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Using Apple Pay at Kohl’s

When shopping at Kohl’s, customers can enjoy the convenience of using Apple Pay in stores and on the Kohl’s iOS app.

Compatibility With Apple Devices

Shoppers can use Apple Pay at Kohl’s by ensuring their devices are compatible. Here’s a simple checklist:

  • iPhone Models: iPhone 6 and later.
  • Apple Watch: All models are compatible.
  • Apple Wallet: Must be set up with a Kohl’s Card or any eligible credit or debit card.
  • Kohl’s iOS App: Available for download on devices running a compatible version of iOS.

To pay in-store, one needs to bring up their Apple Wallet, choose their preferred card, and hold their device near the contactless reader with their finger on Touch ID or using Face ID. For purchases through the Kohl’s app, the Apple Pay option will appear at checkout if the device is compatible, making the payment process straightforward and secure.

Payment Options and Rewards at Kohl’s

When shopping at Kohl’s, customers have various payment methods available, along with a rewards program that enhances their shopping experience by offering savings and discounts.

Types of Payments Accepted

Kohl’s offers multiple payment options to ensure a smooth and secure transaction process. Customers can use their Kohl’s Card, which is the store’s branded credit card, or other widely accepted credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. For those who prefer not to use credit cards, debit cards and Kohl’s Gift Cards are also acceptable. It’s important to note that each online purchase allows for one credit card to be applied per transaction.

In addition to these payment methods, Kohl’s has embraced mobile payment technology by accepting Apple Pay. This secure payment method can be used at retail locations and within the Kohl’s iOS app, providing additional convenience to customers.

Kohl’s Rewards and Discounts

Shoppers at Kohl’s benefit from the Kohl’s Rewards program, which rewards them with savings on future purchases. By using their Kohl’s Card, shoppers can earn rewards points on every purchase, and these points add up to unlock discounts and coupons. The program is designed to give back to loyal customers, effectively reducing the balance they pay on their next shopping trip.

Moreover, Kohl’s often runs promotions that allow shoppers to earn additional savings on top of their rewards. For example, Kohl’s Cash coupons are periodically offered, granting shoppers a specified discount on a subsequent purchase when they spend a certain amount. These incentives place Kohl’s as not just a retailer with diverse payment options, but also as a brand that values offering significant discounts and rewards to its customers.

Checkout Process and Security

When shopping at Kohl’s, customers can enjoy a seamless checkout experience equipped with strong security features to protect their transactions.

In-Store and Online Checkout

At Kohl’s department stores, customers can scan items and pay with a contactless payment method like Apple Pay. This feature works for both in-store purchases and online shopping through the Kohl’s mobile app. During the checkout process, the checkout register simplifies the transaction by allowing Kohl’s shoppers to complete their purchase with either Touch ID or Face ID for verification. Kohl’s technology integrates with Apple Pay to support the use of a Kohl’s Card within the digital wallet, streamlining the checkout experience for cardholders.

Security Measures

Kohl’s prioritizes a safe and secure shopping experience. Apple Pay’s technology protects card details using advanced encryption. When customers opt for this contactless payment method, no actual card numbers are stored on their devices or shared with merchants. Instead, a unique QR code is generated for each transaction, which effectively shields personal information from potential security breaches. This ensures that shopping at Kohl’s with Apple Pay isn’t just convenient, it’s also incredibly secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

A customer holding an iPhone with the Kohl's app open, while tapping it against a contactless payment terminal

Shopping at Kohl’s is convenient with various payment methods, including Apple Pay. Here are some common questions answered for you.

Can customers use Apple Pay at Kohl’s without having a physical card present?

Yes, customers can use Apple Pay at Kohl’s stores even if they don’t have their physical cards with them. They simply need to have their card information loaded into the Apple Pay app on their compatible device.

Is tap-to-pay an accepted payment method at Kohl’s checkouts?

Kohl’s accepts tap-to-pay as a payment method, allowing a quick and secure way to check out using contactless payment technologies like Apple Pay.

Are there any differences when using Apple Pay at Sephora locations within Kohl’s?

Using Apple Pay at Sephora locations inside Kohl’s stores should be the same as using it at any Kohl’s checkout, offering a seamless payment experience.

How can shoppers access the $10 reward offered for downloading the Kohl’s app?

Shoppers can earn a $10 reward by downloading the Kohl’s app. After installation, customers can find the reward in their account, which can be used on their next purchase.

What are the steps to log into the Kohl’s Wallet within the Kohl’s app?

To log into the Kohl’s Wallet, users should first open the Kohl’s app, then navigate to the ‘Wallet’ section. From there, they can sign in using their Kohl’s account credentials to access their Wallet.

What are the different payment options available at Kohl’s stores?

Kohl’s stores offer multiple payment options, including Kohl’s Charge Card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and of course, Apple Pay, for a flexible shopping experience.

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