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In the game “Days Gone”, players are challenged to take on hordes of zombies that roam the vast open world. These hordes are large groups of zombies that players need to defeat to progress in the game. The game’s appeal lies in finding and defeating these hordes, which are scattered across the map, making each encounter unique. This guide aims to help gamers find the locations of these hordes and offer a step-by-step approach to defeating them. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the post-apocalyptic roads of “Days Gone”, knowing where to find these hordes can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

Days Gone: Horde Locations

RegionHorde NameGeneral Location/Description
BelknapShadow Lake HordeNorth of Marion Forks, near a Nero checkpoint. Horde resides inside a cave.
BelknapMarion Forks HordeNortheast of Marion Forks, be careful of an Infestation Zone in the area.
BelknapBelknap Crater HordeInside the large, central crater in the region.
BelknapLava Arch HordeSouth of Marion Forks and east of Hot Springs camp.
BelknapTwin Craters HordeIn the smaller crater directly west of the Belknap Crater.
BelknapBear Creek Hot Springs HordeNorthwest of Hot Springs camp and Tucker’s camp.
BelknapPatjens Lakes HordeNortheast of Hot Springs, in the vicinity of one of the Nero Research Sites.
Lost LakeRiver Flow Farms HordeNorth of Iron Mike’s Farm, inside a cave.
Lost LakeSherman’s Camp HordeWest of Iron Mike’s Farm.
Lost LakeMetolius Lava Cave HordeNorth of Lost Lake Encampment, inside a large lava cave.
Lost LakeWestfir HordeNorthwest of the lake by Rikki’s camp.
Lost LakeWapinitia Road HordeNorth of Berley Lake Ambush Camp.
Lost LakeBerley Lake HordeWithin the vicinity of Berley Lake and the Berley Lake Ambush Camp.
CascadeGrotto Caves HordeWest of the Old Pioneer Cemetery Nero Checkpoint, just north of the car park.
CascadeProxy Falls HordeOver the stone bridge south of Horse Creek Ambush Camp. The Horde is inside a cave.
CascadeHorse Lake HordeEast of the Horse Creek Ambush Camp, near the lake.
CascadeO’Leary Mountain HordeDirectly north of the safehouse where Boozer stays in the first part of the game.
CascadeLittle Bear Lake HordeNorth of Copeland’s camp (in the second part of the game).
Highway 97Multiple HordesThroughout the Highway 97 region, there are various roaming Hordes. These can be encountered at different locations in the open world.
Crater LakeRimview Ranch HordeNortheast of Crater Lake, inside a cave.
Crater LakeMt. Bailey HordeIn a cave on the northwest side of Crater Lake.
Crater LakeMcleod Ridge HordeNortheast of Diamond Lake camp, in the snowy region.


  • Check Nero Checkpoints: Many Hordes are located near Nero Checkpoints on the map.
  • Day vs Night: Some Hordes sleep in caves during the day and emerge at night.

Key Takeaways

  • Horde Locations Are Key: Discovering horde locations in “Days Gone” significantly enhances gameplay by offering strategic advantages and rewards. Understanding their patterns and preferred habitats, such as caves or old sawmills, allows for better planning and engagement strategies.
  • Preparation and Strategy: Defeating hordes requires meticulous preparation and a strategic approach, including scouting the terrain, crafting explosives, and employing stealth tactics. Utilizing the environment and choosing the right time to attack can turn the tide in the player’s favor.
  • Rewards and Progression: Successfully eliminating hordes not only clears areas of the map for safer exploration but also grants players valuable experience points and rare items. These benefits are crucial for leveling up, improving gear, and enhancing the overall gameplay experience.
  • Engagement Techniques: Engaging hordes effectively entails leveraging weapons and traps for maximum impact, conserving ammunition, and exploiting character skills and gear upgrades. Stealth and timing, as well as taking advantage of community insights, are also pivotal for victory.
  • Environmental Awareness: Paying attention to the environment and signs of horde activity, such as distinct noises or visual indicators like dead animals, aids in locating hordes. The game’s day-night cycle influences horde behavior, making understanding these patterns essential for planning encounters.

Understanding Hordes in Days Gone

In “Days Gone,” hordes represent one of the game’s biggest challenges. They consist of up to 500 fast-moving zombies, known as Freakers, that roam the open world. Players need strategies and patience to tackle these massive groups.

The game scatters hordes across the map, each located in different environments. This means players can find them in forests, near landmarks, or lurking in shadowy caves. Recognizing the patterns and movements of hordes is crucial for planning an attack or avoiding an unwanted confrontation.

Weapons play a significant role in defeating hordes. High-powered firearms, explosives, and traps can turn the tide of battle. However, ammunition and resources are limited, making it important to use them wisely. Stealth and strategy often outperform brute force.

“Days Gone” rewards players for eliminating hordes, offering experience points and items that are difficult to find elsewhere. These rewards can enhance the player’s abilities and equipment, making future encounters more manageable.

Navigating the post-apocalyptic world, understanding horde behavior, and utilizing the environment are key components for survival. By preparing diligently and approaching each horde with a plan, players can overcome these daunting foes and further their journey in the game.

Benefits of Defeating Hordes

Defeating hordes in “Days Gone” isn’t just about survival. It also offers significant rewards that can enhance the player’s journey. Every time players wipe out a horde, they earn valuable experience points. These points are essential for leveling up. Higher levels unlock new skills and abilities. This means players can handle tougher challenges as they progress through the game.

Besides experience points, taking down hordes also provides players with rare items. These items can be hard to find elsewhere in the game world. They often include parts for upgrading bikes and weapons. With better equipment, players can move faster, hit harder, and take on even bigger hordes.

Another key benefit is the sense of accomplishment. Clearing a horde area makes that part of the map safer to explore. Players can find more supplies, complete side missions, and enjoy the story without constantly looking over their shoulder.

Hordes are not random. They hang out in specific locations like caves, train yards, and old sawmills. Learning where these are helps players prepare. They can gather resources, craft traps, and plan their attack. Success requires strategy and patience.

Players should also pay attention to their surroundings. The environment can be a huge advantage. They can use it to funnel zombies into tight spaces or set up explosive traps. Each horde cleared is a step toward mastering the art of survival in “Days Gone”‘s unforgiving world.

Tips for Locating Hordes

Finding hordes in “Days Gone” can be tricky but rewarding. Players need to keep a few strategies in mind while hunting these massive groups of freakers.

First, time of day matters. Hordes usually hide in caves or abandoned buildings during daylight. At night, they roam the open world. Check their daytime hideouts or follow them as they move at dusk.

Second, listen for the distinct sounds of a horde. The noise of numerous freakers moving together or the low, guttural growls can guide players to their location. Sound is a player’s best hint before a horde comes into view.

Third, look for tell-tale signs in the environment. Dead animals, a large number of birds circling, or abandoned campsites can indicate a horde’s nearby presence. These signs can lead players directly to a horde or their daytime resting place.

Moreover, exploring the game world is essential. Some hordes don’t have a fixed location and can appear unexpectedly in different areas. Being on constant alert while traveling through the game can help players stumble upon hordes more frequently.

Lastly, leverage the game’s map and community tips. The map marks general areas where hordes can be found after players have encountered them. Online forums and guides are treasure troves of information on horde locations, offering specific coordinates and best practices for engaging them.

Remember, defeating hordes is a significant accomplishment in “Days Gone”. It requires preparation, patience, and skill. With these tips, players can improve their chances of locating and taking down these formidable groups of enemies, making their journey through the game a bit easier and more rewarding.

Strategies for Taking Down Hordes

When tackling the hordes in “Days Gone,” players must embrace smart strategies over raw firepower. Preparation and patience are key. Before engaging, scouting the area for escape routes and environmental hazards can turn the tide of battle. They should look for explosive barrels, narrow passages, and high vantage points to exploit.

Crafting is crucial. Bombs, traps, and molotovs are effective in thinning out the horde. Stocking up on these items before a fight ensures players aren’t caught off guard. Ammo conservation during the encounter is also vital. Players should aim for maximum damage with minimal waste.

Stealth plays a pivotal role. Starting with a silent approach can give players the upper hand. They can eliminate stragglers quietly, reducing the horde’s numbers before the chaos starts. Once detected, though, careful movement and use of distractions can help manage the horde’s flow, making them easier to handle in smaller groups.

Characters’ skills and gear matter. Upgrading stamina and health increases survival chances. Prioritizing skills that enhance melee combat, marksmanship, and crafting are beneficial. Equipping the best gear available, like armor and weapons, provides an advantage.

Timing attacks is essential. Engaging a horde at night, when they’re most active, is more dangerous than during the day when some may be resting. Observing and choosing the right moment to strike can make a significant difference.

Collaborating with the game’s community for insights and strategies enhances the chances of success. Fellow players often share their experiences and tips, which can reveal effective tactics and new ideas for taking down hordes.


Mastering the art of taking down hordes in “Days Gone” is no small feat. It requires a blend of strategy, preparation, and the right mindset. By leveraging the environment, crafting essential items, and choosing the perfect moment to strike, players can tip the scales in their favor. Remember, patience and stealth are your allies in these intense encounters. Engaging with the community for additional tips and strategies can also provide a significant advantage. With these insights, players are well-equipped to face any horde that stands in their way, turning daunting challenges into thrilling victories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key strategies for taking down hordes in “Days Gone”?

The key strategies include scouting for escape routes, utilizing environmental hazards, crafting explosives, conserving ammunition, employing stealth tactics, timely character upgrades, and coordinating attacks for efficient horde management.

How important is preparation in dealing with hordes in “Days Gone”?

Preparation is crucial for success against hordes in “Days Gone.” It involves scouting the area, planning escape routes, and ensuring you have sufficient resources like explosives and ammo to stand a chance against the sheer number of enemies.

Can stealth tactics be effective against hordes in “Days Gone”?

Yes, stealth tactics play a significant role in managing hordes. They allow for setting up traps, assessing situations, and executing plans without immediately alerting the entire horde, granting players a tactical advantage.

Why is conserving ammo important in “Days Gone”?

Conserving ammo is vital as it ensures you have enough firepower when facing hordes. It encourages the use of environmental hazards and crafting explosives as alternative methods of dealing with enemies efficiently.

How can the “Days Gone” community help in defeating hordes?

Collaborating with the “Days Gone” community can provide players with valuable insights, strategies, and tips. Sharing experiences and tactics can help in understanding different approaches to effectively take down hordes.

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