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No, Costco does not do brake services, replacements, or anything related to that. Currently Costco only offers Tire and Battery services. Keep reading on to learn more about their auto program and offerings.

Costco Tire & Auto Services

Costco has very limited auto services that they offer. Primarily they are in the battery sales and tire sales/installation business. Here’s what they currently offer:

  1. Tire Sales
  2. Tire Installations
  3. Tire Alignments
  4. Flat-Tire Handling
  5. Battery Sales (No Installation)
  6. Other Car Parts as listed on their site

You can visit their Tire & Auto center website here: https://www.costco.com/auto-tires.html

Does Costco Do Oil Changes?

No, Costco doesn’t do Oil Changes nationally. Some locations may have an oil change operation attached to them but Costco is phasing all of those out and exiting the business entirely. They used to offer oil changes along with tire services, but now they’re primarily focusing on tire sales and installation.

If you live near a Costco that still has an oil change facility, contact them to see if they accept new clients. Most aren’t anymore.

The good news is there are great oil changing places all over the country so check around your local area for an alternative that has good reviews. Walmart is a good national retailer that does Oil Changes at their Auto Center and they charge flat-rates (no need to worry about paying more or less). You can also check with your car’s manufacturer for recommendations on where to get your oil changed.

Does Costco Balance Tires?

Yes! For people who purchase tires from Costco, they will include balancing and installation at no charge. Additional member values include a 5-year road hazard warranty, rotation, balancing, inflation checks, flat repairs, and nitrogen tire inflation. Installation is only available on tires purchased from the Costco tire center by Costco members.

Costco Auto Program Overview

Costco, the well-known wholesale club, offers a program beyond the bulk groceries and household goods. The Costco Auto Program is one of its unique services, designed to simplify the car buying and maintenance experience for its members.

Understanding Costco Auto Program

The Costco Auto Program partners with a network of franchised dealerships to offer prearranged pricing on new and pre-owned vehicles. This means the price for each car has been negotiated beforehand, removing the hassle of bargaining from the customer’s shoulders. By entering their zip code on the Costco Auto Program website, members can locate a participating service center near them. While the auto program is exclusive to Costco members, the membership itself offers widespread benefits for vehicle-related needs.

Benefits and Savings for Members

Costco members looking for automotive services can expect several benefits:

  • Savings: Members can receive up to a 15% discount on parts, service, and accessories at participating service centers nationwide.
  • Peace of Mind: The Costco Auto Program selects each participating service center based on stringent criteria to ensure excellent customer service.
  • Customer Support: Members gain access to a member advocacy group that can guide them through various stages of the car buying or maintenance process.
  • Streamlined Experience: With prearranged pricing and a list of affiliates, members avoid the potential stress associated with car negotiations.

By providing these services, the auto program encapsulates the Costco commitment to value and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Costco offers a variety of auto services through their Auto Program, and members frequently inquire about the specifics of what’s available. The following subsections answer common questions related to Costco’s automotive service offerings.

What type of auto services does Costco offer?

Costco partners with over 3,000 service centers nationwide to provide its members with discounted automobile servicing, ranging from routine maintenance to more extensive repairs, though actual services performed may vary by location.

Can you get brake servicing at Costco?

Brake services are not conducted at Costco warehouses. For brake servicing, Costco members can utilize partnerships with service centers where special member benefits might apply.

How much does brake service typically cost at auto service centers?

The cost of brake services can vary greatly depending on the vehicle type, location, and the extent of the service needed. While specific prices are not listed, Costco members can get discounts on services at partnered auto centers.

Do Costco warehouses provide car inspections?

Costco does not offer car inspections in its warehouses. For vehicle inspections, members should look for local service centers.

Are oil change services available at Costco locations?

Oil change services are not provided at Costco warehouses. Members interested in oil changes can find several service centers with different offerings and member discounts.

Can I purchase car parts from Costco?

Costco sells a range of automotive parts, including but not limited to brake pads, rotors, and calipers, as well as consumables like brake fluid, cleaner, and grease, suitable for DIY or professional use.

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