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Chapter 7 of “Deliver Us Mars” provides players with a blend of challenging puzzles and narrative progressions. As gamers assume the role of Kathy Johanson, they will venture deeper into the intriguing story that unfolds on the red planet. The chapter presents a variety of tasks that require problem-solving skills and attention to detail, offering a rich gaming experience for both newcomers and veterans of the series.

The journey through this chapter involves not only finding the right path but also discovering collectibles and mastering the main quests presented. Players will interact with other characters, align equipment, and navigate through various environmental obstacles, all of which add layers of immersion to the gameplay. Whether you aim to complete the chapter thoroughly or simply progress through the story, a good walkthrough can be invaluable.

Here’s a comprehensive guide for “Like Animals,” Chapter 7 of Deliver Us Mars, including tips, walkthrough segments, and insights into the chapter’s significance:

Chapter 7: Like Animals – Overview

In Deliver Us Mars, this particular chapter represents a crucial turning point in the narrative. Kathy, along with her fellow crewmates, reaches an Outward base on Mars that appears to be empty. However, they soon stumble upon a scene of utter chaos. A violent conflict between different members of the Outward team has resulted in a tragic aftermath.

Key Themes

  • Desperation and the Cost of Survival: “Like Animals” emphasizes the desperation of people pushed to their limits by isolation and dwindling resources. It reveals the brutal lengths some will go to in the name of survival.
  • Internal Conflict within Outward: The chapter highlights internal divisions and power struggles within Outward, shattering the illusion of a unified group working toward a common goal.
  • Kathy’s Conflicting Loyalties: Kathy learns more about her father, Isaac, a key figure in Outward. This knowledge creates a conflict between her mission objectives and her personal feelings towards her past.

Walkthrough Highlights

  • Investigating the Habitas: Explore the Habitas crew quarters, examining clues and piecing together the events that led to the disturbing scene. Pay close attention to holograms and environmental details.
  • Decrypting Holograms: Use AYLA to decrypt key holograms, revealing crucial conversations and recordings that shed light on the tense circumstances leading up to Outward’s internal conflict.
  • MPT Puzzle: You’ll encounter a puzzle involving MPT equipment. Carefully position emitters and splitters to reroute power and open locked doors.

Tips and Tricks

  • Take Your Time: “Like Animals” is a heavily story-driven chapter. Don’t rush through the investigation; examine everything for a better understanding of events.
  • Listen Carefully to Holograms: The holograms provide crucial insights into the mindset of the Outward members and the motivations behind their actions.
  • MPT Puzzle Solution: If stuck on the MPT puzzle, remember that sometimes you need to move splitters to allow the beam through, not just move the emitter.

Significance to the Story

Chapter 7 reveals the cracks in Outward’s foundation, illustrating the potential for humanity to turn on itself when driven by desperation. It also highlights the internal turmoil Kathy experiences as she uncovers more about her father’s complex past and his role within Outward.

Key Takeaways

  • Chapter 7 of “Deliver Us Mars” is rich with puzzles and narrative progression.
  • A successful playthrough involves interacting with characters, aligning equipment, and collecting items.
  • Walkthrough guides contribute significantly to efficiently navigating challenges and quests.

Overview of Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of Deliver Us Mars, titled “Like Animals,” proves to be captivating for players. This chapter is a mix of storytelling and problem-solving, striking a balance between narrative progression and interactive gameplay. As players proceed, they will engage with an important puzzle, which involves adeptly using the Mars Power Transmitter (MPT) equipment to gain access through locked doors.

Within Chapter 7, players must track down collectibles and resolve challenges using the game’s helper robot, ASE. Guiding ASE skillfully is crucial to overcoming the obstacles presented in this part of the game. The collectibles in this chapter enrich the background story and reveal deeper lore. Spotting and acquiring them is not only fulfilling but also adds to the players’ understanding of the game’s universe.

Unraveling Chapter 7’s puzzle requires careful attention to the game’s mechanics. It is key to handle and position power reducers correctly, which is essential to advance through the chapter. Matching wits with the game here provides a sense of achievement.

New and experienced gamers alike will find this guide helpful in navigating through the challenges of Deliver Us Mars Chapter 7. The guide equips players with insights to maneuver through the chapter with greater ease, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. It avoids unnecessary complexity, giving just the right amount of information to keep gamers engaged and progressing.

Starting Point: Arriving on Mars

After a gripping journey through space, she arrives on Mars in the video game “Deliver Us Mars”. The ship sets down on the dusty red surface, marking the beginning of a new chapter not only for the protagonist, Kat, but also for players seeking adventure.

Initial Steps:

  • Kat exits the spacecraft to explore the Martian landscape.
  • The vast, quiet surroundings of Mars present a sharp contrast to the bustling activity on a spaceship.
  • The goal here is to find the MPT equipment that is necessary to progress through the story.


  • Carefully navigate the Martian terrain.
  • Ryan, another pivotal character, may provide guidance.
  • Watch for the game’s cues and visual landmarks to find the right path.

Getting Ready:

  • Assess your equipment inventory.
  • Position items and tools that will be needed shortly for easy access.

This is just the start. The whole chapter unfolds more intriguing tasks and challenges as Kat makes crucial decisions on this desolate planet. Be ready to put your problem-solving skills to the test, and keep your eyes open for collectibles that could be hiding in plain sight or tucked away in a corner. Remember, your actions on Mars will shape the journey that lies ahead.

Use the in-game guide if you require additional support while navigating and exploring. Welcome to Mars and good luck on your mission!

Character Interactions

In Deliver Us Mars Chapter 7, crucial developments occur through interactions with the key characters, Ryan and Ayla, each bringing pivotal moments to the narrative.

Interact with Ryan

During this chapter, players engage with Ryan’s character deeply. They find him engaged in critical tasks aboard the ARK, and they must work alongside him to progress. The interaction is straightforward:

  • Conversation: Players have dialogue choices with Ryan, impacting the emotional tone but not the overarching storyline.
  • Puzzle Assistance: Ryan provides clues for puzzle-solving, guiding players through complex challenges.

Encounters with Ayla

Ayla’s presence in Chapter 7 is equally significant. Interactions with Ayla are more about understanding her backstory and motivations, which are crucial to the plot:

  • Story Reveals: Dialogue with Ayla uncovers past events that are central to the unfolding story.
  • Emotional Depth: These exchanges add layers to Ayla’s character, making her more relatable and integral to the player’s experience.

While the section primarily focuses on Ryan and Ayla, characters like Kat, Sarah, and Claire also appear, but to a lesser extent. They contribute to the story’s context and help move the plot forward during encounters with the primary characters.

Main Quests of the Chapter

Chapter 7 of “Deliver Us Mars” presents unique challenges as players progress through the story. This section breaks down the primary objectives found in the chapter’s two main quests.

Reaching the Ark Habitas

The Ark’s living quarters, known as the Ark Habitas, serve as the backdrop for this segment. Players must navigate through various obstacles to gain access to this crucial area. The puzzle here focuses on utilizing MPT equipment to unlock doors, enabling passage into the sleeping quarters.

  1. Find MPT Equipment: Look for equipment needed to solve the door puzzle.
  2. Puzzle Solution: Use the MPT equipment to unlock the doors to the habitas.

Decrypting the Main Computer

Once inside the lab, the goal shifts to decrypting data from the main computer. This is a pivotal point that moves the narrative forward by revealing critical plot information.

  1. Lab Location: Identify and reach the lab housing the main computer.
  2. Decryption Process: Figure out the correct method to decrypt the computer’s data.

Key Puzzles and Challenges

In this section, we’ll take a look at the key puzzles and challenges found in Chapter 7 of “Deliver Us Mars”. From tackling elevator conundrums to bridging gaps and making the most of splitters, we’ll guide you through the solutions.

Solving Elevator Puzzles

The elevator puzzles in this chapter require moving electrical blocks to power mechanisms. You’ll encounter a stockpile of blocks that need to be arranged correctly to activate the elevator. It’s crucial to place electrical blocks in the proper configuration because they provide the energy needed to get the elevator moving.

Navigating the Bridge

Crossing the bridge entails a bit more than walking over. A mix of timing and careful placement is key. The bridge sequence involves using holograms as a guide to safe passage. Pay attention to when the holograms flicker; it helps determine the timing and pattern required to cross.

Working with Splitters

The final hurdle involves lasers and splitters. You’ll need to aim a laser at different splitters so as to redirect multiple beams of light concurrently. Redirecting the beams correctly will unlock areas and provide access to new paths as the chapter progresses. It’s like a game of reflection where every move counts.

Collectables and Achievements

In Chapter 7 of Deliver Us Mars, players have the opportunity to collect important items while progressing through the story. Not only do these collectables enrich the gameplay experience, but they also contribute to unlocking certain achievements. Below are the essential locations and tips for completing your collectables and achievement list in this chapter.

Comic Book Locations

Chapter 7 holds key collectables for avid explorers, including the coveted Marsman Issue #5. To grab this comic book:

  • Location: Keep an eye out for a Housing Project Signup Station during your playthrough. The comic book is located nearby.

Finding these comic books not only adds to your collection but also provides deeper insight into the game’s lore.

Achievement Guide

Earning achievements in Chapter 7 is tied closely to finding collectables. To ensure you don’t miss out:

  • Achievement 1: “Historian” – Collect all comics in the chapter. Use the comic book locations as your guide.
  • Achievement 2: “Curator” – Discover all the items in the makeshift museum area.

Make sure to thoroughly explore your surroundings as the achievements reflect your dedication to uncovering all that Chapter 7 has to offer. Enjoy the search and the satisfaction of a job well done as you piece together the history and story of Deliver Us Mars.

Exploration Zones

Chapter 7 of Deliver Us Mars has players navigate through various areas, each with their own challenges and discovery points. Here, we break down the zones you’ll encounter on your space-faring journey.

Ark and the Lab

In the Ark, you engage with advanced technology amidst the remnants of a grand endeavor. Navigate through the lab where critical research took place. It’s vital to pay close attention to your surroundings to find clues that will help you advance.

Survivor Housing Project

The housing project serves as a sign-up station and a former habitat for Ark’s inhabitants. As you walk through, look out for any left-behind items that can provide insights into the lives of the people who once called this place home.

MPT Control Center

The heart of the energy distribution lies within the MPT Control Center. Crucial to Mars’ operations, this area requires astute problem-solving skills to interact with the equipment and restore functions that are vital for your progression in the game.

Troubleshooting Tips

When tackling Chapter 7 of Deliver Us Mars, players may find themselves stumped by some challenging puzzles. To keep the experience smooth, here are a few tips to guide you through without hitting a snag.

Puzzles: If a puzzle has you puzzled, take a step back. Look at it from a different angle and try to identify patterns or clues in the environment. Usually, the game guides you subtly through holograms or the layout of the room itself.

  • Holograms: If they seem unresponsive, make sure you’re standing at the correct activation point. These can often provide hints or necessary steps for your progress.
  • Electrical Blocks: Sometimes blocks won’t budge. It’s important to check if there’s a power source you need to activate first or a switch you may have overlooked.
  • Decrypt: Can’t decrypt? It may seem like you’re missing something. But it’s often a matter of aligning the elements just right. Rotate the pieces until they click into place.

If a particular section is stubborn, remember these basic steps:

  1. Save and Restart: Sometimes, a simple game restart can solve many issues.
  2. Step-by-Step: Follow the guide steadily, don’t rush. Each action can change the scenario.
  3. Observe: Look around for in-game cues; subtle details might provide the solutions.
  4. Experimentation: It’s okay to try different approaches. Games often encourage creative problem-solving.

Playing Deliver Us Mars should be fun, so don’t let a tricky section dampen your spirits. Use these tips, and you’ll be advancing in no time.

Narrative Elements

Chapter 7 of “Deliver Us Mars” offers players rich narrative content as they embark on two main story revelations. The unfolding drama grips players as they piece together pivotal past events and face heartfelt family encounters.

Unveiling the Mystery of the Holograms

Players are introduced to the holograms as a key storytelling feature in this chapter. These holograms capture past events and project them, offering Kathy insight into the missions that went awry. As she navigates through the abandoned quarters of the ARK, she encounters these ethereal recordings. Each hologram serves as a puzzle, revealing bits of the story as well as the necessary steps to progress. They offer more than just exposition; they also provide critical clues to the gameplay.

Reunion with Father

The emotional pinnacle of Chapter 7 is Kathy’s reunion with her father. This encounter is not only a major plot point but also a moment of character development for Kathy. She is forced to confront her father, the choices he made, and the impact those choices had on her and her brother, Ryan. It’s a powerful narrative moment that connects the player deeply to Kathy’s personal quest and her struggles with family and duty. This reunion is more than just a conversation; it’s a convergence of past and present, hopes and regrets.

Completion Strategies for Deliver Us Mars: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of Deliver Us Mars presents a mix of narrative progression and engaging puzzles. Players looking to achieve a smooth run should heed these strategies.

To start with, players will need to tackle a key puzzle involving MPT equipment. This requires accessing equipment through locked doors. A good approach is to:

  • Locate all relevant devices before attempting to solve.
  • Understand the sequence of actions, as one correct step will lead to the next.

Managing power reductors is also crucial in this chapter. Methodically place the power reductors in front of the receiver to proceed. Timing with the laser is essential to avoid backtracking.

For collectable hunters, alertness to the environment is key. Check:

  • Corners and hidden spots for collectables.
  • Story clues often hint at possible collectable locations.

Additionally, be mindful of achievements. Genuine exploration without relying on guides can result in unexpected rewards. However, if you’re focused on 100% completion:

  • Follow a collectables guide to ensure you don’t miss any.
  • Track your progress through the game’s menus.

Remember, patience with each puzzle ensures fewer mistakes and a steadier pace. Keep in mind:

  • Don’t rush.
  • Analyze your surroundings.

This chapter’s enjoyable for those who favor story, so immerse yourself in the narrative without losing sight of the strategy. With these tips, Chapter 7 is not just a bridge to the next stage of your Mars adventure, but a fulfilling experience in its own right.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer common questions players have while navigating Chapter 7 of Deliver Us Mars, providing clear and concise guidance.

How can I solve the puzzles in Chapter 7 of Deliver Us Mars?

To solve the puzzles in Chapter 7, players must interact with MPT equipment and make use of the environment. For example, using a laser from locked rooms to access the sleeping quarters requires careful alignment of equipment.

What are the step-by-step instructions for completing Deliver Us Mars Chapter 7 on PS4?

Players should follow the environment’s cues to progress. Initially, aim the laser at the receiver upstairs, then use AYLA to adjust power reductors correctly. This will unlock doors and allow further exploration. Detailed actions change as players move through the chapter.

Is there a guide for the key decision points in Deliver Us Mars Chapter 7?

While there is no single guide for all decisions, it is essential to pay close attention to the narrative and prompts. Each critical decision will generally be accompanied by clear in-game guidance.

How do I navigate the environmental challenges in Chapter 7 of Deliver Us Mars?

Environmental challenges like water navigation or ice climbing require players to cut through obstacles and use equipment, such as spikes, to scale icy surfaces. Strategic movement from one point to another is crucial.

Can you give me tips for the quick-time events in Chapter 7 of Deliver Us Mars?

During quick-time events, watch for prompts and respond rapidly. Precision is key, so ensure your timing and button presses are accurate to succeed in these sequences.

What are the collectibles to look out for in Chapter 7 of Deliver Us Mars?

Players should be on the lookout for collectibles scattered around the ARK. Collectibles are often found in areas just off the main path or in hidden nooks, so exploring thoroughly can be rewarding.