Disney Plus Taylor Swift Eras Tour
Disney Plus Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Taylor Swift fans have a reason to mark their calendars. The pop sensation’s Eras Tour is set to make its streaming debut on Disney Plus. This announcement has sparked excitement among Swifties worldwide. The special will feature a concert experience complete with bonus songs, offering fans a front-row seat from the comfort of their homes.

Disney Plus: Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Release DateThursday, March 14, 2024
Time6:00 PM PT / 9:00 PM ET
AvailabilityDisney+ (except Turkey)
ContentFull concert film “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version)”
Includes* Previously omitted song “Cardigan” * Four additional acoustic songs

Scheduled for a March 14 premiere, the Disney Plus release promises to bring Taylor Swift’s musical journey to screens everywhere. Unlike previous releases, this one aims to integrate songs seamlessly into the concert footage, addressing past concerns about the quality of such releases. With the inclusion of five bonus tracks, the anticipation is high for what’s touted as an immersive viewing experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is scheduled to premiere on Disney Plus on March 14, offering fans a unique opportunity to experience the concert along with five bonus tracks, including “Cardigan” and four acoustic numbers.
  • Disney Plus subscribers have various subscription options to access the Eras Tour film, ranging from $4.99 to $10.99 per month, accommodating fans with different budgets and viewing preferences.
  • The release of the Eras Tour on Disney Plus is expected to significantly draw viewers, potentially reversing a recent loss of 13 million subscribers, and spotlighting Swift in a nearly Disney princess-like role.
  • Beyond the concert, the event promises an immersive viewing experience with high-definition visuals and superior sound quality, also featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes content and interviews.
  • Disney Plus’s acquisition of exclusive streaming rights to the Eras Tour for over $75 million, against competitors like Netflix and Universal Pictures, underscores the anticipated success and global excitement surrounding the event.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour on Disney Plus

Taylor Swift is bringing her much-talked-about Eras Tour to Disney Plus, and fans are in for a treat. With a release date set for March 14, viewers can expect to experience the concert in a new and exciting way. Disney Plus will drop the special at 12am PT, making it convenient for fans across different time zones to join in the excitement.

Subscribers to Disney Plus have different options to access the Eras Tour film. The streaming service offers a standard service with ads at $4.99 per month, a standard subscription without ads for $7.99, and a premium option at $10.99. This flexibility allows fans to choose a plan that fits their budget and viewing preferences.

The version of the Eras Tour set to stream includes bonus content that wasn’t part of the original concert series. Among these are the song “Cardigan” from Swift’s 2020 album “Folklore” and four acoustic songs. While the exact titles of the acoustic songs have not been disclosed, they are believed to be the same four surprise songs Swift performed at her Los Angeles SoFi Stadium shows. These are “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” “Maroon,” “You Are in Love,” and “I Can See You.”

Subscription Type Monthly Cost
Standard (With Ads) $4.99
Standard (No Ads) $7.99
Premium $10.99

Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, expressed excitement about bringing the Eras Tour to Disney Plus. He emphasized the phenomenon of the tour and its impact on fans worldwide. As the platform prepares to stream this special event, Swift’s fans are eagerly anticipating reliving the concert experience from the comfort of their homes.

Premiere Date Announcement

The big day for Taylor Swift fans and Disney Plus subscribers is set. Swift’s Eras Tour will premiere on Disney Plus on March 14. This release is a much-awaited event. It’s not just another concert film. This special presentation offers exclusive content that hasn’t been seen before.

Viewers around the globe can tune in starting at 12 AM PT. This timing means fans can experience the concert at a convenient hour, regardless of where they are. Disney Plus has designed its plans to cater to a wide audience. Subscribers have options ranging from $4.99 to $10.99. Each plan offers something different, aiming to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Adding to the excitement, the concert film includes five bonus tracks. These tracks were not part of the theatrical or digital versions previously available. Among these exclusives is the song “Cardigan”, along with four acoustic numbers. These additions are likely from Swift’s performances in Los Angeles. This bonus content brings something new to the table, rewarding fans with more than just a replay of the tour.

Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, expressed enthusiasm about hosting the Eras Tour on Disney Plus. He noted this event’s potential to make a global impact. The anticipation among Swift’s fanbase and Disney Plus subscribers is high. Many are eager for the immersive experience that the at-home concert promises to offer.

Indications are that this release could also impact Disney Plus positively. A recent report highlighted a loss of 13 million subscribers. However, the premiere of Swift’s Eras Tour might just turn the tides for the streaming service. As Swift steps into an almost Disney princess-like spotlight, all eyes will be on Disney Plus this March.

Concert Experience Details

When Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour hits Disney Plus on March 14, viewers will get more than just a front-row seat. They’ll see exclusive content not shown before. This means, fans around the world can watch the tour starting at 12 AM PT. And the best part? They don’t need to leave their homes.

Disney Plus offers different subscription plans. Prices range from $4.99 to $10.99. Each plan has its own features. This lets fans choose the best option for them. The streamed version of the Eras Tour includes five bonus tracks. These are “Cardigan” and four acoustic numbers, likely from Swift’s Los Angeles performances.

Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, is excited about this collaboration. He believes it will have a global impact. This release is big news for Swift fans and Disney Plus subscribers. They’re looking forward to an immersive at-home concert experience. Plus, the premiere might help Disney Plus get more subscribers.

The tour was choreographed by Mandy Moore. She said working with Swift was a great experience. They had a clear plan and Swift knew exactly what she wanted. This teamwork made the tour special.

For those wanting more, there’s “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour – The Extended Version”. It’s available for rent on platforms like Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV. This version includes songs like “Long Live”, “The Archer”, and “Wildest Dreams”, not shown in theaters.

The Eras Tour on Disney Plus offers a unique chance to see Taylor Swift’s concert in a new way. With bonus tracks and behind-the-scenes content, it promises to be an exciting event for fans globally.

Bonus Songs and Immersive Viewing

Disney Plus is set to release Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour with a twist. Fans can look forward to five special tracks not found in earlier releases. These bonus songs aim to bring something new to the table, offering viewers more of what they love.

The inclusion of these additional tracks speaks to the evolving nature of concert experiences in the digital age. It’s not just about replaying a live event. It’s about enhancing it, making it richer for home audiences. This move also highlights Disney Plus’s commitment to providing exclusive content, making the platform a go-to source for unique viewing experiences.

Viewers can expect an immersive concert experience. Alongside the main performance, behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews are likely. This approach offers fans a deeper connection to the music and the artist behind it.

Moreover, the digital format allows for innovative viewing features. Audiences can enjoy high-definition visuals and superior sound quality. They might even have options to personalize their viewing experience, like choosing camera angles or focusing on specific aspects of the show.

The launch on Disney Plus is more than just a concert film. It’s an invitation to experience the Eras Tour in a new and exciting way. Through these additional tracks and enhanced viewing options, fans around the world can connect with Taylor Swift’s music like never before.

Anticipation and Global Excitement

Disney Plus’s announcement to stream Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has stirred excitement worldwide. Fans eagerly await the chance to watch this iconic concert from their homes. The tour, known for its electric performances and Swift’s dynamic stage presence, promises to be a major event on Disney Plus.

The streaming service paid over $75 million for exclusive rights to the tour. This move indicates the high expectations and confidence Disney Plus has in the content. The battle for streaming rights, won against giants like Netflix and Universal Pictures, highlights the tour’s anticipated success.

With the addition of five bonus tracks, Swift’s fans are in for a treat. These songs, not previously released, will offer fresh content, even for those who attended the concert live. The digital format will allow for an immersive experience, including high-definition visuals and behind-the-scenes footage. Fans can expect a unique viewing experience tailored to Swift’s music.

Disney Plus has not released specific viewership predictions. However, given the global fanbase of Taylor Swift and the significant investment in streaming rights, high numbers are anticipated. The platform aims to draw in Swift’s loyal fans and those curious about the buzz surrounding the Eras Tour.

Adding to the anticipation is the discussion around the quality of the concert’s integration into the streaming platform. Fans hope for a seamless inclusion of the bonus tracks into the concert experience. There’s also a buzz around potential physical releases, like a 4K Blu-ray, adding another layer of excitement for collectors and enthusiasts.

As the release date approaches, fans and tech watchers alike keep a keen eye on Disney Plus. The successful streaming of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour could set a new standard for concert viewing in the digital age.


Disney Plus’s strategic move to stream Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, complete with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and five bonus tracks, is setting the stage for a new era in digital concert viewing. The platform’s hefty investment reflects its commitment to delivering high-quality content that resonates with both Swift’s dedicated fanbase and potential new subscribers. As the release date approaches, the buzz around this innovative streaming experience only continues to grow. The anticipation of experiencing the Eras Tour in unparalleled high-definition could indeed mark a pivotal moment in how live performances are consumed in the digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Disney Plus planning to stream Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour?

Yes, Disney Plus has announced its plans to stream Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, along with five bonus tracks and exclusive behind-the-scenes content, offering an immersive viewing experience for fans worldwide.

How much did Disney Plus invest for the exclusive rights to the Eras Tour?

Disney Plus invested over $75 million for the exclusive streaming rights to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, outbidding competitors like Netflix and Universal Pictures.

What can viewers expect from the digital format of the Eras Tour on Disney Plus?

Viewers can expect an immersive experience with high-definition visuals and behind-the-scenes footage, along with the addition of five bonus tracks, designed to enhance fans’ connection to Swift’s music.

Are there any plans for physical releases of the Eras Tour, such as a 4K Blu-ray?

While the article discusses the potential for physical releases, including a 4K Blu-ray, no official announcements have been made. The focus remains on the digital streaming experience on Disney Plus.

Could the Eras Tour on Disney Plus revolutionize concert viewing?

Yes, the successful streaming of the Eras Tour on Disney Plus is expected to revolutionize concert viewing in the digital age, offering a new, enriched way for fans to experience live music events.

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