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Disney+ Plus on TV

Disney+ is thinking about creating channels that are always on and devoted to different franchises like Star Wars and Marvel. They want to keep people interested in the app for longer by having scheduled shows as well as on-demand content. This is a big change in how people watch their favorite series and movies. It doesn’t seem to make much sense, though. Nowadays, most people prefer to watch things whenever they want, not at specific times. Who doesn’t like being able to watch whatever they want, whenever it suits them?

Disney execs might think old-style television appeals to the masses, but it doesn’t. Years and years of data seem to back that up. The rumor is that Disney+ wants to incorporate channels that operate 24/7, complete with schedules and advertisements (aka old-school TV). The approach comes at a critical time for the platform, which recently reported a loss of 1.3 million subscribers, but managed to narrow its streaming business losses. The addition of dedicated channels for its most popular franchises could offer a new way to attract and retain viewers, especially as Disney+ prepares to implement restrictions on account sharing.

It appears that Disney is planning to introduce a new model for streaming that is not necessarily user-friendly. Currently, users enjoy the freedom to choose and watch what they want, when they want it. However, this new model will impose a schedule for streaming content, which is beyond the users’ control. The question is, why would Disney do this? The answer seems to be that this could be a gradual shift by Disney to a new way of doing business on streaming platforms – a way to increase the number of advertisements that we watch. While this may be a difficult pill to swallow, it looks like the only reason why this would be happening.

Key Takeaways

  • Disney Plus is introducing always-on channels dedicated to Star Wars and Marvel
  • Viewers would have a continuous stream of content
  • This combines traditional TV’s scheduled programming with the flexibility of on-demand streaming.
  • This new model may redefine engagement for Marvel and Star Wars fans and set a precedent for the streaming industry.
  • People expect advertisements/commercials to be a part of this “channel”

Disney Plus seems to be coming full circle with streaming. This is an important move in the streaming industry – if Disney can successfully introduce a “TV” channel directly into streaming and bypass the cable-tv providers, that would change the landscape permanently. This innovation blends the nostalgia of channel surfing with the convenience and delivery system of streaming. It will be interesting to see how this move impacts the industry as a whole.

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