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Yes, it’s true. Even when your iPhone is powered off, it can still be tracked. This revelation has raised many eyebrows and concerns about privacy and security.

How is an iPhone Trackable When Powered Off?

The Research Behind the Discovery

Researchers at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany found that iPhones, even when switched off, can be tracked. This surprising discovery has implications for iPhone users regarding their privacy and security, especially when their device is turned off​​.

The Role of iOS 15 in iPhone Tracking

Enhanced Tracking Capabilities

With the introduction of iOS 15, Apple has enabled iPhones to be tracked even when powered off. This feature is particularly useful in locating lost or stolen phones​​.

Offline Tracking: The Find My iPhone App

Bluetooth Utilization

The Find My iPhone app can locate your device even if it’s offline, thanks to Bluetooth technology. This is especially helpful if your phone is lost or stolen and location services are turned off​​.

iOS 15 and Newer iPhone Models

Continual Location Transmission

Starting with iOS 15, iPhone models 11 and newer have the capability to transmit their location even when powered off. This feature is contingent on having the Find My network enabled in your device settings​​.

Recognizing a Tracked or Hacked Phone

Signs of Unauthorized Tracking

If you notice that your iPhone is losing battery quickly, overheating, or displaying other unusual behaviors, it might be a sign that your phone is being tracked or hacked. This can be due to the device using extra power to send data to the person who has gained unauthorized access to your phone​​.

Conclusion: A Balance Between Security and Privacy

Understanding that your iPhone can still be tracked even when it is off is crucial for maintaining your privacy and security. While this feature is beneficial in finding lost or stolen devices, it also raises concerns about potential misuse. Being aware of how your device works and the signs of unauthorized tracking can help you protect your privacy and security.


  1. Can all iPhones be tracked when powered off? iPhones with iOS 15 and newer, particularly models 11 and up, have the capability to be tracked even when powered off.
  2. Does this tracking work if location services are off? Yes, iPhones can be tracked even if location services are turned off, using Bluetooth and the Find My network.
  3. How can I tell if my iPhone is being tracked? Signs like rapid battery drain, overheating, or unusual device behavior may indicate your iPhone is being tracked.
  4. Can I prevent my iPhone from being tracked when off? Disabling the Find My network in your settings can prevent tracking when your iPhone is off. However, this also means you won’t be able to track your device if it’s lost or stolen.
  5. Is this tracking feature a security risk? While it’s a useful tool for locating lost devices, it also raises privacy concerns. It’s important to balance the convenience of this feature with potential security risks.
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