Samsung S10 Fingerprint Setup
Samsung S10 Fingerprint Setup

Back in 2019 Samsung recommended immediately updating your fingerprints on the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series. We take a look at what happened and why it was important – and shed light on the fact that you may want to update it from time-to-time anyway. Back in 2019 the warning stemmed from a recently discovered (at that time) vulnerability, potentially allowing unauthorized access to the devices.

Investigation into the Vulnerability

Samsung has been proactive in addressing the identified flaws related to the fingerprint recognition technology of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10. The discovered vulnerability could compromise the security of the devices, making it imperative for users to take immediate action.

The Underlying Issue

The flaw originates from the fingerprint recognition software, which can mistakenly recognize 3D patterns on certain screen protectors as fingerprints, granting unintended access. This breach in security poses significant risks and challenges the reliability of biometric authentication, a foundational aspect of user data protection on smartphones.

Immediate Actions to Take

Samsung urges users of the affected devices to remove any existing screen protectors immediately and re-register their fingerprints without delay. Additionally, users are advised to update their devices with the latest software, which includes patches aimed at resolving this security issue.

Samsung’s Commitment to Resolution

Samsung has expressed deep concern over this vulnerability and is committed to restoring user trust by releasing software updates designed to rectify the flaw. The company is working diligently to ensure the security and reliability of its fingerprint recognition technology, promising enhanced protective measures in future models.

User Responsibility

While Samsung is taking necessary actions, it is crucial for users to stay informed and be proactive in safeguarding their devices. Regularly updating the device software and adhering to recommended security practices can substantially reduce the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

The Importance of Biometric Security

The incident underscores the significance of robust biometric security in protecting user data. Biometric authentication methods, such as fingerprint recognition, have become indispensable in ensuring device security, highlighting the need for continuous advancements and refinements in this technology.


The urgent advisory from Samsung for Galaxy S10 and Note 10 users to replace their fingerprints is a crucial reminder of the evolving challenges in biometric security. While the company is resolving the issues with immediate software updates and enhanced security measures, users must also actively participate in securing their devices by following recommended practices and keeping their software updated.


  1. Why has Samsung issued this warning for Galaxy S10 and Note 10? Samsung has identified a vulnerability in the fingerprint recognition technology of these devices that could allow unauthorized access, necessitating immediate user action.
  2. What immediate actions are recommended for users of the affected devices? Users should remove any screen protectors, re-register their fingerprints, and update their devices to the latest software that includes security patches for the identified flaw.
  3. Is Samsung resolving this fingerprint recognition vulnerability? Yes, Samsung is actively addressing the issue by releasing software updates and is committed to enhancing the security measures in its fingerprint recognition technology.
  4. How significant is the role of biometric security in modern smartphones? Biometric security is crucial in protecting user data and ensuring device security, making continuous advancements and refinements in this technology imperative.
  5. Is it safe to use fingerprint recognition for securing smartphones? Generally, fingerprint recognition is a reliable biometric authentication method, but continuous enhancements and user adherence to security practices are essential for maintaining its efficacy.
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