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In “Baldur’s Gate 3,” players explore a detailed world filled with challenging quests that test their decision-making and moral choices. One of these quests, “Stop the Presses,” requires players to act quickly to protect their reputation in the city. They must stop a local newspaper from spreading false information about their character. This quest focuses on the game’s emphasis on storytelling and the consequences of players’ choices. As they undertake the “Stop the Presses” quest, players must find and sneak into the newspaper’s headquarters, make important decisions, and determine their character’s standing in the city. Along the way, they encounter various characters and obstacles, showcasing the game’s depth and the impact of every action.

How to Change Your Fate in the Stop the Presses Quest

The Stop the Presses quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) is a unique opportunity to rewrite your own narrative and change how the influential Baldur’s Mouth newspaper portrays you. This guide will walk you through how to get the quest, break into the newspaper’s offices, and sabotage the negative press.

Starting the Quest

You can pick up the quest by speaking to Estra Stir, a reporter, who is often found near the Basilisk Gate waypoint (where you enter the Lower City from Wyrm’s Rock). Estra will excitedly inform you that the Baldur’s Mouth is running an unflattering story about your exploits.

Accessing the Baldur’s Mouth

The Baldur’s Mouth headquarters are in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate. There are several ways to gain access:

  • Persuasion or Intimidation: Talk to the guards at the front door. With enough skill in either persuasion or intimidation, you may convince them to let you pass.
  • Sneak In: Find a way to sneak past the guards or use an invisibility spell/potion.
  • The Roof: Reach the roof (potentially with spells like Misty Step) and find a hole leading down to the elevator. Descend to the basement to reach the printing press.

Sabotaging the Printing Press

Once you’re in the basement, your focus is on finding the printing press.

  • A magic printing press will greet you. If you have rescued the pixie in Act 2, the dialogue may allow you to immediately select a replacement headline.
  • Otherwise, look in a wicker basket near the right-hand wall for a more favorable article, usually titled “Adventurers, Our Best Hope for the City.”
  • Combine the article with the press to change the story about you.


After tampering with the press, simply retrace your steps to the elevator and exit the building.

Important Considerations

TimingAttempt this quest promptly. If you rest before completing it, the original negative article will be published.
ConsequencesThe success of this quest significantly influences how city guards and some citizens treat you.

Key Takeaways

  • “Stop the Presses” is a quest in “Baldur’s Gate 3” that affects the player’s reputation.
  • Strategic decision-making is required to navigate through the quest successfully.
  • Completing the quest involves engaging with characters and affecting narrative outcomes.

Navigating the Quest

Embarking on the “Stop the Presses” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 involves strategic planning and stealthy execution. Players must carefully navigate through the Lower City to maintain their reputation and resolve the situation with the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette.

Initiating Stop the Presses

The quest begins when the player encounters Estra Stir near the Basilisk Gate in the Lower City. She warns that the adventurers are targeted by an unfavorable article in the next edition of the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette. Protecting one’s reputation becomes a priority, leading to the decision to intervene before the press releases the story.

Infiltrating the Gazette

To alter the disparaging headlines, players must gain entry to the building’s basement where the printing press room is located. Two main paths present themselves: one can either choose a direct approach by confronting guards or employ stealth tactics to avoid detection.

  • Confrontation: Bold adventurers might engage with guards, relying on charm or intimidation to gain entry.
  • Stealth: More cautious players can sneak in, using potions, scrolls of invisibility, or skills like Sleight of Hand to move unnoticed.

An elevator inside leads directly to the basement, but it might require some ingenuity to access. Skilled individuals could attempt to pick the lock, while those with magical capabilities might use spells like Misty Step or Fly to overcome physical barriers.

Strategy and Approaches

Once inside the printing press room, a variety of strategies can be employed:

  1. The direct method involves sabotaging the press itself, which demands a high Athletics skill to force the machinery to stop.
  2. Alternatively, players might opt for a discrete approach, manipulating the press settings to change the published content without causing a commotion.

Whichever route one chooses, timing is critical, and it’s essential to leave no trace of tampering to prevent further complications with the Gazette or city authorities.

Resolving the Plotline

When players reach Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, they are met with the challenge of dealing with slanderous headlines by the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette. Their reputation and the future of trade in the city are at stake, leading to a confrontation with the newspaper and a search for alternate solutions to remedy the situation.

Confrontation & Persuasion

Players may opt to confront the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette head-on, using their skills in persuasion to alter the outcome of the slanderous article. By utilizing their personal charm or leveraging potential blackmail, they can influence the newspaper to print a replacement article that either neutralizes the slander or swings public opinion in their favor. Engaging in dialogue with key characters at the Gazette unveils opportunities for story development and reputation management.

Alternate Solutions & Outcomes

For those avoiding confrontation, alternate methods like deception and stealth are available. Players with a rogue in the group can use abilities like Wild Shape or spells like Dimension Door to infiltrate the Steel Watch Foundry where the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette operates. Swapping the headline with an article that paints them in a better light or preventing the story from being printed at all are viable strategies. This route may involve dealing with Lord Gortash, the villain behind the slander, or even more mystical beings like Fey from the Moonlantern, adding layers to the quest outcome.

Post-Quest Ramifications

The conclusion of the Stop the Presses quest holds significant weight on the trading dynamics within the game. Depending on how players have handled the situation, they can expect some shifts within the city’s trade circles and NPC interactions. Escaping the negative publicity strengthens the player’s standing and reputation, while failure to stop the presses can lead to an uphill battle in respect to social stature and support within Baldur’s Gate.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section aims to shed light on common uncertainties regarding the “Stop the Presses” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. It covers key aspects such as outcomes, rewards, time limits, character interactions, and consequences of certain actions within the quest.

What outcomes arise from different choices in the Stop the Presses quest?

Different choices in the quest lead to varied outcomes. If you manage to alter the article successfully, you maintain a favorable reputation in the game. Failing to change the content can result in a tarnished image, and this can affect how some characters interact with you later on.

What rewards can players expect upon completing the Stop the Presses quest?

Upon successful completion, rewards typically include experience points that contribute to character leveling. Players may also obtain better standing with certain factions or characters, which could unlock additional storylines or benefits.

Is there a time constraint to consider when attempting to solve the Stop the Presses quest?

There is a time limit for this quest. Once it is accepted, players need to accomplish the objectives before taking a Long Rest; otherwise, the article will be published, and the quest will fail.

How does character interaction impact the Stop the Presses questline?

Interactions with NPCs like Estra Stir or Lens are pivotal to this questline. Persuading them or selecting the correct dialogue options helps in gaining access to the newspaper office and influencing the quest’s outcome.

What are the repercussions of aggression in the Stop the Presses quest?

Choosing an aggressive approach may lead to combat situations. This can cause unnecessary complications and might make it more difficult to complete the quest discreetly.

Can players influence the published material in the Stop the Presses quest?

Yes, players have the opportunity to influence the material that gets published. Successfully sneaking into the newspaper office and interacting with the printing press allows players to change the headline to something more favorable.

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