Dune Part 2
Dune Part 2

Fans of Denis Villeneuve’s sprawling sci-fi epic “Dune” are eagerly waiting for news about a potential third film. Although there is no official confirmation yet, several factors suggest a high possibility for “Dune: Part Three” to become a reality. The evidence heavily leans towards “Dune: Part Three” eventually gracing the silver screen. With a passionate director, two successful first films, and a completed script, the project seems to be on the right track. Although fans may have to wait a few years, all signs point towards a continuation of Paul Atreides’ journey across the sands of Arrakis.

Here’s a breakdown of the evidence for and against the highly anticipated sequel.

Reasons to Believe Dune Part 3 Will Happen

  • Villeneuve’s Vision: Director Denis Villeneuve has consistently expressed his desire to adapt Frank Herbert’s “Dune” saga as a trilogy. He envisions “Part Three” tackling the events of the second book, “Dune Messiah.”
  • Script’s Near Completion: In late 2023, Villeneuve revealed the script for “Part Three” is nearing completion, indicating a serious commitment to the project.
  • Critical Acclaim: The first “Dune” film received critical acclaim, winning six Academy Awards and grossing over $400 million worldwide. The success likely increases Warner Bros.’ interest in continuing the franchise.
  • Part Two’s Box Office: “Dune: Part Two” performed well at the box office despite a same-day HBO Max release, further strengthening the case for a sequel.
  • Zimmer’s Hint: Composer Hans Zimmer intriguingly mentioned working on music for “Part Three” even before “Part Two” finished filming.

Potential Roadblocks to Consider

  • Villeneuve’s Schedule: The director prioritizes quality over speed. He might take his time before diving into “Part Three,” potentially delaying production.
  • Post-Production Time: Even after filming, extensive visual effects work is likely, pushing the release date further.

Possible Release Date Projections (Speculation)

While an official release date is non-existent, here’s a glimpse into potential timeframes based on various scenarios:

ScenarioProduction StartRelease Date
Optimistic2024Late 2026 / Early 2027 (Highly Unlikely)
Realistic20252027 or Even 2028

Speculation On The Story

Dune: Part Three would offer a much-needed conclusion to Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novels.

Story Continuation from Dune: Part Two

After the events of Dune: Part Two, the third installment could follow Paul Atreides’ ascent as he grapples with the complex consequences of his emerging power. Drawing from Dune Messiah, the second book in Herbert’s series, Dune: Part Three would look into the political and personal turmoil Paul faces within the universe’s intricate power structures.

Significance in the Dune Saga

Being the sequel to the successful Dune: Part Two, the third film would be poised to conclude what has been set in motion, both narratively and thematically. It could elevate the story from a mere space epic to a reflective tale about destiny, power, and the weight of leadership, marking a crucial chapter in the Dune trilogy and the Dune saga as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

As excitement builds for the info on whether or not a third Dune film will be made, fans are eager to get answers to some pressing questions.

If it gets the green light, when can we expect the release of the third installment in the Dune movie series?

It will largely depend on when the film will start shooting but no earlier than 2026 in a best-case scenario. Some time in 2027 or 2028 would be more likely.

What is the expected timeline for the Dune series movie releases?

The timeline between the first and second movies in the Dune series suggests a gap of a few years. If the pattern holds, “Dune: Part Three” might follow a similar schedule, considering the scale and complexity typically involved in producing such a major cinematic work.

Will the third Dune movie cover the entirety of the Dune Messiah book?

If “Dune: Part Three” is made it will likely focus on the storyline of “Dune Messiah,” the second book in Frank Herbert’s series. However, whether it will encompass the entire book or focus on a portion remains to be confirmed by the filmmakers.

How many films are intended in the Dune cinematic universe?

Director Denis Villeneuve has consistently expressed his desire to adapt Frank Herbert’s “Dune” saga as a trilogy. He envisions “Part Three” tackling the events of the second book, “Dune Messiah.”

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