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The game Enshrouded launched in early access for Steam (PC) ONLY on January 24, 2024. It will launch for Xbox Series X / S when the game fully launches. The Full launch is expected before the end of 2024, but no official date has been set yet.

In the game players assume the roles of Flameborn and work together in engaging co-op survival mechanics to save an ancient civilization. The game’s robust base-building features and action-packed gameplay have attracted a large PC player base. Keen Games, the developer, has not specified an exact release date for the Xbox version but is committed to bringing the game to the Xbox platform as part of its full launch expected before the end of 2024. The Xbox version will deliver the same immersive gameplay as the PC version, with potential refinements to enhance the experience. The Xbox version will respond to the community’s enthusiasm and the game’s early success on PC.

Enshrouded Platforms
Enshrouded Platforms

Anticipating the Xbox Release of Enshrouded

Enshrouded, the exciting new survival RPG, has captivated PC gamers since its Early Access launch in January 2024. Xbox players are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to explore its challenging world, but when will Enshrouded arrive on Xbox Series X/S?

No Official Date Yet

Unfortunately, there’s no concrete release date for Enshrouded on Xbox Series X/S at this time. The game is currently only available on PC through its Early Access phase. The developer has stated that full release will be before the end of 2024 and that when it fully releases we’ll see it on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Based on that we should see the Xbox release before the end of 2024.

What the Developers Have Said

Keen Games, the developers behind Enshrouded, have made promising statements regarding a console release. They confirmed that Enshrouded will arrive on both Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 after it leaves Early Access.

Estimated Timeline

The current goal is to bring Enshrouded out of Early Access within a year of its launch. Since the Early Access version was released in January 2024, a late 2024 or early 2025 release on Xbox is a hopeful possibility.

How to Stay Informed

Here’s how to keep track of Enshrouded’s development and get updates on the Xbox release:

  • Official Enshrouded Website: Check the FAQ section on the official website for the latest news: https://enshrouded.com/
  • Gaming News Outlets: Keep an eye on major gaming websites and news channels for announcements about Enshrouded’s progress and its arrival on consoles.
  • Enshrouded Social Media: Follow the game on social media platforms for updates and potential release date reveals.

Is Enshrouded Worth the Wait?

Early impressions of Enshrouded point to a deep and engaging survival RPG experience. Take a look at some of the core features of the game:

Survival ElementsManage hunger, thirst, and fatigue while battling the elements.
Crafting and BuildingCreate tools, shelters, and defenses for survival.
Dungeon ExplorationDelve into dangerous dungeons for loot and rare resources.
Challenging CombatEngage in strategic battles against monsters and bosses.
Online Co-opTeam up with friends to survive together.

Enshrouded is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the survival RPG genre. Xbox players might need to be patient, but the wait should be worthwhile!

Key Takeaways

  • Enshrouded is arriving on Xbox, following a successful PC early access period.
  • The game allows players to assume the roles of the Flameborn, with a focus on co-op survival.
  • The exact Xbox release date remains unannounced, yet developer commitment suggests it is forthcoming.

Overview of Enshrouded Xbox

Enshrouded will bring an engaging mix of survival and action to the Xbox platform. It blends RPG elements with a focus on crafting and combat in a lush civilization setting.

Core Gameplay and Features

Enshrouded offers players a rich blend of RPG action with survival mechanics. In the game, players can experience an open skill tree to develop their character’s abilities. Crafting and base building are central to the survival aspect, allowing players to create equipment and armor. Players also have access to powerful weapons and spells to aid in combat.

The game features both single-player and multiplayer modes, giving players the chance to explore its world alone or with others. Key components such as story and lore give depth to the game’s civilization and map, enticing players to explore every corner of its world.

Available Platforms

Enshrouded is available for early access on PC, with a full release planned for both PC and consoles including Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 (PS5). The development has aimed to create a seamless experience across these platforms, with Xbox players eagerly anticipating the game’s launch.

Technical Aspects and Development

This section presents insights into the creation of Enshrouded for the Xbox and its unique game mechanics. It details the journey from concept to social platform development, and the intricate gameplay that has caught the attention of many players.

Development Journey on Social Platforms

Keen Games, the developer of Enshrouded, actively used Twitter to keep future players engaged and updated. They frequently posted updates and gathered feedback, which helped shape the final product. Their presence on social platforms contributed significantly to making the game one of the most wishlisted on Steam even before its release.

Gameplay Mechanics and Progression

Enshrouded integrates flame and fog elements into its survival crafting and progression system. Players gather materials, craft equipment, and build furniture to progress through the game. The skill tree allows customization of play style, as players choose how to distribute skill points. Ancient vaults and treasure demand exploration, and flameborn bosses test players’ combat readiness. Xbox Series X|S and PC players can look forward to a planned release of the game, with the potential for crossplay encouraging a united community of console and PC gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gamers eagerly await the availability of Enshrouded on Xbox platforms. The following are common questions and clear answers for enthusiasts anticipating its release.

When is the release date for the Xbox Series X version of Enshrouded?

Enshrouded is set to make its debut on Xbox Series X after its initial release on PC. The specific launch date for the Xbox version remains unannounced, but the developer is stating full release of the game should be out before the end of 2024. When it fully releases, it will be available on Xbox.

How much does Enshrouded cost for Xbox?

The price for Enshrouded on Xbox is not yet available. Pricing will likely be revealed closer to the game’s launch.

Is Enshrouded exclusive to any gaming platforms?

Currently, Enshrouded is not exclusive to any single gaming platform. Initial release on PC via Steam was for the early access, but when it’s fully released it should be on PC, Xbox, and PS.

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