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Facebook, as a social media platform, has various features that help users manage their interactions and what they see in their feed. One such feature is the ability to ‘unfollow’ someone. But the question arises, can someone tell if you unfollow them? Let’s dive into this.

Facebook Unfollowing: What They See (and Don’t)

The Silent Unfollow

Facebook has designed the “unfollow” feature with discretion in mind. When you unfollow someone, they receive no notification. They won’t get a pop-up, email, or any other alert indicating your action.

What They Might Notice

While they won’t be directly notified, there are subtle ways someone might deduce that you unfollowed them:

  • Absence from News Feed: If they regularly check their news feed and notice your posts are consistently missing, they might suspect you’ve unfollowed them.
  • Mutual Friends’ Interactions: They might see your likes and comments on mutual friends’ posts but not on theirs, raising a red flag.
  • Direct Profile Check: If they visit your profile and find that the “Following” button is not active, it’s a clear sign you’re not seeing their posts.

To Unfollow or Unfriend?

Unfollowing is less drastic than unfriending. It allows you to quietly remove someone’s content from your feed without severing the connection entirely. Consider these key differences:

ActionWhat Happens
UnfollowYou no longer see their posts in your news feed, but you remain friends. You can still view their profile and interact with their content if you choose to.
UnfriendYou remove them as a friend, and they can no longer see your posts or interact with you on Facebook.


  • Privacy First: Facebook values user privacy and doesn’t disclose who unfollowed whom.
  • It’s Your Choice: You have the right to curate your news feed without worrying about offending others.
  • Communication is Key: If you have concerns about a particular person’s posts, consider talking to them directly before resorting to unfollowing or unfriending.

Facebook Unfollowing Explained

FeatureCan they know you unfollowed them?Additional Information
Direct NotificationNoFacebook does not send notifications to users when they are unfollowed by others. It prioritizes privacy in this aspect.
Following List DisappearancePotentially, but not definitivelyIf the person you unfollowed is actively checking their follower list and notices your absence, they might suspect you unfollowed them. However, this method isn’t foolproof, as your name could be hidden due to other reasons like list privacy settings or mutual unfollowing.
Feed Activity DeclinePotentially, but indirectlyIf the person frequently checks your profile for your posts and comments and suddenly sees less of your activity in their feed, they might wonder if you unfollowed them. However, this could also be due to changes in your posting habits or their own feed algorithm adjustments.
Direct MessagingStill possibleUnfollowing someone doesn’t prevent you from sending them direct messages. So, if you continue to message them, it might seem strange if they suspect you unfollowed them based on reduced feed activity.


  • Facebook prioritizes user privacy, so there’s no direct way for someone to know you unfollowed them.
  • The methods mentioned above are just possibilities, not concrete indicators.
  • Unfollowing someone is a personal choice, and you have the right to do so without worrying about causing them undue stress.

Unfollowing on Facebook: What Does it Mean?

When you unfollow someone on Facebook, it means their posts won’t show up in your news feed anymore. However, you still remain friends with them on the platform. This option is often used when you want to stay connected with someone without being bombarded by their posts.

Do They Get Notified?

The short answer is no. Facebook does not send a notification to someone when you unfollow them. This action is quite discreet, and the other person won’t be directly informed about it.

How Can They Find Out?

While they won’t get a notification, there are indirect ways someone might infer that they’ve been unfollowed. If they notice that you’re not interacting with their posts as frequently as before or at all, they might get suspicious. However, this is not a concrete indication, as Facebook’s algorithms can sometimes cause posts to not appear in someone’s feed frequently.


If I accidentally unfollow someone on Facebook, will refollowing them send a notification?

No, refollowing someone on Facebook after unfollowing them does not trigger a notification either. This means you can quietly adjust your following status without the other person being alerted, whether you initially unfollowed them by mistake or changed your mind later on.

Can I see a list of people I have unfollowed on Facebook?

Yes, Facebook allows you to see whom you’ve unfollowed. To access this list, go to your Settings & Privacy, then to News Feed Preferences, and select ‘Reconnect with people you unfollowed.’ This list is private and only visible to you, enabling you to review and potentially refollow people at your discretion.

Does unfollowing someone on Facebook affect mutual friendships or group interactions?

Unfollowing someone on Facebook does not affect your mutual friendships or interactions within groups. You remain friends and can still view each other’s profiles, comment on mutual friends’ posts, and interact in groups. The only difference is that their posts won’t automatically appear in your news feed.

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