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Recently Amazon Prime introduced ads to their most common user tiers and people haven’t been thrilled about it (to say the least). Amazon became a popular streaming service because it came free with Prime and it was an incredible value – but those days must be over. Amazon wants it to become more of a standalone service to compete with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. To get to that level, they will need to draw even more revenue from the service.

So a common question is if it’s possible to watch Amazon Prime without ads? Fortunately, Amazon provides options to manage advertisements on Prime Video, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content with minimal disruptions. The only downside is that it comes at an additional cost.

Amazon Prime Video Costs

Prime Video (w/ Prime)$14.99 or $139/year (includes other Prime benefits)
Prime Video (Standalone)$8.99 per month
Prime Video with Ad-Free$2.99 per month (add-on to Prime or standalone)

The easy way to understand this is that however you get Amazon Prime Video, you’ll be paying an additional $2.99 a month to get rid of ads. That comes out to $35.88/year.

Managing Ads on Amazon Prime: What You Need to Know

Amazon Prime offers a variety of benefits, including fast shipping, streaming services, and more. However, it also includes advertising on its platform. Here’s a breakdown of your options when it comes to managing ads on Amazon Prime.

Ads within Prime Video

Unfortunately, as of 2024, commercials have become a part of Amazon Prime Video. You can, however, upgrade to a paid ad-free version for an additional monthly fee. Here’s how to do it:

  • Visit Amazon Help & Customer Service
  • Select “Prime Video” and then “Prime Video Channels.”
  • Find “Prime Video Ad Free” and follow the subscription instructions.

Important Notes

  • Even with the ad-free upgrade, you might still see occasional promotional trailers for Amazon originals before movies and TV shows.
  • Live events, such as sports, as well as content offered via Amazon Freevee (if available) will still include advertising.

Ads in Other Amazon Services

Amazon displays ads throughout its platform, like product listings and search results. There’s currently no way to completely eliminate these through Amazon Prime. Here are some strategies to minimize their impact:

  • Use Ad Blockers: Browser extensions like AdBlock or uBlock Origin can block many ads on Amazon’s website
  • Be Specific with Searches: Use detailed search terms to narrow down your results and reduce sponsored listings.
  • Shop with Purpose: If you know what you want, go directly to the product page to avoid browsing, minimizing exposure to ads

Table: Amazon Ads and Your Options

AreaType of AdCan You Remove?How
Prime Video (Movies & TV Shows)Pre-roll and mid-roll commercialsYesUpgrade to Prime Video Ad Free for an additional fee
Amazon Website (Shopping)Sponsored listings, display adsPartiallyUse ad blockers, refine searches.

It’s important to understand that Amazon relies on advertising as part of its business model. While you have some control over ads in certain areas, others might remain a part of the experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon Prime Video offers both ad-supported and ad-free viewing options.
  • Subscribers can manage ads by upgrading their membership to an ad-free version.
  • Making changes to your Amazon Prime Video subscription is straightforward and can be done through account settings.

Understanding Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service that offers a vast array of video content. This includes movies, TV shows, and sports.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is a service that streams video content. It’s part of Amazon Prime, which also offers shopping perks. Customers can watch movies, TV shows and Amazon originals on devices that connect to the internet.

Amazon’s Advertising Model

Amazon Prime Video has an ad-based version called Freevee. This means you can watch some content without a subscription. There are ads in this service. Ad-free viewing requires an extra cost on top of the Prime subscription.

Types of Content Available

Prime Video’s library has a large selection. This includes:

  • TV: Popular series and Amazon exclusive shows
  • Movies: Blockbusters and small films
  • Originals: Content made by Amazon Studios
  • Sports: Live events and on-demand replays

Viewers have access to a mix of free and premium content. They can rent or buy titles that are not included in the subscription.

How to Manage Ads on Prime Video

Many users enjoy streaming on Amazon Prime Video but prefer watching without interruptions from advertisements. Here’s how to reduce or eliminate ads during your streaming experience.

Subscription Options for Ad-Free Experience

Amazon Prime Membership: To enjoy ad-free streaming, users can upgrade their basic Amazon Prime Video membership. A higher subscription fee applies but it ensures a commercial-free viewing on various devices such as Smart TVs, game consoles, set top boxes, and mobile apps.

Using Third-Party Tools and Extensions

Ad Blockers for Web Browsers: Some viewers opt to stream using web browsers like Chrome and install browser extensions. These ad blockers can provide an ad-free viewing experience. Note that ad block performance can vary and may not eliminate all ads.

Understanding Amazon’s Ad-Supported Offerings

Ad-Supported Plan and Free Streaming Services: Amazon offers ad-supported video streams through services like Amazon Freevee, formerly IMDb TV. While these come at no cost, they include ads. There is no direct way to remove ads from these services, as the ads support the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Prime members often ask how to enhance their viewing by removing ads. The following FAQs provide clear answers to improve your Prime Video experience.

Are there methods to eliminate commercials from Prime Video content?

Yes, users can remove ads from Prime Video. Navigate to Account & Settings and look for options to alter your ad settings.

What is the cost associated with an ad-free Prime Video experience?

The ad-free option requires an additional fee. This is on top of the regular subscription price, which is $14.99 monthly or $139 annually.

Is it possible to use third-party ad blockers with Amazon Prime?

Third-party ad blockers may not work effectively with Prime Video. The service is designed to resist such interventions.

Are there any subscription tiers for Prime Video that include no advertisements?

Initially, all Prime Video memberships included advertisements. The ad-free experience can only be obtained with an additional monthly fee.

How can one disable advertisements in Prime Video without additional expenses?

It’s not possible to disable advertisements on Prime Video without paying extra. Amazon has structured its services to require payment for ad-free streaming.

What are the steps involved in cancelling advertisements within Prime Video?

To cancel adverts, visit the Account & Settings on the Prime Video website. Choose the ad-free option and agree to the extra charge for this service.

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