When you mount your E-ZPass transponder, it’s best to avoid putting it on the dashboard, mirror, or visor. Placing the tag in these areas might not ensure consistent readability, which can lead to incorrect toll charges or toll evasion violations. The E-ZPass is designed to be highly sensitive, but its performance can be affected if it’s not placed correctly. Holding the E-ZPass tag in your hand as you pass a toll is also not advisable, as this doesn’t guarantee that the tag will be read.

Where Is the Best Place to Mount E-ZPass?

The optimal location for your E-ZPass transponder is on the windshield of your vehicle, ideally directly behind the rearview mirror. This position ensures minimal blockage and effective connectivity to the toll readers. The area should be free of any materials, like tints or stickers, that could obstruct the signal transmission. For the installation, the interior of the windshield should be cleaned for perfect adhesion and communication. If you’re using an external transponder, typically used in vehicles with special windshields that hinder signal transmission, it’s best to mount it around the front license plate​​.

How to Mount E-ZPass on Windshield

  1. Location: Choose a spot on the windshield directly behind the rearview mirror.
  2. Clean the Area: Use alcohol to clean the selected area and wipe it dry.
  3. Position the Tag: Ensure that the label on the tag faces you when mounting.
  4. Use Mounting Strips: Place the provided mounting strips on the tag.
  5. Mount the Tag: Remove the film from the strips and mount the tag on the windshield. Ensure it is stable and firm.

Exterior Tag Installation

  1. Identify Front and Rear Faces: The rear face has orientation arrows near the mounting holes, with the label also on this side.
  2. Mount to License Plate: The tag will be attached inside the license plate using provided holes. You might need to remove the license plate temporarily.
  3. Right Side Up: Ensure correct orientation for proper reading.
  4. Avoid Damage: Be careful not to damage the tag during mounting.
  5. Reattach License Plate: Once the tag is secured, reattach the license plate to your vehicle.

Additional Points to Consider

  • For motorcycles and other special vehicles, the mounting instructions can vary due to different designs. Riders often carry the device in pockets for convenience.
  • It’s important to note that the effectiveness of the E-ZPass depends on its ability to communicate with signal readers. Therefore, placement is crucial for its functionality.
  • A test drive is recommended to ensure that the transponder is communicating effectively with toll readers.


  1. What should I do if my E-ZPass doesn’t read on the dashboard?
    • If your E-ZPass is not being read while on the dashboard, it’s advisable to move it to the windshield as per the standard guidelines.
  2. Can I hold the E-ZPass in my hand instead of mounting it?
    • Holding the E-ZPass in your hand is not recommended as it may not guarantee a consistent reading.
  3. Is it possible to use an E-ZPass in a vehicle with a special windshield?
    • Yes, for such vehicles, an external transponder can be used and mounted near the front license plate.
  4. What should I clean the windshield with before mounting the E-ZPass?
    • Clean the windshield with alcohol and ensure it’s dry before mounting the E-ZPass.
  5. Are there different types of E-ZPass tags?
    • Yes, there are internal and external types of E-ZPass tags, each designed for specific mounting locations.
  6. Can the E-ZPass be placed anywhere else inside the car?
    • The effectiveness of the E-ZPass is best ensured when mounted on the windshield; other placements may result in inconsistent readings.
  7. What if the Velcro strips for mounting the E-ZPass wear out?
    • Replacement Velcro strips can be requested from E-ZPass or purchased from stores like Home Depot or CVS.
  8. Can the E-ZPass be transferred between different vehicles?
    • Yes, it can be transferred, but ensure it is mounted correctly in each vehicle for accurate toll reading.
  9. Is there a specific orientation for mounting the E-ZPass tag?
    • Yes, ensure the label on the tag faces you and is mounted right side up.
  10. What happens if the E-ZPass is not read at a toll booth?
    • If not read, you may be charged via mail or cash, which could be more costly and inconvenient.

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