When diving into the vibrant universe of Palworld, selecting your “main” Pal can be as personal a decision as choosing a partner in the real world. With a diverse array of Pals, each boasting unique abilities, strengths, and quirks, finding that one companion who complements your playstyle and adventuring spirit can turn a challenging journey into a rewarding odyssey.

Choosing Your Main Pal

There’s no single “best” main Pal in Palworld as the ideal choice depends on your individual playstyle and priorities. However, here’s a list of some favorites:

CategoryPal ChoiceStrengthsWeaknesses
Overall VersatilityJetragonStrong stats, powerful Partner Skill (Aerial Missile), good coverage moves, Dragon element (resists Dark)Requires higher level to capture (40+)
Early Game CarryGrizzboltElectric element (wide type coverage), high Shot Attack stat, reliable early captureLower Defense and HP
Base ManagementAnubisHigh Handiwork skill for fast crafting and building, Level 4 MiningLower combat potential
Farming & TransportationPenking/Watered Down PengulletHigh Stamina and Speed, helpful for watering crops and moving items, Cooler ability for food preservationLower combat potential
Medicine ProductionPetalliaLevel 4 Medicine Production for crafting medicationLower combat potential and capture level (30+)
Combat PowerhouseFrostallionStrong Partner Skill (Ice Storm), high Shot Attack and Speed stats, Ice element (resists Dragon)Lower HP and Defense
Utility & ExplorationBeakonFlying Mount Partner Skill, provides aerial transportationLower combat potential
Style & AestheticsLunarisElegant design, Psychic element (wide type coverage)Lower Physical Attack and HP

Additional notes:

  • This table primarily focuses on “tameable” Pals you can encounter and capture in the game. There are also “legendary” Pals obtained through specific events or purchases that could be considered top choices depending on their unique abilities.
  • Consider checking resources like Palworld wikis or online communities for deeper analysis and comparisons of specific Pals based on your gameplay preferences.

What Makes a Main Pal Stand Out?

Your main Pal is more than just a creature you spend most of your game time with; it’s your battle companion, your ally in exploration, and often, the heart of your Palworld experience. Players often choose their main based on a combination of factors, including the Pal’s abilities, their utility in various game scenarios, and, not infrequently, an emotional connection.

Unique Abilities and Strengths

Each Pal comes equipped with a unique set of abilities and strengths that can significantly impact your gameplay. For some players, the choice of a main Pal hinges on these abilities, selecting companions that offer a strategic advantage in battles or exploration. For instance, a Pal like Nitewing, with its formidable strength and condensed power, becomes an indispensable ally for players prioritizing combat prowess.

Companionship and Emotional Connection

Beyond the battlefield, many players find their main Pal by following their heart. The stories shared on platforms like Reddit highlight how emotional connections, often forged through shared trials and triumphs, play a crucial role in determining a player’s main Pal. Whether it’s the reliability of a slow mount like Malakai the Nitewing or the endearing loyalty of a Foxparks named Boomstick, these bonds often transcend the game’s mechanics, making the choice deeply personal.

Community Favorites: A Snapshot from Palworld Players

The Reddit community r/Palworld offers a window into the varied preferences and experiences of players, illustrating the diversity in choosing a main Pal. From the formidable Beakon, beloved for its steadfastness, to the versatile Katress, chosen for its devastating combat skills, the range of Pals considered as “mains” is as broad as the game itself.

  • Foxparks: A testament to the power of companionship, Foxparks stands out not for its battle prowess but for its role as a steadfast companion, illuminating dark paths and safeguarding its trainer from unseen threats.
  • Direhowl: Praised for its agility and versatility, Direhowl emerges as a favorite for players valuing speed and adaptability, capable of navigating the game’s challenges with finesse.
  • Warsect: While not as commonly mentioned, Warsect captures the hearts of those who seek a Pal with a balance of strength and aesthetic appeal, embodying the warrior spirit in every aspect.
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Balancing Preferences and Gameplay Strategy

Choosing your main Pal involves a delicate balance between personal preference and gameplay strategy. While some players lean towards Pals that offer a tactical advantage, others prioritize emotional connections, opting for Pals that resonate on a personal level. Regardless of the criteria, the choice of a main Pal significantly shapes the player’s journey, influencing their approach to challenges and their overall experience in the game.

Comments from Around the Web: Top Main Pal Choices in Palworld

The vibrant community of Palworld players often shares their experiences and preferences online, especially on platforms like Reddit. Here, enthusiasts discuss their top choices for a main Pal, shedding light on the diverse array of companions available and the unique reasons behind their selections. These insights provide a glimpse into the personal connections and strategic decisions that shape the Palworld adventure.

Nitewing: The Ferocious Companion

One player shares their journey with Nitewing, a Pal that stands out for its ferocity and reliability. Named Malakai, this particular Nitewing has been with the player throughout the entire game, receiving every pal soul and becoming a powerhouse. Despite its slow speed as a mount, Malakai’s strength and dependability make it an invaluable companion in the player’s eyes.

Chillet: The Simple Pleasure

Another player expresses their affection for Chillet, highlighting the simplicity in choosing a Pal. Without delving into complex reasons or strategies, their preference for Chillet showcases how straightforward and personal the decision can be, emphasizing the joy found in the simpler aspects of the game.

Beakon: The Trusty Ally

Beakon emerges as a favorite for its reliability and strength. A player describes Beakon as “my guy,” suggesting a bond that goes beyond just abilities, reflecting a trust and reliability that has been built over time. This choice illustrates how players often value loyalty and steadfastness in their main Pal.

Katress: The Battle-Ready Beast

Katress, described as a “ferocious musclehead lucky burlybody,” captures the attention of players for its combat prowess. With abilities like dragon cannon, poison blast, and dragon meteor, Katress is a formidable force on the battlefield. Players appreciate Katress for both its strength in battle and the personal satisfaction of nurturing such a powerful companion.

Foxparks: The Loyal Guardian

Palworld Foxparks
Palworld Foxparks

Foxparks, particularly one named Boomstick, holds a special place in a player’s heart for its role beyond combat. This Pal, with its light-up tail and protective nature, has become more than just a creature in the game; it represents a sense of safety and companionship. The player’s narrative of passing the legacy to Boomstick’s genetically engineered grandson, Huckleberry, emphasizes the deep emotional connections formed with Pals in the game.

Direhowl: The Swift Explorer

Direhowl is praised for making traversal across the game’s landscapes fast and easy, thanks to its agility and speed. A player who found and bred Direhowl for its swift attributes values the versatility and companionship it provides, showcasing the importance of mobility and efficiency in exploring Palworld’s vast environments.

These comments from the Palworld community reflect the rich tapestry of relationships between players and their Pals. Whether chosen for their battle capabilities, their role as guardians, or simply for the joy they bring, each main Pal holds a unique place in the player’s journey, embodying the diverse experiences and emotional connections that define the world of Palworld.

Summary of Facts

  • The choice of a main Pal is influenced by abilities, strength, and emotional connections.
  • Popular choices among players include Nitewing, Foxparks, Direhowl, and Warsect.
  • Emotional connections often play a pivotal role in selecting a main Pal.


What factors should I consider when choosing my main Pal?

Consider both the Pal’s abilities and your emotional connection to it. Think about how it complements your playstyle and whether it resonates with you on a personal level.

Can I change my main Pal throughout the game?

Yes, you can change your main Pal at any point. As you progress and encounter new Pals, you might find another that suits your needs or forms a stronger bond with you.

How important is it to have a strong main Pal in Palworld?

While having a strong main Pal can help in battles and exploration, the importance also lies in the companionship and enjoyment you derive from your journey with your chosen Pal.

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