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Yes, Costco Bakery Does Make Cupcakes! Costco’s bakery is known for large sheet cakes, but don’t underestimate their cupcakes. These are fantastic for parties or just satisfying a sweet tooth.

Flavor Variety:

  • Regular: You’ll usually find classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla year-round.
  • Seasonal: Special flavors often pop up around holidays or during certain seasons. Keep an eye out!


While you primarily get pre-made cupcake packs, here’s some ways to customize:

  • Frosting: Ask the bakery department if they can pipe different frosting colors or simple designs.
  • Toppings: Buy sprinkles or other small candy items to decorate the cupcakes yourself at home.

Other considerations:

  • Pack sizes: Cupcakes usually come in larger variety packs (think 12-16). Ideal for sharing.
  • Price: Costco cupcakes are usually very affordable compared to specialty bakeries.
  • Availability: Flavor options and stock can vary by location, so calling your local Costco beforehand is a good idea.

Overview of Costco Bakery Cupcakes

Costco, the wholesale giant, offers a variety of baked goods that cater to all sorts of celebrations. The bakery section is well-known for its wide assortment of treats, including the popular muffins and sheet cakes. However, Costco’s cupcakes shouldn’t be overlooked—these mini delights are perfect for parties, especially if you’re planning one for kids.

Price-wise, customers can find excellent value as the cupcakes are affordable, aligning with Costco’s reputation for budget-friendly bulk purchases. The cupcakes come in various flavors and, just like their classic cakes, are designed to satisfy a crowd. The bakery department is equipped to take special orders, meaning one can pre-order to match specific party themes or dietary restrictions.

Cupcakes at Costco are often sold in quantity, so hosting a large crowd won’t break the bank. Also, they sit alongside the more sizable half-sheet cake, which provides a complementary option for those looking for the iconic Costco cake experience. Sweet treats from Costco’s bakery, such as the St Michel or Demilan products, promise to please, just like their cupcakes.

These cupcakes aren’t merely about quantity; they also deliver on quality. Topped with various sweet accoutrements, they carry the promise of being a hit at any gathering. While specific pricing and availability might vary by location, in general, the Costco bakery keeps things accessible, making it a go-to option for anyone on the hunt for tasty cupcakes on a budget.

Cupcake Selection and Customization Options

Costco’s bakery section caters to those looking to sweeten their celebrations with a diverse range of cupcakes, allowing for creative customizations to suit any event or preference.

Variety of Flavors and Types

Costco offers a selection of cupcakes that typically includes classic chocolate and vanilla flavors. Beyond the basics, customers might find seasonal specialties like pumpkin pie or key lime pie inspired cupcakes, providing a twist to the traditional dessert lineup. Each cupcake is designed to appeal to a variety of taste preferences, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Customization and Decorations

When it comes to personalizing cupcakes, Costco provides options to customize decorations to match theming for parties, celebrations, or other special events. Whether it’s a splash of color, thematic toppers, or creative icing designs, these custom order possibilities allow customers to add a personal touch to their sweet treats.

Dietary Accommodations

Understanding dietary restrictions and preferences, Costco offers options like the vanilla cake with vanilla cheesecake mousse and chocolate cake with chocolate mousse for those seeking a richer experience. While the full scope of dietary accommodations may vary, availability of alternatives like gluten-free or reduced-sugar versions can sometimes be found upon request. Customers with specific dietary needs are encouraged to discuss options with Costco’s bakery when placing their orders.

Ordering Process and Availability

Costco’s bakery offers a convenient process for ordering cupcakes with options that cater to different occasions. Customers should note the availability of these treats can change with the season and are best purchased with an eye on value.

How to Place an Order

To order cupcakes from Costco, customers need to:

  1. Visit the nearest Costco location.
  2. Obtain an order form from the bakery section.
  3. Fill out the form with specifics such as quantity and pick-up date.
  4. Submit the completed form to the designated drop-off area.

Costco does not currently offer online ordering for their baked goods.

Pickup and Delivery Information

After placing an order, customers will:

  • Pick up their order at the Costco bakery on the specified date and time.
  • Pay for their purchase at regular checkout lines as Costco does not offer delivery for bakery items.

Stock and Seasonal Availability

The availability of certain cupcakes may be limited to certain times of the year. For instance:

  • Seasonal items might appear for a short duration around specific holidays.
  • Custom cakes, including the popular 10-inch round cake and sheet cakes, can be pre-ordered and are regularly stocked.

Stock levels can vary, but Costco is known for offering both affordable and value-packed options for their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to Costco’s bakery, customers have some common questions about their cupcake offerings. Here’s a quick guide with answers to those questions.

How do you order cupcakes from Costco Bakery?

To order cupcakes from Costco Bakery, you visit the bakery counter at your local Costco warehouse to place your order directly with the staff. It’s recommended to order a few days in advance, especially for customized options or larger quantities.

How much do cupcakes cost at Costco?

The price of cupcakes at Costco may vary by location, but they generally offer competitive pricing. You’ll often find that they are sold in larger quantities at a bulk price point, offering value for money.

Can you customize cupcakes at Costco Bakery?

Yes, customers can request customizations for cupcakes at Costco Bakery. You can choose from a selection of themes and designs to suit your occasion. For specifics, it’s best to inquire directly at the bakery counter.

What types of cupcakes does Costco Bakery offer?

Costco Bakery typically offers a variety of cupcakes ranging from classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to seasonal specialties. The available flavors and designs may vary by season and store location.

Is it possible to order cupcakes from Costco Bakery online?

Currently, Costco does not generally offer the option to order bakery items like cupcakes online. You need to place orders in person at your local Costco warehouse.

What are some of the newest dessert options at Costco?

In addition to cupcakes, Costco often introduces new dessert items, which may include seasonal cakes, cookies, and pastries. For the latest offerings, it’s a good idea to check in-store or look for updates on Costco’s official website or through their marketing materials.

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