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Introduction to Goblin Gameplay

In Clash of Clans, the Goblin is a unique troop that brings a distinct dynamic to the game. This small, green creature is known for its exceptional speed and an insatiable appetite for loot. Goblins prioritize resource buildings like Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Storage units, often making them the go-to choice for players aiming to accumulate wealth quickly.

  • Standard Goblin: Quick and nimble, these units zoom towards resource buildings with unmatched velocity. They deal double damage to such targets, making them efficient raiders. However, Goblins are fragile and can be taken out by defensive structures if not protected by tankier troops.
  • Sneaky Goblin: This variant, unlocked at Town Hall level 11 when players get the Super Troop option, is an enhanced version of the traditional Goblin. They start their attack invisible to defenses, allowing them to get to their targets and deliver a few hits without retaliation.
Goblin Type Target Damage Type Favorite Target
Standard Ground Single Resource Buildings
Sneaky Ground Single Resource Buildings

Sneaky Goblins carry an additional layer of strategy, as their initial invisibility can be leveraged to bypass defenses or target key resource structures deep within an enemy’s base. Both types of Goblins are used primarily in farming strategies, where the goal is to collect as many resources as possible.

Players often deploy these green looters in large numbers, taking advantage of their speed and damage bonuses. When used strategically, Goblins can help players rapidly increase their resources, ensuring a steady progression in building their villages and upgrading troops. However, players should shield Goblins from defenses and keep them focused on their tasks for an effective raid.

Goblin Troop Attributes

Goblins in Clash of Clans are notorious for their exceptional ability to loot resources rapidly. Below is an in-depth look at their specific attributes that outline why they excel at their role.

Speed and Movement

Goblins boast the fastest movement speed of any ground unit in the game, making them incredibly efficient at navigating through villages to reach their targets. Their swift legs allow them to dart across the battlefield and focus on scooping up resources with unrivaled haste.

Hitpoints and Damage

Though not the most robust troop, Goblins have enough hitpoints to survive a few blows, which is particularly useful when snatching resources under fire. Their attack speed is quick, and they deal significant damage—especially to resource buildings like Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors.

Housing Space and Training Time

Goblins are light on housing space, requiring only 1 housing space per unit. This makes it viable for players to train large numbers of Goblins in a short amount of time. Their training time is low, contributing to their role as a go-to choice for quick raids aimed at amassing resources.

Strategies for Goblin Usage

Goblins in Clash of Clans serve a unique purpose, focusing on acquiring resources with speed and efficiency. Their role is crucial in both farming resources and supporting offensive strategies.

Farming Tactics

When optimizing Goblins for farming, their ability to deal double damage to resource buildings stands out. They swiftly collect gold, elixir, and dark elixir, making them a staple for resource raiding. To maximize their efficiency:

  1. Identify bases with full collectors and mines.
  2. Deploy Goblins near these targets to quickly amass resources.
  3. Utilize their speed to avoid defenses and snatch resources fast.

Offensive Combinations

Goblins work well when paired with other units. Combining them can strengthen your attack significantly.

  • Break Through: Use Wall Breakers to create paths for Goblins.
  • Supporting Cast: Experiment with fast units like Minions or Dragons to distract defenses.
  • Spell Synergy: Spells such as Jump, Haste, and Rage can enhance Goblins’ abilities to reach and destroy resource buildings within fortified bases.

Resource Targeting

Goblins prioritize resource buildings, but they need protection against defenses that can wipe them out.

  • Defense Dangers: Wizard Towers and Mortars pose threats due to their splash damage.
  • Tactics Against Defenses: Deploy Goblins in waves or use meat shield units like Giants to soak up damage.
  • Timing: Release Goblins after initial threats are neutralized or distracted for safer and more effective looting.

Goblin Upgrades and Levels

In Clash of Clans, Goblins undergo significant improvements as they level up, gaining new attributes and abilities that can turn the tide of a raid, especially when it comes to looting resources.

Laboratory Enhancements

The Goblin troop can be upgraded in the Laboratory once you have the required Town Hall level. Each upgrade enhances the Goblin’s attributes, making them more effective in battle. The upgrade costs and times are decisive factors that players need to consider. Here’s a quick look at the Goblin upgrades from Town Hall 2 and onwards:

  • Town Hall 2: Unlocks Level 1 Goblin
  • Town Hall 3: Upgrade to Level 2 Goblin
  • Town Hall 5: Upgrade to Level 3 Goblin
  • Town Hall 7: Upgrade to Level 4 Goblin

Upgrades at each Town Hall level increase the Goblins’ hit points, damage per second, and training cost.

Super Goblin Ability

When a Goblin becomes a Super Goblin through a Super Troop Boost, it gains a temporary ability that allows it to deal even more destruction. This ability significantly increases its capacity to target and loot resources. To activate the Super Goblin ability, you need to have a level 7 Goblin and meet certain additional requirements, like having enough Dark Elixir and a Town Hall that supports Super Troop activation.

The Super Goblin is larger and has a greater impact on the battlefield, carrying a large sack and moving quickly to take down resource buildings. However, players should note that the Super Troop Boost is temporary and comes with a cooldown period.

Goblin Interaction with Clan Castle

In Clash of Clans, the Clan Castle holds a unique position on the battlefield. It can be a game-changer with defensive troops ready to spring into action when enemy units come close. Goblins, known for their single-minded pursuit of loot, interact with Clan Castles in an interesting way.

Unlike other troops, Goblins have a specific focus: resource buildings. This focus causes them to overlook the Clan Castle troops until all resource buildings are destroyed. Even though they count the Town Hall and Clan Castle as resource structures due to containing loot, they usually bypass these because often these do not offer immediate resources.

When deploying Goblins, players should note the following:

  • Goblins will target Clan Castles after all other resource buildings are down.
  • The presence of defensive troops from a Clan Castle can disrupt the Goblins if they become the closest target.
  • Smart placement of other troops can distract Clan Castle defenders, allowing Goblins to continue their resource raid.

A strategic approach might involve using a tanking unit to draw the Clan Castle troops’ attention, leaving Goblins free to focus on their resource-grabbing spree. Therefore, while planning an attack, it’s important to scout for the location of the Clan Castle to devise a strategy that minimizes its impact on the Goblins’ mission.

Defensive Structures and Goblin Tactics

To successfully navigate and overcome defensive structures in Clash of Clans, a strategic approach with Goblins is essential. Understand the specific challenges and the right tactics to employ Goblins effectively against various defenses.

Walls and Barriers

Goblins face their first challenge in walls and barriers; however, they have a knack for reaching targets quickly. Walls can slow them down, so pairing Goblins with units like Wall Breakers can create clear paths. It is crucial to break through barriers efficiently to allow Goblins to focus on their primary objective: looting resources.

Traps and Bombs

Though Goblins are swift, they are vulnerable to traps such as spring traps and bombs. To mitigate losses, players can send a few Goblins ahead to trigger these hidden dangers. Wise placement of Goblins can avoid spring traps, which catapult them out of the battlefield, and minimize damage from bombs that can significantly reduce their numbers.

Target Building Prioritization

Goblins prioritize resource buildings but they need to be wary of splash-damage defenses like mortars and wizard towers which can take them out with a few hits. To counteract this, Goblins should be deployed after the splash-damage defenses are distracted or destroyed, ensuring their survival as they go for the gold. Using other troops to draw fire away from these defenses can allow Goblins to do what they do best – plunder resources.

Village Layout and Resource Buildings

When planning the layout of a village, the strategic placement of resource buildings is crucial. This not only optimizes resource production but also keeps them safe from attacks, particularly from troops like Goblins that specifically target these precious assets.

Gold and Elixir Storage

Gold Storages and Elixir Storages should be tucked away safely within the walls of your village. It’s advisable to keep them centralized and guarded by a robust defense. This is because they are the primary target for Goblins, who deal double damage to these structures. Surround storages with a mixture of defensive buildings like Wizard Towers and Cannons to fend off attackers.

  • Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors logically, should be placed closer to the outer walls. These mines and collectors can be somewhat vulnerable, but since they hold less resources than storages, it’s a trade-off for better central defense.

Defensive Placement

Proper defensive placement involves creating layers of walls and ensuring that key defenses have a clear line of sight to protect storages. Here’s a practical tip: intersperse Gold Storages and Elixir Storages among defensive structures rather than clumping them together to prevent losing all resources if one section is breached.

  • Centralize your most powerful defenses to keep resource buildings under their protective umbrella. This includes Dark Elixir Drills, since Dark Elixir is a highly valuable resource.
  • Consider the pathing of Goblins, who will bypass other buildings to reach resources. Use this predictability to set traps and direct their movement towards areas heavy with defenses.

By meticulously placing resource buildings and organizing the village layout, one not only maximizes resource gains but also safeguards against any marauding Goblins.

Supporting Troops and Combos

When building your army in Clash of Clans, pairing Goblins with the right support can turn a basic attack into a strategic strike. Goblins are excellent resource looters, but they need the support of other troops to be effective in combat.

Tank and Damage Dealers

Giants serve as the cornerstone for a successful Goblin-led raid. Their ability to absorb a lot of damage allows Goblins to safely target and loot resources.

  • Giants: They act as a frontline, distracting defenses.
  • Wall Breakers: Essential for breaking through defenses, they clear the path for both Giants and Goblins.

Deploy Barbarians as additional meat shields to protect Goblins while they carry out their looting spree.

Specialized Units and Deploy Strategy

Deploying specialized units like Minions can offer air support, picking off targets that are not reachable by ground troops.

  • Heroes: They can target key defenses and support Goblins in looting.
  • Army Camps: Ensure they are well-balanced with tank, damage dealers, and Goblins.

Goblins should be released once defenses are preoccupied, allowing them to slip in and raid resources swiftly. Managing troop deployment is crucial in maximizing the effectiveness of your Goblins.

Spell Synergy with Goblins

Goblins are renowned for their speed and love for loot, making spell support crucial for maximizing their effectiveness. Knowing which spells to pair with them can turn a good raid into a great one.

Offensive Spells

Jump Spell: This spell is a game changer. It enables Goblins to leap over walls and dive straight into the heart of a base. You don’t want these little critters to waste time when there are storages to empty.

  • Haste Spell: Speed matters, and the Haste Spell ensures Goblins move at a breakneck pace. Combine this with their inherent speed to watch resources disappear rapidly.

  • Rage Spell: When Goblins are under the influence of a Rage Spell, their attack speed and damage skyrocket. It’s like a shot of adrenaline that makes them even more formidable at tearing through storages.

Defensive Spells

  • Heal Spell: While Goblins aren’t the sturdiest units, a Heal Spell can help them survive longer, especially under heavy fire. This can be the difference between snagging that last bit of loot or not.

  • Poison Spell: Though it’s often used to slow and weaken defending Clan Castle troops, the Poison Spell can provide Goblins some breathing room by dealing with pesky Skeleton Traps or smaller Clan Castle units trying to thwart their looting spree.

Clash of Clans Game Mechanics

Clash of Clans is a strategic game that revolves around building and upgrading a base, training troops, and attacking other players. The key to progressing effectively in the game is understanding how to manage the Town Hall and navigate the upgrade paths.

Town Hall Considerations

The Town Hall is the heart of a player’s base. As the Town Hall level increases, new features, buildings, and upgrades become available. Each upgrade to the Town Hall unlocks new defenses, expands the village layout, and often introduces additional resource collectors, among other improvements. Here are critical considerations for Town Hall management:

  • Prioritize Town Hall upgrades: Upgrading the Town Hall should be a top priority, as it unlocks new game content.
  • Defend your Town Hall: Placement is crucial; keep it protected within your village to prevent opponents from easily gaining stars in battles.

Upgrading and Expansion

Growth in Clash of Clans hinges on strategic upgrades and expansion. Players need to consider their resources and the time needed for each upgrade, which is where builders come into play. Here’s a brief overview of the upgrading process:

  • Builders are key: They carry out construction and upgrades, so having more builders can accelerate expansion.
  • Smart resource management: Allocate resources to critical upgrades that align with the player’s strategies and current goals.

By methodically considering Town Hall levels and efficiently managing upgrades and builders, players can steadily progress and strengthen their villages.

Heroes and Their Impact

In the engaging world of Clash of Clans, heroes stand as the vanguards of your attacking army. They are the game changers, powerful and unique units with abilities far surpassing the common soldier. They do not perish but are only temporarily defeated, requiring time to regenerate their health.

Barbarian King, the first hero you encounter, is a stalwart warrior with formidable might. He’s a frontline tank, cutting a swathe through enemy defenses with his Iron Fist ability. It’s essential to level up the King, as his increased staying power can turn the tide of battle.

The Grand Warden is a beacon of support for your troops. He can follow air or ground units and has two forms: Eternal Tome and Life Aura. His ability to protect nearby allies with invincibility and boost their health makes him invaluable during an intense clash.

  • Heroes At A Glance:
    • Barbarian King: Frontline tank with Iron Fist ability.
    • Grand Warden: Ally protection with Eternal Tome and passive Life Aura.

When heroes lead your assault, consider their positioning and support. They’re not mere brutes; each has strategic potential. Spell synergy and backup troops can amplify their impact. For instance, a well-placed Healing Spell can prolong the Barbarian King’s rampage, while the timing of the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome can shield your army from the worst defenses.

In summary, heroes are pivotal figures in game strategy. Mastery of their use can secure victory, elevate your raiding efficiency, and enhance your defensive prowess. Remember to safeguard your heroes as they heal, for their return to the battlefield is always anticipated with eagerness by any Clash of Clans aficionado.

Siege Machines and Advanced Raids

In the engaging world of Clash of Clans, mastery of Siege Machines signals a player’s rise to advanced raiding techniques. Their strategic deployment reshapes the battlefield and can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Battle Blimp Tactics

A key player in the air assault category, the Battle Blimp swiftly bypasses ground defenses, stealthily delivering its payload deep into enemy territory. Players must think ahead and pinpoint optimal drop zones to unleash their aerial advantage. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Target key defenses like Eagle Artillery and Inferno Towers before releasing troops.
  • Accompany the Blimp with air units such as Balloon or Dragon to distract and soak damage.

It is advantageous to fill the Battle Blimp with high-value troops. Utilizing a Golem can provide a sturdy shield for your attacking forces upon deployment, hence its popularity among seasoned players.

Setting the Battlefield

Before the clash begins, setting up the battlefield to one’s advantage is crucial. This means:

  • Clearing out exterior buildings with a few low-cost troops can help direct the main attack force.
  • Launching a Headhunter can be effective at eliminating enemy heroes that would otherwise disrupt your assault.

Using these tactics, players can strategically plan their attack paths and advance through enemy defenses with precision. Proper placement and timing are pivotal for taking full advantage of these advanced techniques, setting the stage for a successful raid.

Single Player Campaign Considerations

When embarking on the Single Player Campaign in Clash of Clans, players face a series of structured challenges against Goblin villages. These levels provide an excellent opportunity for honing raiding strategies without the pressure of real-time PvP combat.

Initial Levels:

  • Ease into Raiding: Newcomers to Clash of Clans can ease into raiding by first tackling Goblin levels. These stages are straightforward and designed to teach the basics.
  • Focus on Strategy: Start with a solid mixture of basic troops to understand the fundamentals of troop placement and timing.

Advanced Stages:

  • Scout and Plan: Scouting becomes crucial as stages increase in difficulty. Inspect the Goblin village layout carefully before launching the attack.
  • Resource Management: Each level requires a measured approach to resource management. Going all in with heavy resources may not be wise when a simpler strategy could suffice.

Key Tactics:

  • Spells and Heroes: Save powerful spells and hero abilities for critical moments, especially in levels with higher complexity.
  • Timing is Vital: Launching troops in waves allows players to guide the battle, targeting defenses sequentially to minimize losses.

In short, the Single Player Campaign in Clash of Clans is a controlled environment where players can polish their raiding skills, experiment with different troop combinations, and develop strategies without the fear of counter-attacks.

Quick Tips:

  • Start with basic units; upgrade as you progress through levels.
  • Keep an eye on your resources, and don’t overspend on a single raid.
  • Use heroes and spells at pivotal moments to turn the tide of battle.

Remember, each Goblin level is a puzzle – approach it with patience, and each victory will be both satisfying and educational.

In-Depth Goblin Discussion

In Clash of Clans, Goblins play a crucial role as resource looters, known for their speed and affinity for treasures.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Resource Looting: Goblins have a unique ability to deal double damage to resource buildings, which includes Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Dark Elixir Drills. This makes them exceptionally good at gathering resources quickly.
  • Speed: With their high movement speed, Goblins can dart across the battlefield, making them less likely to be hit by defenses.


  • Fragile: Goblins have low hitpoints, which makes them vulnerable to area-of-effect defenses like Mortars and Wizard Towers.
  • Target Specific: Their focus on resources can lead to challenges in gaining stars during attacks since they target resource buildings first before defensive structures.

History and Evolution


  • Goblins have been a part of Clash of Clans from the early days, originally introduced as quick units adept at stealing resources.


  • Over time, the Goblin unit has evolved with the introduction of new Town Hall levels and updates. While they have remained consistent in their role, the appearance and capabilities have seen improvements with higher levels and the introduction of new events involving them.

Max Levels of Goblins (based on Town Hall level):

  • TH2: Level 1
  • TH3: Level 2
  • TH5, TH7, TH9, TH10, and TH12 see subsequent level increases up to Level 7
  • No new levels at TH4, TH6, TH11, TH13, and TH14

The Goblin has been a constant in a changing game landscape, retaining its reputation as the go-to troop for farmers seeking to maximize their resource gains while minimizing expenditure, particularly Dark Elixir. As a low-cost option in both training time and resources, it has become a favorite for efficient raiding strategies, such as the “Goblin Knife,” aimed at penetrating bases to reach the core where the Dark Elixir Storage resides.

Enhancing Clans with Goblins

Goblins are not just mischievous little creatures; they are a critical asset in Clash of Clans when it comes to supporting your clan, especially during wars. This section will dive into how they can be leveraged.

Clan Contributions and Wars

Clashdaddy once said, using Goblins wisely can turn the tide of a clan war. These units, with their exceptional speed, are great for gathering resources quickly due to their focus on targeting resource buildings over other structures. Here’s how they can contribute to your clan’s success:

  • Clan Castle Reinforcements:

    • Goblins can be donated to the Clan Castle for defense, creating a surprise element for attackers who might not expect these fast units amidst other defensive troops.
  • Resource Looting:

    • In Clan Wars, quick resource looting can be crucial. Although Goblins are not commonly used in war attacks, smart players can use them in specific scenarios to swiftly remove resource buildings and thus funnel other troops towards valuable targets.
  • Attack Strategies:

    • Widely available guides, including those from Clashdaddy and various YouTube channels, recommend using Goblins for certain attack strategies. These strategies often exploit the Goblins’ ability to sneak past defenses and get to the heart of enemy bases.

By understanding and employing Goblins effectively, clan members can contribute significantly to both the economy of their clans through war looting and by adding an element of surprise in defensive Clan Castle compositions.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses some common inquiries about the role and characters of Goblins in Clash of Clans, including how to unleash their potential and leverage their unique abilities effectively in the game.

What are the names of the characters in Clash of Clans relating to Goblins?

In Clash of Clans, characters related to Goblins include the standard Goblin troop that players use primarily to loot resources. They are also connected to various Goblin-themed events and special units such as the Sneaky Goblin, unlocked later in the game.

How can I unlock the Goblin King character in Clash of Clans?

Currently, there is no character called the Goblin King in Clash of Clans. However, troop characters can be upgraded and utilized in various roles within the game to enhance their effectiveness during battles and resource looting.

What is the function of Goblins in Clash of Clans, and are they an effective troop choice?

Goblins in Clash of Clans are specialized in looting resources. They are exceptionally fast and deal double damage to resource buildings, making them highly effective for raids focused on gathering gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

Can you permanently obtain a Goblin Builder in Clash of Clans?

As of the latest updates, there is no permanent Goblin Builder character in Clash of Clans. Builders in the game are distinct characters responsible for constructing and upgrading buildings.

How do players get access to Sneaky Goblins in the game?

Sneaky Goblins are unlocked by upgrading the Barracks once players reach a certain Town Hall level. These units have the unique ability to turn invisible to defenses for a short time, making them valuable for precise resource targeting.

Who is considered the leader of the Goblins in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans does not specifically designate a leader for the Goblins. Goblins are a collective unit type within the game, each serving their purpose without an appointed leader.

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