Apple Earpods For Taking Pictures
Apple Earpods For Taking Pictures

Have you ever wondered, “Did you know you can snap iPhone photos using your EarPods?” Well, you certainly can. It’s a lesser-known feature that can transform your iPhone photography experience.

How to Snap Photos Using Your EarPods

Snapping photos with your EarPods is as easy as pie:

  1. Connect your EarPods: Plug your EarPods into your iPhone’s headphone jack or Lightning connector.
  2. Open the Camera app: Launch the Camera app on your iPhone. Frame your shot as desired.
  3. Use the volume buttons: Press the volume up (+) button on the EarPods to capture a photo.

Advantages of Snapping Photos with EarPods

Using EarPods to snap photos comes with a multitude of benefits:

  • Steadier shots: Holding your iPhone with both hands while pressing the EarPods button reduces camera shake, leading to clearer photos.
  • Remote shutter: The EarPods’ cord can act as a makeshift remote shutter, allowing you to snap photos from a distance.
  • Quiet photography: The EarPods allow silent photo taking, making it perfect for shooting in quiet settings.

Beyond Photos: Other Handy EarPods Features

Beyond photography, EarPods offer an array of useful features:

  • Play/Pause and Skip Tracks: The central button on your EarPods allows you to control your music playback.
  • Volume Control: The plus (+) and minus (-) buttons let you adjust the volume.
  • Siri Access: A long press on the central button activates Siri.


Can this photography hack work with wireless AirPods?
Yes, the photography hack works with wireless AirPods as well. You can use the volume button on the AirPods to snap a photo.

Does this feature work with all camera modes?
Yes, this feature works with all camera modes, including Photo, Square, Pano, Video, Time-lapse, and Slo-mo.

Conclusion: Elevating iPhone Photography with EarPods

So, the next time someone asks you, “Did you know you can snap iPhone photos using your EarPods?” you can confidently say, “Yes, and let me show you how.” It’s a fun, handy photography hack that all iPhone users should know and utilize.

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