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Buriedbornes2, the sequel to the highly acclaimed dungeon RPG Buriedbornes, is finally here, bringing with it a wave of excitement among fans and newcomers alike. This new installment carries forward the unique blend of strategy and role-playing that made the original game a favorite, with several enhancements that promise a deeper and more engaging experience.

Buriedbornes2: Information Summary

GenreRole-playing game (RPG), Turn-based, Dungeon crawler
PlatformsAndroid, Microsoft Windows
Release DateJanuary 10, 2024
PriceFree-to-play (In-app purchases available)
MonetizationOptional in-app purchases for currency, items, and character slots
GameplayExplore randomly generated dungeons, collect corpses, possess their souls, and use their abilities to fight enemies.
StoryWorld is on the brink of ruin due to an “Ancient Overlord” and his army. You fight them using the forbidden “Buriedbornes” art.
FeaturesMultiple character classes, skills, and equipment
UniquenessEasy-to-play turn-based system, dark atmosphere, roguelike elements with permanent death
ReviewsGenerally positive, praised for its gameplay, atmosphere, and depth despite being free-to-play
CriticismsMay feel repetitive after some time, freemium model may pressure players to spend

Additional Notes:

  • The game offers various in-app purchases, but they are not mandatory to progress.
  • The game requires an internet connection.
  • There is a community subreddit for the game: https://www.reddit.com/r/buriedbornes/

What Sets Buriedbornes2 Apart

At its core, Buriedbornes2 remains true to the spirit of dungeon crawlers, offering players a chance to explore, battle, and strategize their way through challenging environments. However, what makes Buriedbornes2 stand out is its commitment to improving upon the foundation laid by its predecessor.

1. Enhanced Gameplay and Features

Buriedbornes2 introduces a plethora of new features and gameplay enhancements. From refined battle mechanics to an expanded array of skills and equipment, the game aims to provide a more accessible yet profoundly complex experience. Players can now choose between different room options, decide which items to pursue, and strategically select from up to five skills for their next move.

2. A Rich and Expansive World

The sequel expands the already rich lore and world-building of the Buriedbornes universe. With the addition of new races, jobs, origins, and equipment, the possibilities for character customization and strategy are virtually limitless. This variety ensures that each playthrough can offer a unique experience, encouraging players to experiment with different builds and approaches.

3. Community and Cooperation

Buriedbornes2 emphasizes the importance of community and cooperation through its “Union” system. Players belong to various survivor communities, each with distinct goals and resisting the brink of ruin brought on by the “Ancient Overlord.” By completing union missions, players can earn rewards and further the collective resistance against the overarching threat.

The Appeal of Buriedbornes2

What draws players to Buriedbornes2 is not just its strategic depth or the richness of its world, but also the sense of progression and accomplishment. The game manages to strike a balance between challenge and reward, making each dungeon run feel significant and every victory earned. Furthermore, the game’s art style, characterized by its unique character and creature designs, adds to the overall immersive experience.

Community Feedback and Reception

Feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with players praising the game’s improvements over the original. From its more polished gameplay to the expanded content and mechanics, Buriedbornes2 seems to have struck a chord with both longtime fans and newcomers. However, it’s not without its criticisms, particularly regarding in-app purchases and balancing issues, which the developers have been responsive to.

Summary of Facts

  • Buriedbornes2 is a sequel to the dungeon RPG Buriedbornes, featuring enhanced gameplay, a rich world, and a focus on community.
  • The game introduces new races, jobs, origins, and equipment, allowing for extensive customization.
  • It encourages strategic thinking and cooperation through its unique “Union” system.
  • Community feedback highlights the game’s improvements and immersive experience, despite some concerns over balancing and in-app purchases.


Can I play Buriedbornes2 without playing the first game?

Yes, Buriedbornes2 is designed to be accessible to newcomers, with a setting and tutorial that provide a smooth introduction to the game’s world and mechanics.

What are the main changes from Buriedbornes to Buriedbornes2?

The sequel introduces significant enhancements in gameplay, including a wider array of strategic options, an expanded universe, and a revamped “Union” system for community cooperation.

Are there in-app purchases in Buriedbornes2?

Yes, Buriedbornes2 includes in-app purchases, but the developers have aimed to balance the game to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.