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The Barbarian King is a core part of any successful Clash of Clans army. As your first Hero, he can make a significant difference in both attacks and defense.

Hero Spotlight: The Barbarian King

Barbarian King: The Basics

The Barbarian King is a melee hero, meaning he excels in close combat. He boasts high health and decent damage, making him a tanky unit that can withstand a lot of punishment while dishing out his own.

Unlocking and Upgrading the Barbarian King

You can unlock the Barbarian King by building the Barbarian King Altar, which becomes available at Town Hall level 7. It costs 10,000 Dark Elixir to build. Upgrading the King requires Dark Elixir and will increase his stats, making him even more formidable in battle.

Iron Fist Ability

At level 5, the Barbarian King unlocks his special ability, Iron Fist. Activating Iron Fist will:

  • Increase the Barbarian King’s damage and speed.
  • Summon a group of Barbarians to aid him in battle (the number and level of Barbarians summoned depend on the King’s level).
  • Heal the Barbarian King for a portion of his maximum health.

This ability makes the Barbarian King a powerful asset in both offense and defense, as it can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Barbarian King Stats

The following table shows the Barbarian King’s stats at different levels:

LevelDamage per SecondHitpointsIron Fist HealBarbarians Summoned

Barbarian King in Battle

The Barbarian King’s high health and damage make him an excellent tank, able to absorb damage while your other troops focus on dealing damage. His Iron Fist ability can also be used strategically to push through defenses or to defend against an enemy attack.

In offensive battles, you can use the Barbarian King to:

  • Tank for your other troops, allowing them to deal damage safely.
  • Break through walls and defenses with his high damage output.
  • Trigger traps, clearing the way for your other troops.
  • Use his Iron Fist ability to push through defenses or take down key structures.

In defensive battles, the Barbarian King can:

  • Defend your base by attacking enemy troops.
  • Use his Iron Fist ability to summon reinforcements and heal himself.
  • Distract enemy troops, giving your defensive buildings more time to deal damage.

Barbarian King Overview

In Clash of Clans, the Barbarian King is a formidable hero known for his robust health and powerful attacks, bringing a strategic edge to gameplay. Understanding his characteristics helps players utilize him effectively in battles.


Health and Damage: The Barbarian King’s health points are impressive, making him a resilient force on the battlefield. His damage output is significant, allowing him to destroy enemy defenses efficiently.

Dark Elixir: This unique troop is unlocked using Dark Elixir, a valuable resource in the game. It costs 5,000 Dark Elixir to summon the Barbarian King by constructing the Barbarian King Altar at Town Hall level 7.

Movement and Attack Speed: While his movement speed isn’t the swiftest, the Barbarian King compensates with a consistent attack speed, making each encounter with enemy units count.

Role as a Hero: As a hero unit, the Barbarian King serves as a leading assault force or a defender. His role is crucial in both offensive and defensive strategies, shaping how players approach battles.

Utilizing the Barbarian King effectively in Clash of Clans hinges on understanding these core characteristics and what makes him a dynamic addition to any player’s army.

Unlocking and Upgrading

Mastering the Barbarian King is a crucial step for players advancing through Clash of Clans. This section will guide you through unlocking this powerful Hero and enhancing his abilities to bolster your game.

Initial Unlock

To begin your journey with the Barbarian King, you’ll need to reach Town Hall level 7. At this stage, you unlock the ability to build the Barbarian King Altar. The cost for summoning the King is 5,000 Dark Elixir. It’s important to note that once the altar is constructed, the King makes his grand entrance as a level 1 Hero, ready to defend your base or lead your attacks.

Upgrade Progression

As you continue to progress in the game, upgrading the Barbarian King becomes vital. Each level increases his health, damage output, and overall effectiveness in battles. Upgrading requires Dark Elixir, and the amount increases with each level. Here’s a simplified upgrade cost table to give you an idea:

Hero LevelDark Elixir Cost
1 to 512,500 – 25,000
6 to 1030,000 – 50,000
11 to 1565,000 – 85,000

Remember, the higher the Hero level, the more formidable your Barbarian King will be on the battlefield.

Hero Abilities

At level 5, the Barbarian King unlocks his first ability, Iron Fist. This ability temporarily boosts his and nearby Barbarians’ damage and speed, while also summoning additional Barbarians to aid in combat. This skill becomes more potent with each ability level increase, which corresponds directly to the Hero’s level. Upgrading the King also reduces his regeneration time, making him available for battle more frequently. It’s strategic to keep an eye on the ability level, as it’s the key to maximizing his potential.

Strategizing with the Barbarian King

The Barbarian King is a pivotal character in Clash of Clans, serving as a powerful asset both in offense and defense. Mastery of the King’s capabilities can swing battles in your favor.

Battle Tactics

Skillful command of the Barbarian King can be a game changer during attacks. The key strategy involves the Iron Fist ability, which, when activated, empowers not only the King but also summons a group of barbarians to the battlefield. Utilizing this ability strategically can distract enemy defenses and make way for other troops. To maximize impact:

  • Deploy the Barbarian King with timing to ensure that support troops benefit from the distractions he provides.
  • Reserve the Iron Fist for critical moments, such as breaking through fortified enemy walls or when his health dips dangerously low.
  • Surrounding him with troops that target defenses can enhance his longevity and damage output.

Defensive Utilization

On defense, the Barbarian King acts as a guard, patrolling the player’s village and engaging enemies as they encroach. Defensive strategies involving the King include:

  • Positioning the Barbarian King strategically can help in thwarting enemy attacks, especially from ground troops.
  • Managing his recovery time is critical; ensure he is ready and fully healed before enemy raids for optimal defensive contribution.
  • Given his vulnerability to splash-damaging defenses, pair him with appropriate defensive structures to cover this weakness.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Barbarian King is a critical hero in Clash of Clans known for his formidable presence in the game. Here are answers to some common questions about this hero.

How can you upgrade the Barbarian King to its max level at Town Hall 12?

At Town Hall 12, you can upgrade the Barbarian King to level 65. This is done by using Dark Elixir and ensuring you have enough to fund each incremental upgrade, often obtained through raids or Dark Elixir Drills.

What are the costs associated with upgrading the Barbarian King at each level?

The cost to upgrade the Barbarian King varies at each level, starting from 5,000 Dark Elixir initially. As his level increases, the cost escalates significantly, totaling millions of Dark Elixir to reach the highest levels.

At Town Hall 10, what is the maximum level the Barbarian King can reach?

When a player has a Town Hall 10, the Barbarian King can be advanced to level 40. To reach this level, the player must incrementally upgrade the King, with each upgrade requiring more Dark Elixir and time to complete.

What are the benefits of having a Barbarian King in your army composition?

The Barbarian King serves as a powerful tank, absorbing damage and protecting other units. He dishes out significant damage and can target enemy defenses, making him crucial for both defensive and offensive strategies.

What occurs when the Barbarian King is defeated in battle?

Once the Barbarian King is taken down in battle, he must regenerate health before being used again. The regeneration time increases with each level and can be sped up with gems.

What is the absolute highest level the Barbarian King can achieve in the game?

As of the January 2024 update, the highest achievable level for the Barbarian King is level 75, this being attainable at Town Hall 16. Players must invest substantial Dark Elixir and time to reach this apex.

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