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Payment Methods at Five Below

Shopping at Five Below is easy with their wide range of accepted payment methods. Whether you prefer using cards, mobile payments, or other methods, they have options to suit everyone.

Acceptance of Various Card Types

Five Below embraces a variety of card types for hassle-free transactions. Shoppers can use major credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. These cards are widely accepted for both in-store and online purchases, ensuring a smooth checkout process.

Electronic Wallets and Mobile Payments

In line with modern payment trends, Five Below accepts several electronic wallets and mobile payment methods. Customers can make secure and speedy payments using Apple Pay, which utilizes Touch ID or Face ID for added security. Likewise, other digital wallet services including Google Pay and Samsung Pay are also supported, offering convenience for those who prefer to pay with their mobile devices.

Other Forms of Payment

For customers who might not have access to or prefer not to use cards or mobile payments, Five Below provides additional payment options. Cash is always welcome at their stores, and they also accept gift cards. However, please note that personal checks and money orders are not accepted. Moreover, for online forms of payment, customers can use PayPal and Venmo. It should be noted that while EBT cards are a common payment method for groceries and essentials, they are not accepted by Five Below.

Shopping Experience at Five Below

When it comes to snagging deals at Five Below, customers can enjoy a smooth and efficient payment process whether they are browsing in-store or navigating the online shop.

In-Store Shopping

Heading into a Five Below store, shoppers are greeted with a variety of products ranging from tech gadgets to beauty supplies, all priced at $5 or less. The checkout process is streamlined with various payment options at the ready. Credit/debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted, alongside Five Below gift cards.

One standout feature of the payment experience is the inclusion of contactless payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. By doing so, customers can simply use their smartphone or tablet, equipped with their preferred wallet app, to breeze through the checkout counter. This offers a level of security and convenience for those who prefer not to carry cash or their physical cards.

Online Shopping and Checkout

On Five Below’s website, the online shopping experience mirrors the ease of the physical locations. Shoppers can select from the same wide array of low-cost items and add them to their virtual cart. During the checkout process online, customers can enjoy a similar payment experience with several methods available including major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

For online purchases, the integration of Apple Pay as a payment method stands out. It streamlines the online checkout by allowing customers to complete purchases quickly and securely without the need to enter card details manually. The security of transactions is enhanced due to the digital wallet’s protective features. Additionally, for customers opting for in-store pickup, the online platform can facilitate a quick transaction, ensuring that everything is ready for collection upon arrival at their chosen locations.

Five Below’s Digital and Physical Gift Cards

A digital and physical gift card display at Five Below, with a variety of designs and denominations. The display includes signage indicating acceptance of Apple Pay

At Five Below, shopping is not just about getting great deals on tech, toys, and other goodies; it’s also about convenience. Gift cards have become a popular payment option for many shoppers, and Five Below offers them in two forms: physical and digital.

Physical gift cards are the classic plastic cards that can be bought in stores. They are handy for giving as presents or for controlling a budget when shopping. You can use these cards in-store just like cash or credit cards.

The digital counterparts, often referred to as eGift cards, provide a flexible alternative. They can be purchased and sent online, meaning you can gift them or use them yourself without ever needing to step foot into a store. Shopping from your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android device is smooth when you pay with a Five Below eGift card via the Five Below app or on a desktop/laptop.

Here’s a quick breakdown of gift card use at Five Below:

  • In-Store Payment Options:
    • Cash
    • Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
    • Five Below Gift Cards (Physical)
    • eGift Cards
  • Online Payment Options:
    • Credit/Debit Cards
    • Apple Pay & Google Pay
    • PayPal
    • eGift Cards

Coupons or discounts can also sometimes be applied to purchases, regardless of the payment method. However, make sure to check the receipt for details, as there are exclusions.

Whether you’re an all-things-digital enthusiast or you like keeping things traditional, Five Below accommodates your preferences with its versatile gift card options.

Frequently Asked Questions

A customer holds an iPhone near the payment terminal at a 5 Below store, with the Apple Pay logo displayed on the screen

With the rise of contactless payments, shoppers at Five Below have questions about which digital payment methods are accepted in-store. Here, we cover the specifics of what you can use at checkout.

What forms of mobile payment does Five Below accept?

Five Below welcomes various forms of payment, but as of now, they do not accept mobile payment options like Apple Pay.

Can you use Google Pay for transactions at Five Below?

As with Apple Pay, Five Below does not currently support the use of Google Pay for making purchases in their stores.

Is PayPal a supported payment method at Five Below stores?

PayPal is not on the list of accepted payment methods for in-store purchases at Five Below.

Does Five Below offer its own brand credit card for purchases?

No, Five Below does not offer a branded credit card specific to its stores or services.

Are installment payment services like Klarna and Afterpay accepted at Five Below?

Five Below does not accept Klarna or Afterpay as payment methods. Customers must pay for their items in full at the time of purchase.

Can customers use Venmo to pay for items at Five Below?

Venmo payments are not supported at Five Below; shoppers will need to use other forms of payment when checking out.

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