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The competitive Dota 2 scene is always changing. There are many tournaments throughout the year, offering exciting matches for both casual fans and dedicated enthusiasts. From The International to smaller regional events, Dota 2 esports has something for everyone. These tournaments are a big part of the esports world, drawing in thousands of fans and players. They range from large international competitions to local qualifiers, showcasing the game’s talent and strategy.

Players compete for big prize pools, making these tournaments very competitive and thrilling to watch. The tournaments are categorized into different tiers, with Tier 1 tournaments offering the highest prestige and rewards. Tier 2 and Tier 3 tournaments provide chances for new teams to show their skills and make a name for themselves. Fans can find schedules, match details, and live streams for upcoming and ongoing Dota 2 tournaments on various platforms, keeping them connected with their favorite teams and matches.

Dominating the Dota 2 Competitive Scene

The International

The pinnacle of Dota 2 esports, The International (TI) is an annual championship hosted by Valve, the game’s developer. It boasts the largest prize pool in esports history, often exceeding tens of millions of dollars. TI features the best teams from around the world competing for the Aegis of Champions, a symbol of ultimate glory.

Dota Pro Circuit (DPC)

The DPC is a series of tournaments throughout the year that lead up to The International. Teams earn DPC points by competing in Majors and Minors, with the top teams securing a direct invitation to TI. The DPC ensures a competitive landscape and provides opportunities for up-and-coming teams to shine.


ESL One is a renowned tournament organizer known for its high-production value and exciting Dota 2 events. They host several major tournaments throughout the year, such as ESL One Birmingham and ESL One Los Angeles. These events feature top-tier teams and offer substantial prize pools.


DreamLeague is another major tournament organizer in the Dota 2 scene. Their events, like DreamLeague Season, are known for their unique formats and entertaining storylines. DreamLeague consistently attracts top teams and provides a platform for intense competition.

Other Notable Tournaments

Apart from the major circuits, numerous other Dota 2 tournaments take place throughout the year. These include regional leagues, online cups, and invitational events. Some noteworthy examples are the BTS Pro Series, OGA Dota PIT, and various national leagues.

Tournament Comparison

TournamentOrganizerFrequencyPrize Pool
The InternationalValveAnnualLargest in esports
Dota Pro Circuit (Majors & Minors)ValveMultiple throughout the yearVaries
ESL OneESLMultiple throughout the yearVaries
DreamLeagueDreamHackMultiple throughout the yearVaries
OthersVariousThroughout the yearVaries

Key Takeaways

  • Dota 2 tournaments have high stakes and large prize pools.
  • They are divided into tiers highlighting different levels of competition.
  • Fans can easily access schedules and live streams online.

Tournament Structure and Categories

Dota 2 tournaments come in various forms, catering to different levels of competition and offering distinct experiences for players and fans alike. These categories include major events, The International, and regional competitions.

Majors and Minors

Major tournaments, also known as Tier 1 events, offer large prize pools and attract the best teams globally. These events are often organized by prominent companies like ESL or DreamHack and receive support from Valve. The competition in these tournaments is tough, as top teams battle through group stages and knockout rounds to claim victory.

Minor tournaments, or Tier 3 events, provide a platform for emerging teams and less-established players. While the prize pools and prestige might be lower, these tournaments are crucial for team development. They allow amateur and semi-professional teams to gain exposure and experience, often acting as stepping stones to major competitions.

The International

The International, hosted annually by Valve, stands as the most prestigious Dota 2 event. Teams from around the world compete for a multi-million dollar prize pool that often exceeds $30 million. The tournament structure involves intense qualifiers, group stages, and a main event held at iconic venues.

Top-performing teams from the Dota Pro Circuit receive direct invitations to The International, while others fight through regional qualifiers. The excitement peaks during the main event, where the stakes are high. The tournament culminates in a grand final, drawing huge audiences both online and in person.

Regional Competitions

Regional competitions allow teams from specific areas, such as North America, Europe, CIS, and Southeast Asia, to showcase their skills. These competitions are vital for the growth of the Dota 2 scene in various regions, offering a mix of both minor and major events.

These events help identify top teams within regions and often act as qualifiers for larger international tournaments. They feature a mix of professional and emerging teams, offering varied levels of competition. Notable regional tournaments include ESL One Birmingham in Europe and regional leagues in the Dota Pro Circuit.

Regional competitions maintain the game’s global appeal and ensure consistent high-level play across all regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about Dota 2 tournaments. This guide will help provide clear and useful information for both new and experienced players.

How can I find the current Dota 2 tournament schedules?

To find the latest Dota 2 tournament schedules, check the official Dota 2 website and follow its social media channels. Online platforms like Liquipedia and community forums also provide up-to-date information on upcoming events.

What are the prize pools for the major Dota 2 tournaments in 2024?

Major Dota 2 tournaments often have prize pools that reach millions of dollars. The most prestigious event, The International, usually has the largest prize pool. Stay updated by visiting the official tournament pages and news outlets that cover e-sports.

Which teams are currently leading in the Dota 2 Elite League?

Leading teams in the Dota 2 Elite League can change frequently due to competitive play. Popular teams often include names like Team Secret, OG, and Invictus Gaming. Checking current standings on the Dota Pro Circuit website can give the latest leaders.

How can players or teams register for upcoming Dota 2 tournaments?

Players or teams can register for upcoming tournaments through official Dota 2 tournament organizers’ websites. Registration details are usually announced through their social media channels and official pages well in advance of the event.

What are the dates for the next Dota 2 major tournaments?

The dates for major Dota 2 tournaments are often announced at the start of the Dota Pro Circuit season. These events usually take place throughout the year, leading up to The International. Check the official Dota 2 website and other reliable sources for specific dates.

Where can I find detailed tournament brackets and results for Dota 2 events?

Detailed tournament brackets and results are available on sites like Liquipedia, the official Dota 2 website, and e-sports news outlets. These sources provide comprehensive coverage, including match outcomes and team progress in the tournaments.

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