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Enshrouded is a promising survival crafting game with lots of potential. It’s already a fun and engaging experience for early access players, and it will get even better with future updates. If you like this type of game and don’t mind early access, Enshrouded is worth checking out. However, if you prefer a more polished and complete experience, you might want to wait until the game is further along in development.

Enshrouded: A Deep Dive into the Mist

What is Enshrouded?

Enshrouded is an open-world survival crafting game with a focus on exploration and base building. Players wake up in a world covered in a mysterious fog, and must gather resources, craft gear, and fight off monstrous creatures to survive. The game also features a unique “Ascend” system, where players can gain powerful new abilities by defeating challenging bosses.

Early Access Impressions

Being in early access, Enshrouded is still under development, but it has already garnered a dedicated following. Players praise its vast open world, intricate crafting system, and challenging combat encounters. The game’s building mechanics are especially noteworthy, allowing for impressive and creative base designs.

Who Should Play Enshrouded?

Enshrouded is a great choice for fans of survival crafting games like Valheim and Rust. If you enjoy exploring vast open worlds, building elaborate bases, and facing tough challenges, Enshrouded has a lot to offer. However, if you’re looking for a polished, finished product, it’s important to remember that Enshrouded is still in early access and may have some bugs and unfinished features.

Pros and Cons

Beautiful open worldEarly access bugs
Deep crafting systemLimited content at present
Challenging combatSteep learning curve
Creative base buildingRepetitive gameplay loop

Is Enshrouded Worth Your Time & Money?

Enshrouded has generated plenty of discussion in gaming communities. With its blend of survival, RPG, and base-building elements, it draws comparisons to popular titles like Valheim and Elden Ring. But does it live up to the hype, and more importantly, is it the right kind of game for you?

What Kind of Game is Enshrouded?

Enshrouded is an open-world action RPG. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Focus on Exploration and Building: The game heavily emphasizes exploring a mysterious world and creating your own bases.
  • Combat and Survival Mechanics: While combat is present, it’s not as central a focus as games like Elden Ring. There are survival mechanics, but some players find them less challenging than in other titles.
  • Progression: Progression exists in the form of leveling your character and improving your gear. But there’s less of a structured, boss-focused path compared to Valheim.

Is Enshrouded the Right Fit for You?

Consider these points based on the community feedback:

FeatureLiked itDisliked it
Open-ended gameplayFreedom to explore and buildLack of a clear, directed goal
Base-building systemHighly praised for flexibility and customizationCan feel less important for some players
CombatFun, but not overly challengingMay feel underwhelming for players seeking intense boss battles
Survival elementsPresent, but not a major hurdleMight not be engaging for those wanting significant survival challenges

Should You Buy It?

Enshrouded offers a beautiful world to explore and the tools to make it your own. If you like to build creatively and prefer a more relaxed approach to adventuring, you’ll find yourself spending hours playing the game. However, if you’re looking for a structured progression system, challenging combat, or in-depth survival mechanics, Enshrouded might not be the right fit for you.

  • Yes, if: You love base-building, exploration for its own sake, and a less combat-intensive experience.
  • Maybe: If you’re unsure, take advantage of gameplay videos and reviews to make a more informed decision. Consider waiting for further updates as the game is still in Early Access.
  • No, if: You crave structured progression, high-stakes combat, or a deep dive into survival gameplay.

Enshrouded Overview

Enshrouded is an open-world RPG game that offers a visually stunning experience. Players explore diverse environments and encounter unique challenges in each biome. The game’s combat system is strategic, providing different play styles to suit individual preferences. The central lore element, the flame, is integral to the gameplay experience. Additionally, the game features a robust crafting system that allows for creativity and a sense of accomplishment. Players can team up with friends to enjoy adventures and collaborative projects. Enshrouded encourages exploration, building, and fighting while unraveling the mysteries of the fog.

Gameplay Mechanics

Enshrouded blends a mix of intricate gameplay mechanics, paving the way for an experience that challenges both creativity and survival skills.

Crafting and Building

Enshrouded features a robust crafting system, allowing for an array of useful items and tools to be created from collected materials. The building mechanics stand out with a voxel-based building system that is frequently compared to top-tier survival crafting games, enabling detailed and expansive constructions with a construction hammer.

Combat and Survival

The combat system presents a range of weapons and armor for players to use against various enemies. Players must master both offensive strategies and defensive tactics to survive in Enshrouded’s hardcore survival setting.

Exploration and Progression

Exploring the open world of Embervale is thrilling, with diverse biomes and scattered points of interest that tie into the game’s quests and overall story. Progression is marked by unlocking new recipes and skills, encouraging players to venture out and discover new areas.

Multiplayer Experience

This game offers a compelling multiplayer mode. On a server, friends can come together to enjoy co-op gameplay, sharing the thrill of adventure and construction while facing the perils of Embervale together.

Character Development

Players can customize their journey through a comprehensive skill tree, selecting classes, and acquiring equipment to enhance their character’s abilities. Character development is a key factor, impacting both individual and group experiences in-game.

World and Atmosphere

Visuals and audio are crafted to complement each other, creating an immersive backdrop for gameplay. The background music sets the mood, while the visuals deliver stunning landscapes, reminiscent of prehistoric settings.

Items and Inventory

The inventory system in Enshrouded is straightforward, with an array of loot, gear, and materials collected from the world. Managing inventory is crucial, as it holds the tools and resources necessary for both crafting and survival.

Advancement Tools

Key advancement tools such as the glider and grappling hook not only add to the fun but also facilitate exploration and serve as methods for fast travel across Embervale’s vast terrain.

The Flame and Fog

The Flame represents the player’s progress and power, gathered at flame altars throughout the game. Meanwhile, the toxic fog, known as the Shroud, presents a constant threat, challenging players to strategize and continuously adapt to survive.

Technical Details and Release

With the release of Enshrouded, gamers have a new survival crafting game to explore. This section sheds light on the early insights, performance, updates, pricing, and the feedback it has received thus far.

Early Access Insights

Keen Games launched Enshrouded into its early access phase on January 24th, 2024 through Steam. The sandbox game has garnered attention for its sophisticated base-building mechanics and the intriguing, if somewhat desolate, Lands of Embervale. Players can craft, farm, and build within a voxel-based medieval setting, drawing comparisons to titles like Minecraft and Valheim.

Game Performance

Enshrouded requires a stable system to run smoothly, with recommended system requirements specifying a reasonably powerful graphics card. During the early access, players have reported that while the crafting system exhibits precision, there are technical difficulties, with some destructible environments causing performance dips. Keen Games is working to address these for an optimal experience.

Development and Updates

Since its early access release on Steam, Keen Games has been active in squashing bugs and rolling out updates. Players have particularly taken interest in the unique “Shroud” mechanics, a twist that adds freshness to the genre. Regular updates are released, focusing on both the addition of new content and the refinement of existing gameplay elements.

Pricing and Value

The game is priced at £25/$27/€27 on Steam, a competitive cost for the early access of a game in its genre. The value for money is being debated among players, as some are quite impressed with the potential of Enshrouded’s building system, while others are waiting for further development before fully committing.

Reception and Critiques

Early reviews highlight a love-hate relationship with Enshrouded. The game’s building system is touted as one of the best, while the starting premise has been described as uninspiring. Players and reviewers appreciate the overall atmosphere, though the difficulty and NPC encounters have room for improvement, signaling a positive yet cautious reception.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering a new game like Enshrouded, potential players often have a number of questions about the gameplay, worth, and features. Here we address some common inquiries to help guide your decision.

Is Enshrouded worth the purchase price?

Enshrouded’s appeal lies in its blend of survival, crafting, and role-playing within a fog-engulfed landscape. Players weigh its cost against the rich environment and the challenge of overcoming the menacing Shroud.

What are the key features that make Enshrouded stand out?

The game is distinguished by its cooperative play, survival mechanics, and a world laden with mystery and danger. Building and shaping your surroundings are central to its unique gaming experience.

Can players expect replay value from Enshrouded?

Replayability in Enshrouded is driven by its dynamic world and the player’s ability to explore and create anew. Each playthrough offers a fresh set of challenges and opportunities.

On which platforms is Enshrouded available?

Enshrouded can typically be found on platforms that host PC games, though for specific availability, checking the latest updates and platform listings is recommended.

What type of gameplay experience does Enshrouded offer?

Enshrouded provides an action RPG experience fused with survival and crafting elements. Players venture through Embervale, contending with the elements and enemies that the game presents.

How does Enshrouded compare to similar games in its genre?

While sharing common threads with other survival crafting games, Enshrouded introduces its own flavor with an emphasis on the battle against the Shroud and a focus on community building and crafting.

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