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Wakestones are valuable items in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that can bring characters back to life during tough battles. They act like revive tokens, allowing you to revive on the spot if you die in combat, restoring all your lost health. Understanding how to use wakestones effectively can be the difference between winning and losing in the game. These heart-shaped stones emit a bright light and have the power to bring characters back to life.

Wakestones are precious and sought after by players because of their ability to control life and death within the game. Knowing when and how to use wakestones during combat is crucial to maximize their effectiveness, as they can resurrect your character or any human ally. Paying close attention to the timing and situation of their use can greatly influence the outcome of challenging encounters.

Wakestones: Your Lifeline in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Crafting Wakestones

Wakestones aren’t found whole. You need three Wakestone Shards to make one. These shards are rewards from Pawn Quests, so send your pawns on adventures! Once you have three shards, they automatically combine into a Wakestone.

Using Wakestones

Wakestones are your second chance in battle. If you fall, use one to revive yourself with full health. You can also revive fallen NPCs (except Pawns). Remember, they’re single-use, so choose your moment wisely.

Locating Wakestone Shards with Dragon’s Gaze

Dragon’s Gaze is a handy tool for finding Wakestone Shards. This reusable item reveals nearby shards on your map and minimap. Get it by completing “The Nameless Village” quest or looting it from Vernworth Watchtower.

Crafting a WakestoneCollect three Wakestone Shards, and they’ll automatically combine into one Wakestone.
Using a WakestoneRevive yourself (Arisen) or an NPC (not Pawns) after falling in battle. Remember, each Wakestone can only be used once.
Locating Wakestone ShardsUse Dragon’s Gaze, a reusable item that reveals nearby shards on your map. Get it by completing “The Nameless Village” quest or looting it from Vernworth Watchtower.
Getting More WakestonesComplete Pawn Quests for rewards, use Dragon’s Gaze to find hidden shards, explore chests throughout the world, or purchase them from shops.
Additional TipsPrioritize using Wakestones to revive NPCs critical to quests. If you’re struggling to find shards, focus on completing Pawn Quests. Remember, every shard counts towards crafting a life-saving Wakestone!

Key Takeaways

  • Wakestones provide the ability to resurrect characters in “Dragon’s Dogma 2.”
  • Strategic use of wakestones during combat can alter the outcome of tough battles.
  • Knowing when and how to use these valuable items is key to progressing in the game.

Wakestones and Their Functions

Wakestones in “Dragon’s Dogma 2” serve vital roles from bringing characters back from defeat to influencing various in-game elements. They are a resource that players manage within their inventory to gain strategic advantages.

Revival and Second Chances

In the event of a character’s defeat, a Wakestone can revive the fallen party member, including the player character (PC) or their pawns. This brings them back to full health, providing a crucial second chance during tough encounters.

Quest Significance

Some quests may require the use of these stones, whether to resurrect important NPCs or reach certain objectives. Proper use of Wakestones can lead to successful quest completions and quest rewards that enhance the story.

In-Game Economy and Utility

Ibrahim’s Scrap Store allows players to trade Wakestone Shards for valuable items or gold. Additionally, players can also use Wakestones in crafting to create items like Ferrystones that enable fast travel between discovered checkpoints like Vernwjorth Castle or Nameless Village.

Exploration Benefits

While exploring dungeons or caves, Wakestones marked by a red icon on the map can be located within treasure chests. Utilizing the Dragon’s Gaze helps players pinpoint these important resources, making exploration more rewarding.

Combat and Strategy

Wakestones play a pivotal role in Dragon’s Dogma 2 by offering a strategic advantage during combat. They can turn the tide of battle, making their optimal use essential for every Risen.

Strategic Use in Battles

During intense fights against formidable monsters or when facing the gripping challenges of a boss fight, Wakestones offer Risen a second chance at victory. Should a Risen or an ally fall in battle, a Wakestone can be used to revive them. This action is instant and brings them back to the fight without any time lost. Players should note that activating Wakestones is only possible outside the heat of combat, so strategic positioning and timing are crucial.

Safe Locations to Use Wakestones:

  • Battahl: Not directly a combat zone, allowing safe Wakestone usage.
  • Vermund: Typically quiet enough to activate a Wakestone without interruption.
  • Checkpoint Rest Town: Serves as a safe haven for Risen to regroup and revitalize fallen allies.

Risen should always be aware of their surroundings. Using Wakestones near a morgue or within the vicinity of captain Brant can provide safety away from ongoing threats. However, it is wise to avoid using them on the stairs or in the middle of a battle where the risk of immediate defeat remains high.

Enhancing Risen Abilities

Wakestones are not merely for reviving the fallen. They also possess the potential to enhance Risen abilities. Strategic use of Wakestones can aid Risen in dealing with an ogre or clearing a difficult section of a town. Vocations might have specific interactions with Wakestones that are beneficial to the team. Keeping a Wakestone handy for these opportunities is a wise strategy to empower the Risen and gain an edge in battles.

Players should prioritize Wakestones for pivotal moments. While they are rare resources, they prove invaluable in empowering the player’s character or saving an ally from defeat, ensuring progress through the dangers of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wakestones in “Dragon’s Dogma 2” serve a critical function for players navigating the dangers of the game’s world. This section addresses common questions related to the use and acquisition of these valuable items.

How can Wakestones be utilized within Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Wakestones provide players with the ability to resurrect their character or a non-playable character (NPC) after death. This mechanic is vital for both continuing the adventure after a defeat and salvaging situations where an essential character has fallen.

What are the various locations where Wakestone shards can be found?

Players can discover Wakestone shards inside treasure chests dispersed across the game’s expansive map. These shards are pieces of a full Wakestone and can be collected to eventually form one complete stone.

Is there a method to revive characters like Julien using Wakestones?

Yes, Wakestones are not limited to the player’s character. They can also revive certain NPCs, such as Julien, which can be pivotal for story progression or for completing specific quests where the NPC’s survival is necessary.

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, how many Wakestones are required for key quests?

Some quests in “Dragon’s Dogma 2” may require one or more Wakestones to progress. The exact number can differ depending on the quest’s nature and the objectives involved.

Where can players purchase additional Wakestones?

While Wakestones can be found in the game world, players also have the option to purchase them from certain vendors. These vendors are often located in larger cities or specific points of interest within the game.

What is the process for combining Wakestone shards into a full Wakestone?

After gathering enough Wakestone shards, players can combine them through the game’s crafting system to form a full Wakestone. The specific number of shards needed and the combination process are accessible through the in-game inventory or at crafting stations.

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