enriching the conversation.

Can you list some secret or hidden commands for Facebook Messenger?

Secret commands are not commonly shared by Facebook, but you can often find new features by exploring updated versions of the app or watching for announcements from Facebook about new Messenger capabilities.

What are the latest tricks or Easter eggs available in Messenger as of 2023?

As of 2023, Messenger may have introduced new interactive features like games, customizable reactions, or chat effects. It’s best to check the app regularly for updates or look at official announcements from Facebook for the latest tricks.

How can you enhance your messaging experience on iOS devices using Messenger text tricks?

iOS users can enrich their chats by using features such as Memoji and Animoji. To send a custom reaction, press and hold a message and select the “+” icon to access a variety of emojis. Adding animations, themes, and custom nicknames can also make chatting more enjoyable and personal.

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