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Deciding whether to play Final Fantasy VII Remake before moving on to its sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, can be a matter of personal preference. Although Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been designed to serve as a standalone game that offers an entry point to those new to the series, engaging with the Remake first could enhance the overall experience. The Remake lays down the fundamental narrative and emotional groundwork which may enrich the player’s engagement with the plot and characters found in Rebirth.

Do You Need To Play Final Fantasy 7 Remake before Rebirth?

Direct ContinuationRebirth is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s ending, carrying over the plot, characters, and gameplay.
Understanding the StoryWithout the context of Remake, you’ll miss key character relationships, motivations, and plot points, leading to confusion and less impactful moments in Rebirth.
Gameplay FamiliarityRebirth likely builds upon the action-RPG combat system in Remake. Playing Remake gives you a headstart in mastering the system.
Remake Prologue SummarySquare Enix has stated a brief recap will be included in Rebirth, but this won’t offer the same depth as playing Remake yourself.
Newcomer Friendly?While Rebirth attempts to be accessible, it’s ultimately designed with the assumption that you played the prior game.

Should you play Remake before Rebirth?

  • Strongly Recommended: Yes, for the best understanding of the story and most enjoyable Rebirth experience.
  • Possible to Play Rebirth First (But…) You could still follow the basic plot if you don’t mind spoilers and being confused at times, but you’ll miss the emotional and narrative weight intended by the developers.

Additional Considerations:

  • Original FF7 Knowledge: Even if you play Remake, it’s helpful to have some knowledge of the original FF7 events as Rebirth will reference and reinterpret them.
  • Where Can I Play Remake: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is available on PS5, PC (Epic, Steam), and looks to be coming to other platforms soon.

For avid fans and newcomers alike, starting with the Remake might be beneficial as it introduces important story elements and character arcs that continue to evolve in Rebirth. Those invested in understanding the full scope of the story may find playing the games in order a rewarding journey. However, for players eager to jump straight into the latest game or with limited time, it’s worth noting that Rebirth’s design accommodates those who have not played Remake, ensuring they are not left behind in the storytelling.

Key Takeaways

  • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth can be played without the Remake, but previous engagement may enhance understanding.
  • Playing the Remake first helps to build a deeper connection with the story and characters.
  • Rebirth is accessible to new players, with design choices that accommodate those unfamiliar with the Remake.

Understanding the Final Fantasy VII Series

The Final Fantasy VII series is a standout narrative in video game history with its intriguing story and memorable characters. It began with the original Final Fantasy VII, released in 1997, which follows the journey of Cloud Strife, a former member of the soldier-for-hire group, joining a resistance faction called AVALANCHE. Through their efforts to thwart the sinister Shinra Electric Power Company, Cloud and his allies, including Tifa, Barret, and Aerith, explore themes of identity, destiny, and environmentalism.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is a newer reimagining of this classic tale, starting in the city of Midgar. Players revisit the story with modern gameplay and an expanded plot. Notably, the Remake includes an additional chapter called Episode Intermission, featuring Yuffie Kisaragi, which adds depth to the overall lore.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is discussed as both a sequel and a standalone game, meaning new and returning players can enjoy it. Rebirth brings back characters like Zack Fair and introduces more advanced summoning materia and the mysterious Whispers, beings that attempt to ensure the timeline stays on track.

As a multi-part series, the Final Fantasy VII Remake branches out into what is known as a trilogy, creating an expanded universe. The story continues to evolve in Rebirth, allowing players to dive deeper into the world and lore around characters like Vincent Valentine and others pivotal to the narrative.

The series has created an extensive world of adventure that transcends the barriers of the original game, enabling players to experience an unfolding saga that both honours its roots and charts new territory. Whether you have cherished the classic or are new to the saga, the Final Fantasy VII series offers a rich world filled with complex characters and an enduring story.

Playing Remake Before Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are closely intertwined. The Remake precedes Rebirth and serves as the first chapter in a series that reimagines the classic FF7 storyline. Playing the Remake on PS4 before jumping into Rebirth on PS5 can give players deeper insight into the narrative twists and changes introduced by the developers. It offers an enriched understanding of the characters, especially Cloud and Sephiroth, and the dynamics within the group known as Avalanche.

Importance for Newcomers:
New players may appreciate the context provided by the Remake. Although not mandatory, it prepares newcomers for the world and story of FF7 Rebirth, which, in some ways, assumes familiarity with the series’ lore.

Save Data and DLC Content:
For returning players, transferring save data from the PS4 to the PS5 could potentially influence their experience with FF7 Rebirth. Details such as progress in the Episode INTERmission DLC may carry over and affect the gameplay.

Developer Insights:
Co-director Motomu Toriyama has suggested that while FF7 Rebirth is a direct sequel, it has also been carefully developed to accommodate those new to the series. This approach aligns with Square Enix’s strategy to welcome all players, irrespective of their experience with past titles.

Recaps and Twin Packs:
Players not wishing to play the full Remake before Rebirth may look for recaps or summaries that provide the necessary background. Some regions have also seen the release of a Twin Pack, coupling both games for a complete experience.

FF7 Rebirth is a standalone game designed to attract both veterans and newcomers. Its availability is exclusive to PlayStation 5, leveraging the console’s capabilities to deliver an expansive open world and detailed environments, such as the iconic Nibelheim.

As the release date for FF7 Rebirth has come, players should consider these points when deciding whether or not to play Final Fantasy VII Remake first. This knowledge enriches their journey through the reimagined story of a beloved classic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Third-person point of view ensures unbiased and inclusive information for all readers seeking guidance on the topic of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in relation to its predecessor, Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Can I enjoy FF7 Rebirth if I haven’t played the FF7 Remake?

Players can enjoy FF7 Rebirth without having played FF7 Remake. Developers designed Rebirth to be accessible as a standalone game allowing newcomers to enter the series without prior experience.

Is it necessary to play any other Final Fantasy titles before starting FF7 Rebirth?

FF7 Rebirth does not require players to have experience with other Final Fantasy titles. Each game in the series predominantly features a distinct universe and characters.

What is the recommended playing order for the FF7 series with the release of Rebirth?

While FF7 Rebirth can serve as an entry point, playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake first might provide additional context and an enriched storyline understanding for players.

Will playing the original Final Fantasy 7 enhance my experience with FF7 Rebirth?

Playing the original Final Fantasy 7 would provide background and possibly deepen the appreciation for the narrative and characters in FF7 Rebirth, although it’s not a requirement for enjoyment or understanding.

Does FF7 Rebirth continue the story from FF7 Remake?

FF7 Rebirth continues the narrative from where FF7 Remake ended. Players who have completed the Remake will find the story progression in Rebirth to be a direct sequel.

Are there story elements in FF7 Remake that are crucial for understanding FF7 Rebirth?

While FF7 Rebirth is crafted to be standalone, it references events and characters from FF7 Remake. This means that playing the Remake could enhance comprehension of the story and character relationships in Rebirth.

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