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10 Best Budget Smartphones 2024

RankSmartphonePriceKey FeaturesProsCons
1Google Pixel 7a$499Excellent camera, clean software, long battery lifeBest camera in a budget phone, great designMore expensive than some options
2Motorola Moto G Stylus (2024)$320Stylus pen, large display, long battery lifeUnique feature with stylus, big screen, affordableAverage camera
3Samsung Galaxy A54 5G$3255G connectivity, AMOLED display, long battery lifeFuture-proof with 5G, great display, reliable batteryPlastic build, no headphone jack
4Samsung Galaxy A14 5G$2005G connectivity, affordable price, large display5G at a low price, decent screen sizeLower-end processor, average camera
5OnePlus Nord N30 5G$2805G connectivity, fast charging, decent camera5G speeds, quick charging, good camera for the priceAverage battery life, no expandable storage
6Xiaomi Redmi Note 12S$249Powerful processor, large display, fast chargingCapable performance, big screen, quick chargingMIUI software not for everyone, average camera
7Nokia G21$199Long battery life, clean software, durable buildExcellent battery life, stock Android experience, tough constructionLower-end processor, average camera
8Motorola moto g power (2024)$149Massive battery life, large display, affordable priceUnmatched battery life, big screen, budget-friendlyAverage camera, slow charging
9Xiaomi Redmi A1$87Affordable price, expandable storage, decent battery lifeUnbeatable price, microSD card slot, good batteryLow RAM, basic camera, microUSB charging
10Samsung Galaxy A04e$89Large display, long battery life, basic functionalityBig screen, decent battery, affordableLow RAM, average camera, no NFC

Overview of Budget Smartphones 2024

In 2024, the market for budget smartphones continues to cater to cost-conscious consumers who seek good performance without a hefty price tag. These affordable phones prioritize functionality, offering essential features like long battery life, decent cameras, and enough processing power for everyday tasks. Brands like Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus have released models that demonstrate you can have quality and affordability in one device.

Leading the charge, the Apple iPhone SE (2022), although launched a bit earlier, remains a staple in the budget category for its balance of price and performance. It sports a powerful chip and an adequate camera setup for everyday photography. Another player, OnePlus, introduces the Nord N30 5G with impressive fast charging, making it a favorite for people on the go.

Here’s a quick comparison of budget smartphones that stand out in 2024:

ModelDisplay SizeCameraUnique Feature
Apple iPhone SE4.7 inch12MP rear, 7MP frontiOS ecosystem
OnePlus Nord N306.5 inch48MP rearFast charging
Samsung Galaxy A136.5 inchMultiple rear cameras90Hz screen, 5G support

The essence of a budget smartphone in 2024 is to provide the most value for money. It’s all about getting a phone that takes care of your critical needs like staying connected, capturing moments, and enjoying media, without breaking the bank. The evolution of affordable phones has seen a welcome improvement in build quality and features that were once exclusive to higher-end models. With these options, individuals have the liberty to select a device that matches their lifestyle and budget without compromising too much on the experience.

Key Features to Consider

When shopping for a budget smartphone in 2024, it’s crucial to weigh several key features to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Here’s a breakdown of the essential aspects you’ll want to keep in mind.

Display Technology

Budget smartphones now often boast displays that were previously seen only in premium models. Many come with LCD panels, but AMOLED screens are becoming more common, offering richer colors and deeper blacks. A 90Hz refresh rate is also a feature to look for, as it provides a smoother visual experience, particularly when scrolling or gaming.

Battery and Charging

Long battery life is a cornerstone for any smartphone. Look for models with at least a 5,000 mAh battery as they usually last longer. Also, check whether the phone supports wireless charging for added convenience, even though it’s less common in budget options.

Performance Metrics

A device that struggles to keep up can be frustrating. A powerful processor and a chipset capable of efficiently handling multiple tasks are important features. Also, considering phones that ship with or are compatible with Android 14 can offer better performance enhancements.

Camera Quality Insights

Camera technology has leaped forward, even in budget phones. Seek out models with a 50MP main camera or similar. Features like Smart HDR 4 can significantly improve photo quality, making for crisp, detailed images even without the premium price tag.

Storage Options

With high-res photos and apps, more storage is always better. 64GB of storage is a good starting point, but options for expansion, either through cloud services or microSD cards, can alleviate storage constraints.

Software and Security

Staying up-to-date is essential for security and features. Look for manufacturers that provide regular security updates and confirm the device’s eligibility for the latest Android updates to stay secure and enjoy new functionalities.

Connectivity and Networks

Budget phones have started supporting 5G connectivity, granting access to faster internet speeds. Other than that, check for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and if old-school wired headphones are your jam, find a model with a headphone jack.

Additional Features

Finally, don’t overlook extra perks. An IP rating for water and dust resistance adds durability, and while less common in budget models, they can still be found. Look out for these additional features, as they often provide significant value without impacting the cost much.

Leading Budget Smartphone Models 2024

2024 brings a competitive array of budget smartphones that do not skimp on quality or features. Each brand offers unique benefits to fit various preferences and budgets.

Google Pixel Series

Google Pixel 7a: Building on the solid foundation of the Pixel 6a, the Pixel 7a offers enhanced features with the Tensor G2 chipset at its core. Although slightly pricier than its predecessor, it retains hallmark features like Magic Eraser for photo editing.

Samsung Galaxy Range

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G: The successor to the Galaxy A53, Samsung’s Galaxy A54 5G is a considerable choice, equipped with the Exynos 1380 processor for smooth performance. In contrast, Samsung Galaxy A14 5G offers a valued package for those on a tighter budget.

Apple Affordable Options

Apple iPhone SE (2022): As Apple’s entry into affordable phones, the iPhone SE integrates the A15 Bionic chip, offering performance close to the pricier iPhone 13, but in a more wallet-friendly package.

OnePlus Nord Selection

OnePlus Nord N30 5G: OnePlus continues to offer affordable yet capable devices, with the Nord N30 5G standing out as a practical choice for those seeking 5G connectivity without a high price tag, following the Nord N20 5G’s success.

Value Picks From Other Brands

  • Nokia XR20: Tough and reliable.
  • Motorola Edge: A balanced handset that delivers quality at a lower price point.
  • Motorola Razr (2023): A budget-friendly foldable that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Budget Smartphone Versus High-End Models

When weighing options for a new phone, the differences between budget smartphones and high-end models boil down to a few key areas: display quality, performance, camera capabilities, and build quality.

Display and Aesthetics

High-end smartphones often flaunt superior displays with higher resolutions and refresh rates, such as 90Hz or higher. Budget phones have made strides, with many offering decent display quality, but often at standard refresh rates. The aesthetic appeal of premium models frequently includes sleeker designs and more robust materials.

Processing and Speed

The processing power in flagship phones typically comes from top-tier chips like the latest Snapdragon processors, while budget models might rely on capable but less powerful processors from manufacturers like MediaTek. The result? Flagship phones usually handle multitasking and high-demand apps more smoothly than their budget counterparts.

Photography and Video

Camera quality divides these two categories sharply. High-end models provide advanced photography features, such as multiple lenses for versatile shooting and superior low-light performance. Budget phones, including some Pixel phone iterations, offer commendable camera experiences but often lack the fine-tuning and extra features found in premium devices.

Durability and Build

Durability can vary widely among smartphones. Premium models tend to use more durable materials like aluminum frames and Gorilla Glass, while a budget model may have a plastic body. However, some of the best cheap phones manage to include water resistance and toughened screens, despite their lower price point.

Where to Buy

When hunting for a budget smartphone in 2024, buyers have diverse avenues to explore. From convenient online marketplaces to carrier store promotions and even physical retail options, there’s a pathway to suit everyone’s shopping style.

Online Marketplaces

Amazon stands out as the go-to online marketplace for buying budget smartphones. This virtual giant offers a vast selection of models, often complemented by user reviews to guide buyers. Tech enthusiasts regularly scout the top picks listed on tech review sites like TechRadar before heading to Amazon to make the purchase.

Carrier Store Deals

Carrier stores are seasoned players in the smartphone market and often present enticing deals, especially for budget devices. They sometimes bundle the smartphone purchase with affordable plan options that might lead to additional savings. Buyers should check out the latest promotions at their preferred carriers’ stores or websites.

Retail Options

Physical retail stores provide the tactile experience of feeling a phone in hand before buying. Major chains often stock an extensive range of budget smartphones. Moreover, these stores frequently price-match online deals, offering the best of both worlds: the chance to explore a phone up close and the assurance of a great deal.

Future Trends in Budget Smartphones

The march of technology waits for no one, and budget smartphones are no exception. In 2024, we’re seeing more features and better performance, making affordable phones a smart choice for many.

Emerging Technologies

Budget smartphones are no longer behind the curve. They now boast in-display fingerprint sensors and face recognition, ensuring security doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. Android phones, in particular, have become adept at integrating these advanced features.

Foldable and Alternative Designs

The foldable phone craze isn’t limited to high-end models. Phones like the Motorola Razr 2023 hint at a future where foldable designs are accessible to everyone. This year, expect more budget smartphones to experiment with flip and folding mechanisms, challenging the traditional bar design.

Battery Life Enhancements

Long-lasting battery life is critical, and manufacturers are responding. Budget phones now sport batteries that compete with or even outlast their premium counterparts. Moreover, the integration with efficient power banks is making it easier for users to keep their phones charged without constantly seeking outlets.

Advancements in Mobile Chipsets

The chipset is the heart of a smartphone, and budget devices are starting to receive the same caliber of processors that were once reserved for flagship models. These chipsets enable better multitasking, gaming, and use of AI applications, without draining the wallet.

Integration with Wearables and Home Automation

Budget smartphones are playing nice with smartwatches and home devices. These phones are swiftly becoming control centers for managing health, home security, and entertainment systems with just a few taps.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly Initiatives

With a growing concern for the environment, budget smartphones are incorporating eco-friendly materials and encouraging recycling. Efforts to reduce electronic waste are influencing design and packaging, leading to more sustainable choices for consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the world of budget smartphones can be tricky, but knowing the right questions to ask makes the journey smoother. These FAQs shed light on the top picks and smart deals for budget smartphones in 2024.

What are the top performing budget smartphones released in 2024?

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G and the Google Pixel 7a have claimed their spots as top performers. The latest Galaxy model impresses with reliable 5G connectivity, while the Pixel 7a brings Google’s premium features to a wider audience.

Which budget smartphones offer the best value for money in 2024?

For sheer value for money, the Samsung Galaxy A54 stands out as an exceptional choice, offering a balanced experience for a wallet-friendly price. The OnePlus Nord N30 5G follows closely, boasting fast charging capabilities unexpected at its price point.

Which budget Android smartphones are most recommended for performance in 2024?

When it comes to performance without breaking the bank, the Galaxy A13 with its 90Hz screen and solid processing power leads the pack among budget Androids. It delivers a smooth experience that competes with more expensive counterparts.

What are the most affordable smartphones with premium features in 2024?

Affordable yet loaded with high-end perks, the iPhone SE remains a noteworthy mention, carrying flagship qualities at a lower price bracket. Smart shoppers can also find deals on older models like the iPhone 13, pairing premium features with reduced costs.

How to find the best deals on budget smartphones in 2024?

The key to snagging the best deals lies in staying informed about carrier offers, holiday sales, and online promotions. It pays to compare prices across different retailers and to watch out for discounts on recently superseded models.

What are the standout budget smartphone models from major brands in 2024?

From Samsung, the Galaxy A13 and A54 are the buzz-worthy models for budget seekers. Apple’s iPhone SE and iPhone 12 have made a splash with their endurance and style, while OnePlus continues to impress with the affordable Nord N30 5G.

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