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In Destiny 2, Glimmer is essential for Guardians to buy gear, upgrade equipment, and participate in various activities for gameplay progression. Previously, there was a cap of 250,000 Glimmer, which meant players had to constantly manage their resources to avoid hitting the cap and missing out on potential Glimmer earnings. However, with update 7.3.4 released on January 30, the Glimmer cap has increased significantly to 500,000. This change is in response to player requests for a more flexible currency system to accommodate the cost of in-game activities and reduce the need for strict resource management. The increased Glimmer cap provides players with more freedom to earn and spend Glimmer, making the Destiny 2 experience smoother and more enjoyable.

How Will Your Game Play Change?

The Glimmer cap in Destiny 2 is getting bigger! Bungie is finally giving players what they want: the chance to hold more of the essential in-game currency. As of January 30, the Glimmer cap will double to 500,000. Let’s explore what that means for you.

What is Glimmer Used For?

Glimmer serves as Destiny 2’s primary currency. It’s your go-to for many essential actions in the game:

  • Purchasing bounties: You’ll need Glimmer to pick up bounties from various vendors.
  • Upgrading Weapons and Armor: Upgrading that awesome new gear? You’ll need Glimmer for the process.
  • Focusing Engrams: Want to shape your loot drops? Glimmer is crucial for focusing engrams at vendors.
  • Infusing Gear: Glimmer lets you bolster your lower Power level gear by infusing it with higher Power drops.

What You Can Do with More Glimmer

With the increased cap, you’ll have more flexibility and ease when it comes to these core tasks. Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Freer Spending: No more agonizing over each Glimmer purchase; you’ll be able to grab those bounties or upgrade your gear more freely.
  • Less Frequent Spider Visits: Those trips to Spider to convert materials into Glimmer will become less necessary.
  • Crafting and Focusing Frenzy: You’ll be able to indulge in more crafting and engram focusing activities with your newfound Glimmer wealth.

Glimmer Sources – No Change There

Remember, this update only expands your Glimmer storage. How you earn Glimmer will be the same as before. Here’s a refresher on the ways you can stock up on those shiny coins:

Public EventsCompleting public events often rewards Glimmer.
Strikes, Crucible, GambitParticipate in these activities for Glimmer rewards
PatrolsComplete patrol missions for Glimmer.
Resource ExtractionDismantling weapons, armor, and shaders can give you Glimmer.
BountiesSome bounties offer Glimmer as rewards.

Key Takeaways

  • Glimmer is crucial for gameplay progression and has been capped at 250,000 until recent updates.
  • Update 7.3.4 doubles the Glimmer cap to 500,000, improving players’ experience with in-game economics.
  • The new cap allows for more flexibility in earning and spending Glimmer, reflecting Bungie’s responsiveness to player feedback.

Understanding Glimmer and Its Role in Destiny 2

Glimmer serves as the backbone of the in-game economy in Destiny 2, used for various transactions and gameplay enhancements. This section will explore the basic function of Glimmer and how recent updates have evolved its usage cap.

The Basics of Glimmer as Currency

Glimmer is the primary form of currency in Destiny 2, a shared-world shooter developed by Bungie. Players use Glimmer to acquire new gear, weapons, and armor, and to fund other in-game activities such as applying mods, purchasing bounties, and infusing items to boost their power level. As a versatile resource, it’s also used to interact with vendors and for trade.

Glimmer Cap: Past, Present, and the Increases

Historically, Destiny 2 capped Glimmer at 250,000, which players frequently reached, particularly before the cap increase was implemented. The cap was a limit set on how much Glimmer a player could hold at any one time. In earlier updates, players often hit this ceiling, which could prevent them from optimally using their resources.

With update 7.3.4, however, Bungie doubled the Glimmer cap to 500,000, allowing players more flexibility in managing their in-game finances. This change reflects Bungie’s ongoing efforts to refine the game’s economy and enhance player experience. A higher Glimmer cap means players can engage in more transactions before needing to spend or convert their Glimmer into other resources.

Maximizing Your Glimmer Earnings and Usage

In Destiny 2, managing your Glimmer effectively can significantly improve your gameplay experience. This section will guide you through earning Glimmer efficiently, making smart purchases, and leveraging items to optimize your Glimmer reserves.

Efficient Methods for Glimmer Farming

Earning Glimmer in Destiny 2 involves engaging in various activities, with some methods being more effective than others. Bounties are a reliable source, as they often reward substantial amounts of Glimmer upon completion. To maximize your earnings:

  • Focus on completing daily and weekly bounties from different vendors.
  • Participate in public events and high-value target patrols, which offer quick Glimmer gains.
  • Utilize Glimmer-boosting items like the Rainmaker consumable, which can be activated to increase Glimmer drops for a limited time.

Spending Glimmer Wisely: Items and Upgrades

Spending your Glimmer wisely can greatly influence your character progression and customization. Consider saving Glimmer for crucial in-game expenditures such as:

  • Upgrading gear or applying mods to improve the performance of your equipment.
  • Purchasing planetary materials or legendary shards, which are needed for various exchanges and enhancements.
  • Investing in your Ghost, as certain Ghost mods can lead to better loot or experience gains.

Glimmer-Related Items and Tools

Destiny 2 features items and tools designed to help manage your Glimmer. A sound understanding of these assets enables more efficient resource management:

  • Glimmer boosts from Ghost mods can increase Glimmer earnings from activities.
  • Dismantling unused gear gives you Glimmer, as well as equipment materials which are beneficial for future upgrades.
  • Store excess loot in your vault to dismantle for Glimmer if you hit the cap, preventing waste of potential resources.
  • Always keep an eye on the Glimmer cap, to ensure you’re not losing out on potential Glimmer. After the 7.3.4 update, players can now hold up to 500,000 Glimmer.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is dedicated to answering common queries about the Glimmer cap in Destiny 2, including ways to maximize Glimmer earnings and what to do when reaching the cap.

How can I maximize my glimmer earnings in Destiny 2?

To get the most out of your Glimmer earnings, you should equip items that boost Glimmer acquisition, such as Ghost shells with Glimmer-scavenging perks. Additionally, always be on the lookout for Glimmer-generating bounties from vendors.

What are the best activities to farm for glimmer in Destiny 2?

Public Events and Heroic Adventures offer a substantial amount of Glimmer upon completion. Consistently playing these activities is one of the more reliable ways to farm for Glimmer.

Has the glimmer cap been raised with the latest update in Destiny 2?

Yes, the Glimmer cap in Destiny 2 was increased to 500,000 following the 7.3.4 update that went live on January 30, 2024.

What can players do when reaching the maximum glimmer capacity in Destiny 2?

When you hit the Glimmer cap, it’s a good idea to spend Glimmer on purchasing resources from the Spider in the Tangled Shore, or invest in items like Raid Banners that can prove useful later.

Are there any items or buffs that increase glimmer gains in Destiny 2?

Certain Ghost shells can be equipped with Glimmer-boosting mods that increase the amount of Glimmer you earn. Also, consumables like Rainmaker can temporarily boost your Glimmer gains.

What are the most effective ways to spend glimmer in Destiny 2?

Glimmer is commonly used for purchasing bounties, upgrading gear, and buying materials. It’s wise to keep a buffer of Glimmer for these activities but also think about stocking up on items like Mods from Banshee-44 to stay prepared.

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