Apple Watch Charger
Apple Watch Charger

No, an Apple Watch charger can NOT charge an iPhone. This is a common question for Apple device users looking to simplify their charging setup. An Apple Watch charger can’t charge an iPhone because the charging type/technology/contact is not the same. Let’s look at why this is the case and explore the differences between the chargers for these devices.

Understanding the Charging Technologies

  • Apple Watch Charger: The Apple Watch uses a unique charging method known as inductive charging. The charger is a magnetic puck that aligns with the back of the watch, which is not compatible with iPhone charging ports or technology.
  • iPhone Charger: iPhones typically use Lightning connectors (or USB-C for newer models) for charging. This is a different technology compared to the Apple Watch’s inductive charging method.

Why Can’t an Apple Watch Charger Charge an iPhone?

  1. Different Charging Mechanisms: The Apple Watch charger uses a magnetic charging cable that is specifically designed for the Apple Watch’s back, which is not suitable for the iPhone’s charging system.
  2. Connector Incompatibility: iPhones require a physical connection via a Lightning or USB-C cable, which is not provided by the Apple Watch’s magnetic charger.
  3. Power Requirements: Even if the connection was possible, the power output and requirements differ between the Apple Watch and iPhone, making them incompatible.

What About Wireless Charging?

  • While both the Apple Watch and some iPhone models support wireless charging, the specific technology and alignment requirements differ. Apple Watch uses a proprietary charging method, which is not the same as the Qi wireless charging standard used by iPhones.

Alternative Charging Solutions

  • MagSafe Duo Charger: Apple offers a product called the MagSafe Duo Charger, which can simultaneously charge an iPhone and an Apple Watch. This is a solution for users looking to reduce the number of chargers they use.
  • Multi-device Charging Stations: Various third-party manufacturers offer charging stations that can charge both an Apple Watch and an iPhone, albeit with separate charging docks for each device.


The Apple Watch charger is uniquely designed for the Apple Watch and cannot be used to charge an iPhone. Users seeking to streamline their charging setup might consider multi-device chargers or the MagSafe Duo Charger for a more integrated solution.


  1. Why can’t the Apple Watch charger charge an iPhone? The Apple Watch charger uses a different charging method and connector, making it incompatible with iPhones.
  2. Can I use my iPhone’s charger to charge my Apple Watch? No, the Apple Watch requires its specific magnetic charging cable.
  3. Is there a universal charger for both Apple Watch and iPhone? The MagSafe Duo Charger and some third-party multi-device chargers can charge both, but they have separate docks for each device.
  4. Do the Apple Watch and iPhone use the same wireless charging technology? No, the Apple Watch uses a proprietary charging method, while the iPhone uses the Qi wireless charging standard.
  5. Can I charge my Apple Watch with a Qi wireless charger? No, the Apple Watch does not support the Qi wireless charging standard and requires its specific charger.
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