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Uninstalling Genshin Impact won’t erase your game progress because the game saves your progress on its servers. This means you can safely uninstall and reinstall the game without losing your saved data. Just remember your account login details to restore your progress. After reinstalling, you can pick up right where you left off. This applies whether you play on PC, mobile, or PlayStation. However, it’s important to back up any local files if you’re worried about losing other types of in-game data. Many players worry about losing their characters and achievements, but as long as you log back into your account, all your progress will be intact.

So, uninstalling Genshin Impact is generally safe and should not cause any issues with your saved game. This article addresses common concerns among Genshin Impact players regarding the fate of their data after uninstalling the game. We explain how Genshin Impact’s account-based storage system ensures data safety, the difference between uninstallation and account deletion, and potential scenarios where data loss could occur. By understanding these aspects, players can make informed decisions about their Genshin Impact journey.

Genshin Impact: Your Data’s Fate After Uninstallation

Genshin Impact, a popular open-world action RPG, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. However, if you’re considering uninstalling the game, you might wonder if your progress will vanish into the digital abyss. Let’s delve into what happens to your precious Genshin Impact data after uninstalling the game.

Data Safety and Account-Based Storage

The good news is that uninstalling Genshin Impact does not delete your game data. Your progress, including characters, weapons, artifacts, Primogems, and Adventure Rank, is safe and sound. This is because Genshin Impact employs an account-based storage system. Your data is linked to your miHoYo account and stored on their servers, not locally on your device.

Uninstallation vs. Account Deletion

It’s important to distinguish between uninstalling the game and deleting your miHoYo account. Uninstalling merely removes the game from your device, but your data remains intact on the servers. Deleting your account, on the other hand, is irreversible and will permanently erase all associated data.

Reinstalling and Retrieving Your Data

Should you decide to return to Teyvat’s enchanting world, simply reinstall Genshin Impact and log in using your miHoYo account credentials. Your progress will be retrieved from the servers, and you can pick up right where you left off. It’s as if you never left!

Potential Data Loss Scenarios

While your Genshin Impact data is generally safe, there are a few scenarios where data loss could occur:

  • Account Deletion: As mentioned earlier, deleting your miHoYo account will permanently erase all associated data, including your Genshin Impact progress.
  • Server Issues: In rare cases, server malfunctions or data breaches could potentially lead to data loss. However, miHoYo has robust security measures in place to safeguard player data.
  • Data Transfer: If you transfer your account to a different server or platform, there’s a small chance of data loss during the transfer process.

Key Takeaways for Genshin Impact Players

ActionImpact on Genshin Impact Data
Uninstalling the gameNo data loss (data stored on miHoYo servers)
Deleting miHoYo accountPermanent data loss (irreversible)
Reinstalling the gameData retrieval (login with miHoYo account)

In summary, you can safely uninstall Genshin Impact without worrying about losing your hard-earned progress. Your data is securely stored on miHoYo’s servers and can be easily retrieved upon reinstallation. However, exercise caution when deleting your miHoYo account, as this action will permanently erase all associated data.

Key Takeaways

  • Uninstalling Genshin Impact does not erase your progress.
  • Your game data is stored on servers and can be restored upon reinstallation.
  • Always keep your login details secure to access your saved game.

Understanding Uninstalling Genshin Impact

Uninstalling Genshin Impact might lead to concerns about losing game progress. It is important to understand how data is handled across different platforms and the steps to reinstall or recover the game.

Impact on Game Data and Account

Game data in Genshin Impact is linked to the player’s Mihoyo account. This means uninstalling the game will not delete the player’s progress. Whether on PC, mobile, or PlayStation, player progress, including characters and game achievements, is stored on the server.

However, it is critical to remember the Mihoyo account credentials. Without these, retrieving game data is impossible.

Procedure on Different Platforms

PC and Epic Games

To uninstall Genshin Impact on a PC, use the Control Panel or the “Add or Remove” feature. If installed via Epic Games, remove the game from the Library within the Epic Games Launcher.

Android and Google Play Store

On Android, go to the Google Play Store, find Genshin Impact, and select “Uninstall.”


For iOS devices, find Genshin Impact on the home screen, press and hold the icon, then select “Remove App.”

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

On PlayStation, navigate to the installed applications, find Genshin Impact, and choose the option to delete the game.

Reinstallation and Recovery Options

If the game was uninstalled to resolve issues, reinstalling it is straightforward. Simply download Genshin Impact again from the respective store (Google Play, Apple App Store, Epic Games, or PlayStation Store).

Upon reinstalling, log in with the same Mihoyo account to recover all previous progress. Players can continue their adventures in Teyvat without losing any of their saved data or characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Uninstalling Genshin Impact can raise several concerns about saved progress, account data, and the implications for gameplay. This section addresses common questions on the topic for clarity.

Will uninstalling Genshin Impact from my device remove my saved progress?

No, uninstalling the game does not delete saved progress. Data is saved on the game’s servers. When you reinstall and log in with the same account, your progress will be restored.

Is it possible to retain Genshin Impact account data after deletion of the app?

Yes, account data is stored on the game’s servers. Deleting the app from your device does not erase your account data. You can reinstall and log in later to regain access.

What are the consequences of deleting Genshin Impact on gameplay and account information?

Deleting the app will remove it from your device, but your game progress and account information will remain intact. You can resume playing by reinstalling the app and logging in.

How can I uninstall Genshin Impact without losing my game progress?

Simply uninstall the app from your device using standard uninstallation methods. Your game progress is stored on the servers and will not be lost. Reinstall the app and log in to continue where you left off.

Does the removal of the Genshin Impact application affect the storage of game data on consoles?

Uninstalling Genshin Impact from a console will free up space on the device. However, your game data, including saved progress, is tied to your account and not affected by the uninstallation.

Are there ways to uninstall and reinstall Genshin Impact to free up space without impacting account data?

Yes, you can uninstall and reinstall Genshin Impact to free up space without affecting account data. Ensure to log in with the same account credentials upon reinstallation to access your saved progress.

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