Repurpose Old Tablet
Repurpose Old Tablet

If you have an old tablet collecting dust and don’t want to recycle it just yet, consider repurposing so that you can get some usage & value from it. There are so many things you can do with an old iPad or Android tablet that are clever, unique, and might change your life for the better. So take that forgotten gadget and transform it into a functional tool or source of entertainment.

From Obsolete to Outstanding Old tablets might seem out of date compared to today’s flashy models, but they still house plenty of potential. Instead of discarding or leaving them unused, why not repurpose and derive new value? Here’s how to turn your old tablet into a gadget of gold.

Brilliant Ideas to Repurpose Your Old Tablet:

  1. Digital Photo Frame: Convert your tablet into a dynamic digital photo frame. Use slideshow apps, upload your favorite memories, and let them play on loop. Add a stand, and you’ve got a modern display for your home.
  2. Dedicated E-Reader: Why buy an e-reader when your tablet can play the part? Load up e-books, comics, or magazines and dedicate your tablet to reading.
  3. Home Automation Hub: Use your old tablet as a central control panel for smart home devices. Mount it on a wall and manage lights, thermostats, cameras, or music, all from one spot.
  4. Kitchen Companion: Tablets can be your digital cookbook. Load it with recipes, cooking videos, and timers. Get a protective case to keep it safe from spills.
  5. Artistic Canvas: With the right apps, tablets can become a drawing pad. Try out digital painting or sketching, even if you’re a beginner.
  6. Kids’ Learning Tool: Reset the tablet and load it with educational apps, e-books, and games. It’s a cost-effective way to introduce kids to technology.
  7. Dedicated Media Controller: Use it as a dedicated remote for your music systems, streaming devices, or smart TVs.
  8. Alarm Clock & Nightstand: With a suitable stand, your tablet can function as a customizable alarm clock. Bonus: it can display weather and news headlines!
  9. Backup Storage: Convert your tablet into an emergency backup storage device for important files, photos, and documents.
  10. Surveillance / Baby Monitor: A tablet in almost any condition will be the perfect tool for streaming live video from a web browser or app. And most surveillance systems or baby monitor systems allow for either web-based or app based viewing. When you combine those two things, your tablet basically becomes a wireless monitor for you to view whatever cameras or webcams you wish to tap in to.

Precautionary Steps Before Repurposing

  • Factory Reset: Clear all personal data by performing a factory reset. This ensures privacy and offers a fresh start for the tablet.
  • Software Updates: Check for any software updates. While it might not run the latest OS, updates can offer improved security and performance.
  • Get Necessary Accessories: Consider buying protective cases, stands, or styluses to enhance the tablet’s new function.


  • Can old tablets handle new apps? While they might not support the latest apps, many older versions or alternative lightweight apps can still run smoothly on older tablets. The biggest issues you may run into would be related to END OF LIFE procedures (like no longer being able to access the Apple App store or Google Play store based on the operating system you’re running). In cases like this see if there’s a web-based workaround.
  • What if the battery life on my old tablet is weak? For uses like a digital photo frame or a home automation hub where the tablet can remain plugged in, battery life won’t be an issue.
  • Can I repurpose a tablet with a broken screen? Yes, but consider its use. For example, using it as a media controller or backup storage would be fine, but it wouldn’t be suitable as a kids’ learning tool.

Conclusion: Old Tablet, New Tricks An old tablet is far from obsolete. With creativity and purpose, you can breathe new life into it, making it functional, entertaining, and valuable once more.

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