Ebay Bucks Discontinued?
Ebay Bucks Discontinued?

Do you remember the days when Ebay would launch 5% or more promotions? It still shows up in My Ebay area under Purchase History. The promotions they would launch normally at the end of a quarter or month don’t seem to exist anymore. While the program still exists on Ebay accounts and the website, users haven’t seen since a promotion since January of 2023. Yes, the traditional eBay Bucks program as you knew it is gone.

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Discontinuation: eBay ended the traditional eBay Bucks program, where you earned 1% back on qualifying purchases, on March 31, 2021.
  • No New Enrollment: Users who weren’t already in the program couldn’t sign up, making the promotions pointless for a large portion of the eBay community.
  • No More Automatic Earnings: You’ll no longer automatically earn eBay Bucks rewards as you shop.
  • Existing Bucks Expired: Any eBay Bucks you had accrued before the program ended have likely expired. However, it’s worth double-checking your eBay account just in case there are any unused Bucks remaining.
  • Limited-Time Promotions: eBay still occasionally runs special promotions offering eBay Bucks, but these are less frequent and often targeted towards specific buyers.

Why the Change?

eBay likely discontinued the program to streamline their rewards system and focus on other incentives like targeted discounts and coupons.

What is Ebay bucks?

eBay Bucks was a traditional rewards program where you earned a small percentage (usually around 1%) of your purchase price back in “eBay Bucks.” Periodic promotional events offered higher earning percentages (normally 5%). These Bucks could be used towards future eBay purchases and were distributed shortly after the earning period ended. There was a maximum earning of $500 per quarter, with additional limits on individual transactions.

Moving Forward: Alternative Routes to Savings

While the official eBay Bucks program might be gone, here are some other options:

  • Embrace the Power of Credit Cards: eBay Mastercard, highlighting its tiered rewards structure, offering up to 3.33% back in store credit after the first $1000 spent. Make sure to check the annual fee and interest rates vs the traditional card that you may use. The PayPal Cashback Mastercard, offering a flat 2% cashback on all purchases, potentially increasing to 3% when used with PayPal. This versatility can be a major advantage for frequent online shoppers who use various platforms.
  • Don’t Forget Shopping Extensions: PayPal Honey, Rakuten, and Capital One Shopping, can provide additional cashback or rewards on top of existing credit card benefits. While the average return might be around 0.5%, occasional promotions can boost that number – but remember, you can only use one extension at a time!
  • Targeted Promotions: Keep an eye out for special eBay promotions and coupons that might still be available, offering discounts or bonuses on specific categories or purchases.

Remember: Not all purchases on eBay or through credit card programs qualify for rewards. Always check the fine print to avoid disappointment.

Best Credit Cards for eBay

Card NameRewards StructureAnnual FeeIntro APRAdditional Benefits
eBay MastercardUp to 3.33% back in eBay store credit (tiered)$0VariesExclusive eBay deals, Purchase protection
PayPal Cashback Mastercard2% cashback on all purchases, 3% when using PayPal$0VariesVersatile rewards, No foreign transaction fees
Citi® Double Cash Card1% cashback when you buy, 1% as you pay$0VariesExcellent for general cashback, Balance transfer offers
Chase Freedom Flex℠Rotating 5% cashback categories (may occasionally include eBay)$0VariesGreat if you shop broadly, Sign-up bonus
Note: eBay and PayPal occasionally have targeted offers for specific cards.

By combining these strategies and staying informed about current promotions, savvy shoppers can navigate the evolving landscape of online rewards and continue to save money on their eBay purchases, even in the absence of the traditional eBay Bucks program.


1. Is the traditional eBay Bucks program completely gone?

Yes, the program where you earned 1% back on most purchases ended in 2021. eBay occasionally offers limited-time targeted promotions, but these are less frequent and not available to everyone.

2. Why did eBay change their rewards system?

eBay likely streamlined their rewards to focus on other incentives like targeted coupons, discounts, and partnerships with specific credit cards.

3. How can I still save money on eBay purchases?

Use a combination of Credit Cards with Rewards, Shopping Extensions, Cashback Websites. Also, check for Targeted Promotions you receive in your eBay inbox.

4. Which credit card is absolutely the best for eBay?

There’s no single “best” card for everyone. If it’s your main marketplace, the eBay Mastercard might be worthwhile. Always compare Annual Fees and Interest Rates before applying.

5. Are there other ways to save on eBay besides rewards programs?

Yes! Some sellers offer their own store-specific seller coupons. Deal-Hunting Websites share the latest eBay promotions and discounts.

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