Content Warning Game
Content Warning Game

Landfall celebrated April Fools’ Day by releasing “Content Warning,” a new horror video game on Steam, which went viral. Players venture into a forbidden world, film spooky videos for SpookTube, and face their demise or achieve fame. The game is cooperative and features menacing, physics-based monsters. It stands out in the horror genre for its innovative gameplay.

The game is designed for cooperative play, which means that players can enjoy a shared and chilling experience with their friends. Before starting the game, players can customize their characters and purchase gear to enhance their gameplay. This social aspect not only enhances the in-game interaction but also encourages community engagement on the gaming platform. Players can share their experiences and strategies for capturing the most terrifying footage and making it go viral.

“Content Warning” offers cooperative gameplay for up to four players, who can navigate through eerie environments, encounter creepy creatures and cursed relics. With an ASCII face customizer and in-game voice chat, players can personalize their experience as they venture into The Old World. The game’s blend of horror, exploration, and humor offers a fresh take on cooperative gaming and makes it a must-try for those looking to add a thrilling title to their Steam library.

Key Points About Content Warning:

  • Free-to-Play on April 1st, then $7.99: It’s a limited-time freebie to generate interest before its slightly unusual release strategy.
  • Meta-Narrative: Content Warning is a horror game where you play with a group of friends to create spooky videos for your in-game SpookTube channel.
  • Unique Gameplay: It features a diving bell mechanic to explore a cursed ‘Old World’ where you encounter strange, physics-based monsters and relics.
  • Cooperative Focus: The game is designed to be played cooperatively, with players responsible for filming each other’s scary experiences.
  • Developer: Content Warning is developed by Landfall Games, known for quirky and playful physics-based titles like Stick Fight: The Game and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


Content Warning has been generating buzz due to its unusual premise and the reputation of Landfall Games. Early previews have been mostly positive, noting its unique horror concept and potential for chaotic fun with friends.

Important to Note:

  • Accessibility Warnings: As the title suggests, the game is expected to contain potentially disturbing or frightening content.
  • Early Release: It’s likely that Content Warning will have some bugs and rough edges initially, as is common with early releases.

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Key Takeaways

  • Content Warning: is a horror-comedy video game where up to four players team up to explore a forbidden world for internet fame on SpookTube.
  • Game Features: include an ASCII face customizer, in-game voice chat, and a gameplay loop centered on filming spooky content while balancing exploration with survival.
  • Engaging Co-op Mode: Its cooperative mode emphasizes teamwork, strategy, and quick thinking, enabling players to work together to navigate eerie environments, encounter creepy creatures, and film viral content, making “Content Warning” a must-try for fans of co-op games.
  • Satirical Commentary: Beyond entertainment, “Content Warning” delivers a satirical commentary on the extremes people go to for internet fame, highlighting the game’s depth beyond its gameplay and adding a layer of thought-provoking content.
  • Positive Reception: Since its April Fools’ Day release, “Content Warning” has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its engaging gameplay, cooperative mechanics, and innovative approach to content creation within a game, proving its success and popularity among the Steam community.

Get Famous or Die Trying

“Content Warning” throws players into a daring quest for viral fame. Released on April 1, 2024, by Landfall Publishing, this game merges horror elements with the quest for internet stardom. It’s available on Steam and attracts players with its cooperative gameplay. In this game, up to four players team up to explore a spooky, old world. Their goal is to create videos for a fictional platform called SpookTube.

The game mechanics are simple yet engaging. Players can customize their characters using an ASCII face customizer, enhancing the personal touch. They equip themselves with gear and dive into the depths of the Old World. Here, they face scary monsters, cursed relics, and must film these encounters. The catch is the constant battle against time, oxygen levels, and camera battery life. The game challenges players to balance exploration with survival.

Success in the game translates to SpookTube fame. The more horrifying content players film, the more views they accrue. Views generate ad revenue, allowing players to upgrade their gear for future expeditions. This cycle of filming, surviving, and upgrading is the core loop of “Content Warning.” It offers a unique twist on cooperative gameplay, combining horror with a mock content creation career.

The game has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews since its release. It encourages teamwork, strategy, and quick thinking. Players must make every second count in their quest to capture the next viral video. With support for in-game voice chat, the cooperative experience feels immersive and real. “Content Warning” not only entertains but also satirizes the lengths people will go for internet fame. It’s a must-try for those looking to add an unconventional title to their gaming library.

Game Overview

“Content Warning” by Landfall stands out as a fresh and engaging addition to the gaming world, available now on Steam. With its unique blend of cooperative gameplay, strategic elements, and a satirical take on the quest for internet fame, it’s no wonder the game has garnered positive feedback. Players are thrust into an immersive experience that demands teamwork, resource management, and a keen sense of adventure. Whether you’re navigating the eerie depths for SpookTube content or strategizing with friends for the next big find, “Content Warning” promises an unforgettable journey into the unknown. Dive in and discover what it takes to become an internet sensation in this captivating game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Content Warning” about?

“Content Warning” is a new video game by Landfall where players create spooky videos for SpookTube in a bid for internet fame. It involves a mix of exploration, survival, and strategic gameplay in a cooperative setting for up to four players.

Where can I play “Content Warning”?

You can play “Content Warning” on Steam. It is available for download and supports cooperative gameplay.

How many players can play “Content Warning” together?

Up to four players can play “Content Warning” together in its cooperative gameplay setting, making it a great game for friends looking to team up online.

What do players do in “Content Warning”?

Players in “Content Warning” explore, survive, and film their encounters with monsters and relics. They must manage their time, oxygen levels, and camera battery life while aiming to gain fame and revenue on SpookTube.

Can you upgrade your gear in “Content Warning”?

Yes, success in “Content Warning” leads to SpookTube fame and revenue, which can be used to upgrade gear. This adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay as players decide how best to enhance their equipment.

Is there voice chat in “Content Warning”?

Yes, “Content Warning” offers an in-game voice chat feature. This allows players to communicate and strategize more effectively while playing, enhancing the cooperative gameplay experience.

What makes “Content Warning” unique?

“Content Warning” stands out for its immersive cooperative gameplay that challenges players to balance multiple elements like exploration, survival, and time management. It also features an in-game voice chat and uniquely satirizes the modern pursuit of internet stardom.

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