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Sharing your Apple TV account with your family can be a great way to enjoy streaming together without multiple subscriptions. Yes, your family can use your Apple TV account through Family Sharing. This feature allows up to six family members to share access to Apple Services like Apple TV+, Apple Music, and more.

To set up Family Sharing, you need to add family members to your account. Open the Apple TV app and select the user profile or go to your device’s settings. Once added, each family member can enjoy their own recommendations while sharing the same subscription.

To ensure a smooth experience, make sure that the subscription plan you have supports family sharing. If it’s an individual plan, you might need to upgrade to a family plan.

Sharing Apple TV: Family Friendly Options

Family Sharing

Apple offers Family Sharing, allowing up to six family members to share purchases, subscriptions, and more. This includes Apple TV+, Apple Music, and app purchases. One person acts as the organizer and covers the costs, while others join the group to access shared content.

Apple TV+ Sharing

Specifically for Apple TV+, up to six family members can stream simultaneously on different devices. Each member sees their own personalized recommendations and viewing history.

Device Sharing

If family members share a physical Apple TV device, they can use their own Apple IDs to log in and access their individual content. This way, everyone can enjoy their personalized recommendations and watch history.


While Family Sharing allows sharing many Apple services, some have limitations. Certain subscription services may have restrictions on the number of simultaneous streams or downloads.


It’s important to note that Family Sharing requires all members to use the same country/region for their Apple IDs. Sharing an Apple ID isn’t recommended due to privacy concerns and potential issues with personalized content.

Apple TV Account Sharing Options

Family SharingShare purchases and subscriptions with up to 6 family membersConvenient, cost-effectiveRequires same country/region for Apple IDs
Apple TV+ SharingUp to 6 simultaneous streams with personalized recommendationsEasy for family members to watch togetherLimited to Apple TV+ content
Device SharingEach family member uses their own Apple ID on the same devicePersonalized experience for each userRequires switching between accounts

Key Takeaways

  • Family Sharing allows up to six members to use one Apple TV subscription.
  • Setting up involves adding family members through user profiles or device settings.
  • Upgrading to a family plan may be necessary for shared access.

Setting Up Family Sharing for Apple TV

Setting up Family Sharing for Apple TV involves creating a family group, adding family members, managing subscriptions, and accessing shared content.

Create a Family Group

To start, the family organizer needs to set up the family group. This person should go to Settings on their iPhone or iPad. Next, they tap their name and select Family Sharing. Then, they tap Set Up Your Family and follow the onscreen instructions. If a child has no Apple ID, choose Create an Account for a Child and follow the prompts to create it.

Add Family Members to Your Apple TV Account

Once the family group is created, the organizer can add members. Go to Settings again, tap Family Sharing, then tap Add Member. Enter the Apple IDs of each member to send invitations. Members will need to sign in on their own devices to join the group. Repeat this for up to six family members, including the organizer.

Manage Subscriptions and Purchases

The family organizer can manage subscriptions and purchases. Go to Settings, tap your name, then Subscriptions. Make sure Share with Family is turned on. This allows shared access to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, and more. Upgrading individual or student subscriptions to family plans may be necessary.

Accessing Shared Content

Once Family Sharing is set up, accessing shared content is simple. Open the Apple TV app on your device. Use the sidebar to choose the user profile at the top, then select Add New User if needed. Family members can now access shared apps, movies, books, and music. Each member’s preferences and recommendations will be personalized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sharing an Apple TV account allows your family to enjoy content together. Here, you’ll find answers to the most common queries about setting up and managing Family Sharing for Apple TV.

How can I share my Apple TV+ subscription with my family?

To share your Apple TV+ subscription, make sure Family Sharing is set up. Then, invite family members and enable sharing for your subscriptions. This lets everyone in the group access Apple TV+ without needing separate accounts.

What are the steps to enable Family Sharing for Apple TV on an iPhone?

On your iPhone, go to Settings, then tap your name. Tap Family Sharing and follow the prompts to set up the feature, adding family members as you go. Make sure to turn on subscription sharing for Apple TV+.

Is it possible to share Apple TV access with someone who doesn’t use Family Sharing?

No, Apple TV access requires Family Sharing to work correctly. Each eligible user needs to be part of the Family Sharing group to access the shared Apple TV subscription.

What should I do if Apple TV Family Sharing is not functioning correctly?

If Family Sharing isn’t working, check that every member is using the same Apple ID. Verify that sharing settings are turned on and that they have accepted the invitation. Restart devices if needed and update software to the latest version.

How can I share Apple TV with family members using Android devices?

Family members with Android devices can still partake in Apple TV+ content. They need to use the Apple TV app available on the Google Play Store, logging in with the shared Apple ID provided through Family Sharing.

What is the maximum number of people that can simultaneously use an Apple TV account?

An Apple TV subscription via Family Sharing supports up to six family members. This includes the family organizer. All members can stream content on their individual devices using the shared subscription.

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