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Yes, you can hide orders in your Amazon account history by Archiving them. Simply visit the Amazon website and make sure you’re signed into your account. At the top of the page, click Accounts & Lists and then click Your Orders. You should now see a list of all your order history. Scroll to the order you want to hide and click Archive order, which you’ll see below the order on the left. Note that it is possible to un-archive an order so this isn’t a surefire way to keep something hidden, but it’s the only option you have with Amazon. Be aware that your email account may also have confirmation messages and order information as well so consider hiding/archiving/deleting those as well.

Archiving Your Amazon Orders for Privacy

Amazon provides a way to hide orders from your main order history through a feature called archiving. This is useful if you want to keep certain purchases private, especially for gifts or surprise deliveries. It’s a simple process that can be done in a few clicks.

How to Archive an Order

  1. Go to “Your Orders” on the Amazon website.
  2. Find the order you want to hide.
  3. Click on “Archive order” located below the order details.
  4. Confirm your decision in the pop-up window.

Finding Archived Orders

Archived orders are not completely gone. You can still access them by:

  1. Going to “Your Orders”.
  2. Using the filter dropdown menu at the top and selecting “Archived Orders”.

Important Notes about Archiving

  • You can archive up to 500 orders.
  • Archiving doesn’t affect order confirmations or shipment notifications.
  • Archived orders can be unarchived at any time.

Other Ways to Manage Order Privacy

Besides archiving, Amazon offers additional privacy features:

  • Amazon Household: This allows you to share Prime benefits with another adult while keeping order histories separate.
  • Hiding Browsing History: Clear your browsing history to prevent others from seeing what you’ve viewed on Amazon.
Archiving OrdersHides orders from your main order history.
Amazon HouseholdShares Prime benefits with another adult while keeping order histories separate.
Hiding Browsing HistoryPrevents others from seeing the items you’ve viewed on Amazon.

This is all you need to know about hiding your orders on Amazon. Remember, it’s easy and can be undone if you change your mind.

Understanding Amazon Order Privacy

When you make a purchase on Amazon, the order details are stored in your Amazon account. This means anyone with access to your account can peek at your order history. To maintain privacy, Amazon provides an Archive Order feature. Here’s how it works.

First, log in to your Amazon account on a web browser or the Amazon app on your phone or computer. Navigate to the Account & Lists dropdown and select Your Orders. Find the order you want to hide. On a computer, choose Order Details next to the relevant item, and on a phone, tap the order.

Select Archive Order, followed by confirming the action in the pop-up window. The order is now moved to the Archived Orders page. Keep in mind that while this hides the order from your default order history, it doesn’t erase it completely. Anyone with login credentials and determination can find archived orders using the dropdown filter or by visiting the Archived Orders page directly.

Additionally, to keep your browsing history under wraps, visit the Browsing History section and select Manage history. Here, you can remove individual items or turn off browsing history entirely. For digital content, you’d manage privacy through the Digital Orders tab.

Amazon Household is another feature worth mentioning. It enables you to share benefits while keeping your purchase history separate. This is handy for keeping gifts a surprise or maintaining personal purchase privacy within a shared Amazon account.

Lastly, remember that hiding orders doesn’t affect your purchase history available to Amazon or change the address or payment method associated with past purchases. The focus here is solely on controlling who within your circle gets to see what you’ve bought.

Steps to Hide Orders on Amazon

There are several ways users can keep their Amazon purchases private. Whether it’s through web browsers or mobile apps, users have options to maintain the secrecy of their orders.

Using a Web Browser to Archive Orders

To hide orders on Amazon using a web browser, first log in to your account. Navigate to Accounts & Lists, then click on Your Account. From there, go to Returns & Orders and find the Amazon order you wish to hide. Next to the order, select Archive order. This will remove the order from your default order history view.

Managing Orders via Amazon Mobile App

If you’re using a mobile phone to manage your Amazon orders, whether it is an iPhone or Android device, the process is straightforward. Launch the Amazon app and log in. Visit the Returns & Orders section, choose the order to conceal, and tap on Archive order. An alert in a pop-up window will ask for confirmation; select “Yes” to proceed.

Utilizing Amazon Household for Privacy

For those with an Amazon Prime account, setting up an Amazon Household account protects the privacy of your purchases from other household members, like teens or children. Create a Household, and each member’s purchases will stay private. Additionally, items shipped won’t show up in the address history that’s shared among the Household.

Handling Digital Content and Search History

Amazon also tracks digital content and search history, which can be managed for privacy. To turn browsing history on or off, go to the Browsing History section of your account and click on Manage history. Hide order details for digital items by visiting the Digital Orders tab and choosing the “Don’t spoil my surprises” option, which hides the order details for a set period. To manage alerts and notifications, use the Alexa app settings.

Reversing Order Privacy Actions

Sometimes you may want to reverse actions you’ve taken to keep your Amazon orders private. This section explains how to make your orders visible again or tweak privacy settings.

How to Unarchive an Order

If you need to unarchive an order, start by logging into your Amazon account. Then, click on “Accounts & Lists” and find “Archived Orders.” Here, you can select the order you want to unarchive and click “Unarchive Order.” This action moves the order back to your main order page.

Turning Browsing History On or Off

To adjust your browsing history, access Amazon on a web browser or through the mobile app. Navigate to “Browsing History,” and use the “Manage history” option to either turn your browsing history on or off. Toggle the option that best suits your privacy needs.

Amazon Locker and Order Privacy

Amazon Lockers provide a secure pickup point for your orders. To use this feature, choose an Amazon Locker as the delivery address when placing your order. You’ll receive a unique pickup code to retrieve your item, keeping the order away from your home address and maintaining privacy.

Dealing with Notifications and Recommendations

To manage Amazon notifications, head to the settings in your mobile app or on the web browser. Turn off notifications that may reveal purchase details. Under “Recommendations,” you can remove items that you’ve browsed or purchased to prevent them from influencing future suggestions.

Removing Items from Your Amazon Echo’s History

When using Alexa to place orders, your interactions are stored in the voice history. To delete this history, open the Alexa app on your mobile device, go to “Settings,” and select “Alexa Privacy.” Here you can review and erase recordings from your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll cover some common questions about managing the visibility of your Amazon purchases. Learn how to keep gifts a secret or simply maintain a tidy order history.

How can I conceal my purchases in the Amazon app using an iPhone?

To hide your Amazon purchases on an iPhone, open the Amazon app and go to ‘Your Orders’. Find the item you wish to hide and select ‘Archive Order’. Your item will now be less visible in your order history.

What are the steps to archive orders on the Amazon mobile app for Android devices?

If you’re using an Android device, launch the Amazon app and tap on the three horizontal lines to access the menu. Choose ‘Your Orders’, locate the purchase you’d like to archive, and select ‘Archive Order’. This will move the order out of your main view.

Is it possible to remove orders from the Amazon order history, and if so, how?

Although it’s not possible to permanently delete your Amazon order history, you can archive orders. This will remove them from your default order history view. You can archive up to 500 orders by selecting ‘Archive Order’ for the items you choose.

Can purchases made with Amazon Prime be hidden or made private?

Yes, Amazon Prime purchases can be hidden just like any other Amazon order. Through archiving, the Prime purchases will no longer show up in your main order list, thus keeping them private.

Why might I be unable to archive an order on Amazon, and what can I do about it?

There could be various reasons why an order can’t be archived — perhaps it’s too recent or there’s an issue with the order. If you encounter problems, you may need to wait or contact Amazon Customer Service for assistance.

After delivery, how can orders be hidden on Amazon?

Once your order is delivered, you can go to ‘Your Orders’ on the Amazon website or app. Just like before delivery, you can select ‘Archive Order’ beside the item you want to hide from the main order list.

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