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Yes, certain stores (warehouses) will allow you to pick up orders from Costco.com in the store. Costco is a big name in the wholesale shopping world. It’s great for buying food, electronics, appliances – anything you can think of in bulk! But besides visiting your local warehouse, do they have other ways to shop?

Shopping and Pickup Options at Costco

Costco Online Shopping Options

Yes, Costco has a robust online shopping experience. There, you’ll find items perfect for various pickup or delivery options. Let’s break down what you can expect when checking out on Costco.com:

  • Delivery: Most items on the website can be shipped directly to your door. Often, shipping fees are included with your Costco membership, but some larger or heavier items might incur additional fees.
  • Costco Same-Day Delivery with Instacart: This partnership offers even faster delivery options. You can often receive your order within a few hours. An Instacart membership or additional fees may apply.
  • Warehouse Pickup Certain items on Costco.com qualify for pickup. You’ll order online and select a warehouse to pick up from.

What Items Can I Get With Costco Warehouse Pickup?

Costco’s warehouse pickup option is great if you need an item quickly but don’t want to search the aisles. Here’s a summary of what you’ll generally find with the “Pickup at Warehouse” option:

Item CategoryExamples
ElectronicsLaptops, tablets, smartphones, computer accessories
JewelryRings, necklaces, watches, earrings
Otherselect small appliances or home goods

How Does Costco Warehouse Pickup Work?

Here’s a quick guide to how Costco warehouse pickup works:

  1. Browse: Shop on Costco.com and look for items labeled “Pickup at Warehouse”.
  2. Purchase: Add the items to your cart and complete the online checkout process.
  3. Confirmation: You’ll receive an email when your order is ready for pickup (usually within a few hours).
  4. Pickup: Head to your selected Costco warehouse and follow the pickup instructions in your confirmation email. Be ready to show your Costco membership card and order confirmation.

Costco Pickup Overview

Costco has adapted to the growing demand for convenience by offering a pickup service at select locations. This service caters to shoppers who prefer to order their groceries and merchandise from the comfort of their home. Customers can utilize Costco’s online shop to browse and buy items, then pick them up directly from the warehouse, ensuring a contactless and efficient shopping experience.

How It Works:

  1. Shop Online: Customers select from eligible items including electronics, jewelry, and household goods.
  2. Pick Up: After ordering, customers can pick up their items at the designated warehouse location.

Curbside Pickup: Select Costco warehouses have added the extra convenience of curbside pickup. This saves customers time by allowing them to stay in their car while a Costco employee loads their purchases.

Service Fees:

  • Pickup Fee: Costco typically does not charge a separate fee for warehouse pickup.
  • Curbside Pickup Fee: If applicable, the fee for curbside service varies by location.


  • Costco’s pickup service is not widespread and varies by location.
  • Check availability by contacting your local Costco or checking online.

In summary, Costco’s pickup options support shoppers looking for a quick, contactless way to purchase their groceries and more. With the rollout still growing, always check with your local store for the most current information on this service.

Membership and Ordering Process

Costco offers its members a variety of ways to shop, including the exceptional convenience of online ordering and store pickup services.

Members-Only Service

Costco’s online shop and pickup are exclusive benefits for Costco members. One must have an active membership to access these services.

Online Shopping and Orders

Through Costco’s website, members can browse over 2,000 items from the comfort of home. To place an order, members simply sign in to their account, select the items they want, and choose the pick-up option.

Curbside Pickup Logistics

Curbside pickup is available at select locations, such as in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Members can place orders and expect them to be ready for collection by Costco employees, ensuring a contactless and efficient service.

Service Fees and Minimums

While a service fee may apply, Costco is clear about its costs. Members should check for any minimum order requirements and compare them against both same-day and regular delivery service options provided by third-party partners like Instacart.

Alternative Shopping Options

For those who prefer traditional shopping or want more immediate access to their purchases, stores like Walmart may offer competitive services, such as free shipping without a membership requirement. However, the convenience and exclusivity of Costco’s members-only services are significant advantages for its patrons.

Items and Availability

Costco offers a wide variety of products for their members, ranging from groceries to non-food items. They have made it clear that they provide the convenience of online ordering with warehouse pickup for several items. However, customers should note that not all items are available for this service.

In terms of groceries, while Costco has a vast array of products, the availability of online pickup may be limited. They typically offer a selection of roughly 2,000 items for online ordering and warehouse pickup, ensuring a balance between convenience and selection.

Here is how Costco manages items and their availability for pickup:

  • Order Online, Pick up in Warehouse: Certain items can be ordered online from Costco and picked up at the warehouse.

  • Valid ID Required: When picking up, a valid state or government-issued photo ID is required.

  • Availability Check: Before heading to the store, it is recommended to check the availability of items online, as stock levels can change.

  • Bulk Orders: Costco’s purchasing strategy involves buying in bulk, which means once an item sells out, it may take time to replenish stock, depending on the negotiations for additional inventory.

If you’re planning to take advantage of Costco’s pickup option, it is best to check their website or contact the store directly to confirm if the item you want is available for this service. Remember, the selection for pickup may be more limited compared to what’s available in-store, but this service can save time and streamline your shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curbside and warehouse pickup services at Costco streamline the shopping experience for customers. Read on to get the details about how to utilize Costco’s pickup options.

How can I order curbside pickup at Costco?

To use Costco’s curbside pickup, just place an order through Costco’s website or the Costco app. However, it’s important to note that curbside service is available at select locations only and might not be a universal offering.

Is there a Costco curbside pickup option available near me?

Availability of Costco’s curbside pickup varies by location. To find out if a store near you offers this service, it’s best to call the store directly or check the Costco website for the most current information.

What are the steps for using Costco’s Same-Day pickup service?

After placing an online order through Costco’s Same-Day service, you will typically receive a confirmation with a pickup time frame. You then go to the designated pickup area during this time to collect your items.

How is Costco’s pickup process structured?

When you arrive at the warehouse to pick up your order, signs will direct you to the pickup location. Have your confirmation email and a valid state or government-issued photo ID ready to collect your items.

Can another person collect my Costco order on my behalf?

Only the bill-to credit card addressee is typically allowed to pick up the items. They must show a matching state or government-issued photo ID at the time of pickup.

Am I able to buy an item from Costco and arrange to pick it up at a later time?

Yes, you can opt for warehouse pick-up at Costco for eligible items. Standard delivery times apply, and the item will remain available for pickup according to the times indicated by the specific warehouse.

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