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When facing the Greater Foe Boss, Flying Dragon Greyll in Elden Ring, you’ll find it guarding the bridge south of the Bestial Sanctum. To defeat Greyll, it’s important to understand its attacks and weaknesses. Although Greyll shares similar moves to other dragons like Agheel and Ekzykes, it is stronger and more aggressive.

Effective combat strategies involve using spirit ashes and carefully dodging Greyll’s powerful attacks. Furthermore, summoning Banished Knight Oleg or Mimic Tear can give you an advantage in the fight. Some players have also discovered ways to make the boss fight easier in order to earn easy runes. This challenging yet optional boss fight can benefit early and mid-game players when certain tactics are used.

Facing the Skies in Elden Ring: A Guide to Flying Dragon Greyll

Who is Flying Dragon Greyll?

Flying Dragon Greyll is an optional boss in Elden Ring, guarding the Farum Greatbridge south of the Bestial Sanctum in the Dragonbarrow region of Caelid. It’s a fearsome foe, but defeating it yields a hefty reward of 80,000 Runes and a Dragon Heart.

Combat Strategies

Greyll’s attacks are similar to those of Flying Dragon Agheel, whom you may have encountered earlier in the game. However, Greyll is stronger and more aggressive. It utilizes a variety of fire breath attacks, swipes with its claws, and tail whips.

The key to defeating Greyll is to stay mobile and avoid its attacks. Use ranged attacks whenever possible, and be prepared to dodge and roll when it charges or breathes fire. If you’re struggling, consider summoning a Spirit Ash to help distract Greyll.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Greyll is weak to piercing damage and physical thrust attacks. Equip weapons that deal this type of damage to maximize your effectiveness in battle. Additionally, Greyll is vulnerable to Scarlet Rot, so consider using Rot-inflicting weapons or spells.

Location and Access

Greyll can be found on the Farum Greatbridge, which can be reached by following the path south from the Bestial Sanctum. Be wary, as the bridge is narrow, and Greyll’s attacks can easily knock you off the edge.

Rewards for Victory

Defeating Flying Dragon Greyll rewards you with 80,000 Runes and a Dragon Heart. The Dragon Heart can be used to purchase powerful Dragon Communion incantations from the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

Table: Flying Dragon Greyll Overview

LocationFarum Greatbridge, Caelid
Optional BossYes
Rune Reward80,000
Item DropDragon Heart
WeaknessPiercing Damage, Scarlet Rot
StrengthFire Breath, Physical Attacks

Key Takeaways

  • Greyll is a tough, optional boss south of the Bestial Sanctum.
  • Use spirit ashes like Banished Knight Oleg for an advantage.
  • Cheesing tactics can make Greyll easier to defeat.

Combat Strategy

The Flying Dragon Greyll presents tough challenges but with good preparation and tactics, he can be defeated. Focus on understanding his attack patterns, using effective summons, and staying agile during the battle.


Before engaging, stock up on healing items and buffs. Equip the best weapons and armor that increase your defense against fire attacks. Summoning spirit ashes like Banished Knight Oleg or the Mimic Tear can greatly aid in the fight. Ensure that your character’s level is adequate for the battle, ideally above level 50. Use the Site of Grace near the Bestial Sanctum to save your progress and set a custom respawn point.

Engagement and Attack Patterns

Greyll is located on the Farum Greatbridge in the Dragonbarrow region. He has 11,500 HP and uses a variety of attacks. These include the Tail Sweep, Flying Fire Breath, and Stomp. He also employs a Charge attack. Stay behind him to avoid his Bite and other front-facing attacks. Maintain distance when he takes to the air, as his fire breath covers a wide area. Dodge side-to-side to avoid his strikes.

Battle Tactics

Focus on staggering Greyll for a Critical Hit by targeting his legs or head. Use Torrent for quick mobility. When Greyll is airborne, dodge his fire attacks and keep moving. Use magic or ranged attacks to deal damage from a distance, especially when he is on the ground. Melee fighters should aim for the legs and be ready to dodge his tail sweeps. Summon your spirit ashes near the start for additional damage. Adapt your strategy based on whether you play solo or with allies.

Aftermath and Rewards

Upon defeating Greyll, players receive substantial rewards. These include a Dragon Heart and Runes. The Dragon Heart can be exchanged for powerful dragon-based incantations, enhancing versatility in combat. Visit the Dragon Communion Altar in Limgrave or Caelid to use this item. The abundance of runes offers opportunities for significant character upgrades.

Surrounding Region and Points of Interest

The area around the Bestial Sanctum and Dragonbarrow is rich with exploration opportunities. Key points include the Farum Greatbridge and various Sites of Grace. The northeast section of the region, closer to Caelid, has additional challenges and resources. Players can encounter powerful enemies and other bosses in this northern territory. Exploring these points ensures a well-rounded gaming experience.

Related Enemies and Bosses

Other dragons with similar attack patterns to Greyll include Flying Dragon Agheel and Decaying Ekzykes. These bosses have unique locations across Elden Ring, offering variety and additional challenges. Glintstone Dragon Smarag and Glintstone Dragon Adula provide further dragon battles throughout the game. Each dragon has distinct elemental affiliations, requiring tailored strategies. Mastery over Greyll can enhance preparation for these related foes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flying Dragon Greyll is a formidable opponent in Elden Ring. This section addresses common questions about battling this boss.

What is the weakness of the Flying Dragon Greyll in Elden Ring?

Flying Dragon Greyll is particularly vulnerable to physical damage. Using weapons that deal high physical damage can greatly increase your chances of success. Additionally, exploiting opportunities to attack its head can deal significant damage.

Where can I find the Flying Dragon Greyll in Elden Ring?

Flying Dragon Greyll is located on the bridge south of the Bestial Sanctum. This is a northern region of the map. The dragon is a Greater Foe Boss, meaning defeating it is optional but rewarding.

What is the recommended level to fight Flying Dragon Greyll in Elden Ring?

Players should be at least level 60 before attempting to fight Flying Dragon Greyll. Having a high-level character will make the fight more manageable and increase the chances of survival.

Is there a strategy to defeat Flying Dragon Greyll without strong equipment in Elden Ring?

Utilizing summons can aid greatly in the battle. Summoning spirit ashes, such as Banished Knight Oleg, can help deal more damage and keep Greyll distracted. Dodging its fire attacks and focusing on hitting its head when possible are crucial tactics as well.

What are the best tactics to employ against Flying Dragon Greyll in Elden Ring?

Dodging Greyll’s fire attacks and avoiding its tail swipe are key. Use fast-moving summons and employ hit-and-run strategies. Stay mobile and aim for Greyll’s head when it becomes vulnerable. Make use of ranged attacks if possible to keep a safe distance.

Which dragon is considered the most challenging in Elden Ring?

Decaying Ekzykes is often regarded as one of the most challenging dragons in Elden Ring. Its area-of-effect attacks and high health pool make it a tough opponent. Players must be well-prepared and equipped to take on this formidable foe.

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