Changing the email linked to your Microsoft account is an easy process to update your main contact information. Microsoft accounts are important for many Microsoft services like Windows, Office 365, and Xbox Live. Keeping your account details current is crucial for uninterrupted service and secure account management. If you want to use a new email or stop using an old one, Microsoft gives you options to add, remove, or update email information easily.

When changing your email, it’s important to think about how you’ll recover your account and make sure your details are current. It’s a good idea to check your new contact information and review your security settings regularly to keep your account safe. Also, by keeping your current email as the main one on your account, you’ll get important notifications and account recovery information right away.

Change Your Microsoft Account Email Address

Changing the email address you use with your Microsoft account can be necessary for several reasons. Maybe you no longer use an old email, or you want to switch to a more professional email address. Fortunately, the process is straightforward.

Adding an Alias

An alias is an alternative email address that works with the same Microsoft account. Here’s how to add one:

  1. Access your Microsoft account page and sign in.
  2. Click “Your info” at the top.
  3. Under “Account info”, choose Manage how you sign in to Microsoft.
  4. Click “Add email” to create a new email as an alias or “Add an existing email address” to link an email you already own.
  5. Follow the prompts to create your alias.

Setting the Alias as Primary

Once you have a new alias, you can make it the primary address for your account.

  1. Return to the Manage how you sign in to Microsoft section.
  2. Locate your new alias and select “Make primary”.
  3. Confirm your change.

Removing an Old Email

It’s recommended to wait after setting a new primary alias before removing the old one. Here’s how to remove the old email:

  1. Return to the Manage how you sign in to Microsoft section.
  2. Next to the old email alias, click “Remove”.
  3. Confirm the removal.

Important Notes

Subscription ImpactChanging your email address won’t affect your subscriptions connected to your Microsoft account.
Microsoft ServicesYour new primary email will be used for all Microsoft services, including Xbox, OneDrive, and Office 365.
VerificationYou’ll need to verify your new email address with a code sent by Microsoft.

By following these steps, you can successfully update the email address associated with your Microsoft account.

Key Takeaways

  • A Microsoft account’s contact email can be changed for up-to-date management and secure access.
  • Account recovery settings should be kept current following any updates to the account’s email address.
  • Regular review of security settings is recommended to maintain the integrity of the Microsoft account.

Preparing to Change Your Microsoft Account Email

Before making changes to the email associated with your Microsoft account, it’s important to understand how email integration works and to check your current account status. This will ensure a smooth transition.

Understanding Email and Microsoft Account Integration

Your Microsoft account is the key to all Microsoft services such as Outlook, Office, and Skype. It uses an email address as the primary method of sign in. You can add different email aliases to your account. These aliases use the same inbox, contact list, and account settings as the primary email address. Changing your primary email address won’t delete emails or contacts.

Checking Account Status and Sign-in Preferences

It’s vital to know the status of your Microsoft account before updating your email. Make sure you can sign in to your account. For this, you need your current password. Review the sign-in preferences in your account info to make sure they are up to date. Check the aliases linked to your account and decide which new email you want to use as the primary one. Always verify a new alias so you can use it to sign in to your Microsoft account.

Updating Email Information

To maintain access to Microsoft services, it’s important to keep your account’s email info up to date. This section will guide you through adding or removing addresses, setting a new primary email, and securing your account after making changes.

Adding or Removing Email Addresses

You can add a new email address to your Microsoft account easily. Sign in to the Microsoft account dashboard and choose Your info. Select Manage how you sign in to Microsoft and then click on Add email. This could be a fresh Outlook email or another existing address. To remove an email, go back to where you manage sign-ins and select the email to remove.

Adding or Removing Email Aliases

In the account settings, you have the option to add or remove email aliases. To add a new alias, which can be another email address or a phone number, select ‘Add email’ or ‘Add phone’ and follow the prompts. Removing an alias that you no longer use is just as simple.

Setting a New Primary Email Address

After adding a new email address, you may want it to be your main contact point. For this, you’ll need to make it your primary alias. On the account’s page, click Your info, then Manage how you sign in to Microsoft. Choose the new email and click Make primary. Remember to save your choices.

Setting Your Primary Alias

After adding a new email alias, you might want to set it as your primary alias. Find the make primary option next to the alias you wish to prioritize. Keep in mind that your primary alias is the main email address for your account and is used for sign-in purposes.

Securing Your Microsoft Account After Changes

Once you update your Microsoft account email addresses, secure your device by verifying the changes. Microsoft will send a verification email to the new address. Follow the instructions in this email to complete the process. This step helps protect your account from unsolicited access.

Updating Related Services and Devices

It’s crucial to update your sign-in preferences on devices and services connected to your Microsoft account. This could include your PC, Xbox console, and services like to ensure seamless access.

Confirming Account Changes

Finally, after any changes, Microsoft will send a verification email to secure your account. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the process. It’s also practical to review your security settings, such as setting up two-factor authentication for enhanced protection.

Account Recovery and Security

Maintaining the security of a Microsoft account involves regular updates to recovery information and understanding how to reset passwords. Effective management of these elements helps ensure that only you can access your account.

Resetting Your Password

If forgetting a password has ever been a problem, don’t worry; resetting it is straightforward. Go to and select ‘Forgot my password.’ Here, Microsoft will guide you through choosing a new password. It’s a good plan to make your new password strong and different from passwords you use elsewhere.

Securing Your Account

To keep an account secure, it’s essential that you secure your device first. Enable two-factor authentication for an added layer of security. Visit the Advanced security options on your Microsoft account and follow the prompts to set it up. Always keep your security info current, including your phone number and alternate email address, to help Microsoft confirm it’s really you if needed.

Recovery Options

Having a way back into your account if you get locked out is critical. Update your recovery email or phone number by signing into the Security settings of your Microsoft account. You’ll receive a verification code when you add new information, so be ready to enter it. Choose your sign-in preference wisely and remember to keep your recovery options up to date for a smooth recovery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

When managing your Microsoft account, it’s key to know how to update your email address. This section provides guidance on how to do just that, whether you’re using Windows 11, Windows 10, or Outlook 365.

How can I change the email associated with my Microsoft account?

To change the email linked to your Microsoft account, go to the Microsoft account page and log in. Look for the “Your info” section, then find and select “Manage how you sign in to Microsoft.” Here, you can add a new email address or phone number.

What are the steps to update my Microsoft account primary email address in Windows 11?

In Windows 11, open Settings, then go to Accounts followed by “Email & accounts.” Select “Manage” under your Microsoft account. This will take you to a webpage where you can add another email address.

Is it possible to update my Microsoft account email on Windows 10 without creating a new account?

Yes, in Windows 10, navigate to Settings and click on Accounts. Select “Your info” and choose “Manage my Microsoft account” to update your email. You’ll be directed to a web page to make changes, and you won’t need a new account.

How do I modify the primary email address linked to my Outlook 365 account?

Log in to the Office 365 portal and access your account settings. Look for the option to change your contact preferences. From there, sign in to the Microsoft account page. Click “Your info” and then “Manage how you sign in to Microsoft”. Choose “Add email”, either a new one or one you already use, and set it as your Primary Alias.

Can I transfer all my Microsoft account details to a new email address?

Yes, by adding a new email alias to your account and setting it as your primary alias, your account details will automatically link to the new email address.

What process should I follow to set an alternate email as my Microsoft account’s primary address?

Log into your Microsoft account page and navigate to the “Account aliases” section. Add your new email address if it’s not already linked, then click “Make primary” to set it as the new main alias for your account.

What are the steps to update the email address for a Microsoft account on Windows 10?

In Windows 10, go to Settings, then Accounts, and select “Your info”. From there, you can add a new email to your Microsoft account. Verify it to make it the primary alias for your account.

Is it possible to change the email linked to Microsoft Office without starting a new account?

Yes, you can change your email for Microsoft Office without creating a new account. Add and verify a new email as an alias, then set it as the primary email for your account. This change will update all Microsoft services, including Office.

Can I retain my Outlook email content if I switch to a new email address?

Yes, when you add a new email as an alias and make it primary, you keep all your emails. Your content in Outlook remains intact.

What is the process for altering the email address of a Microsoft account in Windows 11?

With Windows 11, access your settings and go to Accounts followed by “Email & accounts”. Click “Add a Microsoft account” and follow the prompts to introduce and verify your new email address.

How can I remove my existing Microsoft account and replace it with a new email?

To use a new email, add it as an alias to your Microsoft account and then remove the old email. Remember to verify your new email before deleting the old one to avoid any account access issues.

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