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Payment Options at Dollar General

When shopping at Dollar General, customers have several ways to pay for their purchases. Understanding the various payment methods available can help customers choose the most convenient option for them.

Compatibility with Apple Pay

Currently, Dollar General does not support Apple Pay in its stores. Shoppers looking to use their iPhones to make a purchase would need to explore other digital wallet options or traditional payment methods.

Alternative Payment Methods

Dollar General customers are not limited to just one or two options when it comes to paying for their items. The retailer supports a variety of alternative payment methods:

  • Digital Wallets: Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Cash: Always accepted
  • EBT: Accepted for eligible purchases
  • Dollar General App: DG GO! for in-store payment

Credit and Debit Card Acceptance

For those who prefer using cards, Dollar General accepts a widespread assortment of bank cards:

  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
  • Debit Cards: Including those with a Visa or MasterCard logo

Payment through these cards can be made using the traditional swiping method or, where available, via contactless payment options thanks to NFC technology in the card readers.

Digital Services and Promotions

A cashier at Dollar General accepts a customer's payment through Apple Pay at the checkout counter

Dollar General focuses on simplifying the shopping experience with its digital services, including mobile apps and exclusive online discounts.

DG GO and Mobile Apps

Dollar General’s proprietary application, DG GO!, enhances the shopping journey for customers who prefer using their mobile device in-store. It allows shoppers to scan items with their iPhone and other devices, tallying up purchases as they shop. The DG GO! app also supports different contactless payment methods, including EBT cards, directly through the application, streamlining the checkout process. Users can download the app from the Apple App Store and easily link their preferred payment options. However, Apple Pay is specifically not accepted at the payment terminal in stores.

Online Savings and Digital Coupons

Customers can access a range of discounts and savings through Dollar General’s website or via its mobile applications. Digital coupons offer a convenient way to save, as customers can apply these discounts to their purchase during in-store checkout by scanning a QR code from their mobile device. The online store also features a maps tool to locate nearby stores and check the availability of certain products. Additionally, customers can manage gift cards and take advantage of periodic promotions directly through the brand’s online platform.

Shopping Experience at Dollar General

Customers browse aisles at Dollar General, selecting items and checking out at the register. The cashier accepts Apple Pay for payment

When visiting Dollar General, customers can expect a variety of products at budget-friendly prices, along with a convenient shopping experience catered to local communities.

Product Assortment and Budget-Friendly Options

Dollar General offers a wide array of merchandise suitable for many needs, including food, toys, clothing, and household items. Its shelves are stocked with both national brands and less expensive off-brands, ensuring that every family can find something that fits into their budget. The retailer provides essentials for daily living, often at lower prices compared to grocery chains like Safeway, Target, or Walmart. It often finds itself compared with other dollar stores like Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, emphasizing value for every dollar spent.

Store Locator and Company Information

Finding a Dollar General is straightforward, thanks to tools like Apple Maps which help customers locate their nearest store. Known as a Fortune 500 company, Dollar General has made its mission to serve with convenience and affordability. Customers seeking company information or updates can easily find assistance through Dollar General’s website, where they can also sign up to receive emails on promotions and in-store events. Notable among its technological offerings is the DG GO! app, which facilitates scanning of items and payment directly through a smartphone, although this feature may only be available in select stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

A customer holds their phone near the payment terminal at a Dollar General store, with the Apple Pay logo visible on the screen

When shopping at Dollar General, customers often wonder about their payment options, especially regarding contactless and mobile payments. This section aims to address these common inquiries directly.

What are the contact details for Dollar General customer service?

For assistance, customers can contact Dollar General customer service by calling their helpline number or by visiting their official website for further contact options.

Can I use contactless payment methods at Dollar General?

Currently, Dollar General does not support contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay at most of its store locations.

Is Apple Pay supported at Family Dollar stores?

Family Dollar, a separate entity from Dollar General, may have differing payment policies. For the most accurate information, it’s recommended to check directly with a local Family Dollar store.

How can I use my phone to make a payment at Dollar General?

Dollar General offers its own mobile app, DG GO!, which allows customers to scan and pay for their items via their smartphones in select store locations where the service is available.

Are digital wallets like Google Pay accepted at Dollar General?

As with other contactless payment options, digital wallets such as Google Pay are not typically accepted at Dollar General stores.

Does the Dollar General app allow for in-store payments?

Yes, the Dollar General app, DG GO!, provides an in-store payment feature but it’s important to note that it’s only available in select locations.

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