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The Xbox Series X has redefined home entertainment, packing powerful hardware that delivers stunning graphics and smooth performance. Gamers from all corners are experiencing their favorite titles in unparalleled clarity. With a fast SSD for reduced loading times and enhanced features like ray tracing, the Series X provides a gaming experience that’s a step above its predecessors.

Selecting the best games for the Xbox Series X boils down to personal preference, but stellar graphics, engaging gameplay, and smooth performance are essentials. Titles optimized for the Series X take full advantage of its capabilities, making these games the go-to choices for showing off what the console can do. From expansive open worlds to heart-pounding action sequences, these games aren’t just fun—they’re visually spectacular and run without a hitch.

When considering which game to pick up next, it’s crucial to weigh factors such as genre, storytelling, and replayability. Exclusive titles also hold a special allure as they’re tailored to harness every bit of the console’s power. Moreover, a game’s potential for updates and community support can keep the experience fresh and exciting long after the initial release.

As avid gamers ourselves, we know the importance of having the right game can make all the difference in our gaming sessions. We’ve put hours into testing a broad selection of titles to bring you a list that stands out in the ever-growing library of Xbox Series X games. As we move forward, let’s dive into the games that have captivated us and set a new standard for gaming excellence.

Top Picks for Xbox Series X Games

We’ve gathered a selection of the most engaging Xbox Series X games that have captivated players worldwide. Our list reflects a diverse mix of genres and titles, each known for their exceptional gameplay, cutting-edge graphics, and immersive storytelling. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the console, these games promise to provide countless hours of entertainment. Stay tuned for our top recommendations that will enhance your gaming library.

Starfield: Standard Edition


Discover the galaxy in Bethesda’s newest interstellar adventure, where immersive freedom awaits and allows you to carve your own path among the stars.


  • Deep customization to make your unique character
  • Expansive universe with over a thousand planets to explore
  • Captivating spaceflight and ship management mechanics


  • Encounter glitches that can hamper the gaming experience
  • Extensive travel can sometimes feel tedious
  • Some understated in-game guidance can lead to early frustration

Stepping into the vastness of space with Starfield is exhilarating. We crafted our protagonist and immediately felt a connection. The range of backgrounds and traits adds layers to our gameplay, giving choices real weight. As members of the Constellation, we charted unknown territories, a premise that’s as engaging as it is daunting.

The freedom of exploration is a standout feature. Touching down on uncharted worlds, each with its unique ecosystems and stories, kept us engaged for hours. Venturing into unknown realms equipped with our trusty spaceship provided a sense of wonder that’s rare in gaming.

However, encountering a glitch can quickly pull us out of the immersion. We faced challenges, like inaccessible areas crucial for progression, reminding us that even the stars aren’t perfect. While extensive travel showcases the game’s impressive scale, it can become a bit repetitive. The vastness of the game sometimes led to confusion, and without clear guidance, progress was trial and error.

In conclusion, Starfield: Standard Edition offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and adventure in space. Customizing our character and ship feels personal and impactful. Exploring diverse planets reveals a universe teeming with stories. Despite its imperfections, our journey among the stars has been nothing short of a captivating odyssey.

Way of The Hunter


We think you’ll find Way of The Hunter to be a thoroughly absorbing experience if you’re passionate about hunting in the immersive environments of the USA and Europe.


  • Incredibly detailed animal animations offering a lifelike hunting adventure
  • Cooperative multiplayer mode adds to the fun with friends
  • Rewindable bullet camera feature enhances shot analysis


  • Some players may find the game’s pace slower than typical arcade shooter games
  • The complexity may be daunting for those new to hunting simulators
  • Lack of backward compatibility for Xbox One can cause confusion

When we first got our hands on Way of The Hunter, it was clear that this isn’t just any typical game; it’s a thoughtful portrayal of hunting with a keen eye for detail. Roaming across two expansive 55 square mile territories felt like stepping into a whole other world, and tracking animals down using the realistic sign highlighting and blood splatter analysis kept us engaged for hours. It’s the little things that count, and seeing how prey react so believably when they sense our presence truly elevated the hunt.

The game shines when gathering a few friends for a cooperative session. Tackling the challenges of ethical hunting together, while sharing tips and strategies, turned what could be a solitary experience into a memorable shared adventure. We’ve often found that playing cooperatively tends to reveal aspects of a game we might not appreciate as much flying solo.

Despite these strengths, we acknowledge that Way of The Hunter might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Those seeking instant gratification may find the methodical approach to tracking and taking down game a tad slow. And for Xbox One owners out there, make sure you’re aware that this gem is tailored for Xbox Series X — a fact not everyone seems to grasp, leading to some disappointed gamers.

Still, if you ask us, this game nails the essence of hunting. Connecting with the wilderness, mastering the use of a wide array of firearms and equipment, and relishing in the triumph of a successful hunt — each element contributes to a satisfying and immersive experience that’s challenging to come by in other titles.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor


We think you’ll love diving back into the Star Wars universe with ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’—it’ll reel you in with its engaging story and gameplay.


  • Cinematic and immersive Star Wars experience
  • Improved combat mechanics over its predecessor
  • Diverse and beautiful planets to explore


  • Occasionally buggy, resulting in minor hiccups
  • Could use a broader variety of worlds
  • Requires internet connection for some features

Having just spent hours navigating the latest chapter of Cal Kestis’ journey, we can confidently say ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’ is a riveting continuation that blends elements of exploration with cinematic storytelling. The game’s visceral combat system had us hooked, combining new force abilities and diverse lightsaber styles that provided a fresh challenge even for veteran players. Exploring far-flung corners of the galaxy felt rewarding as each planet came alive with its unique settings and inhabitants.

We did notice the occasional bug, though, something that we hope will be patched in future updates. Nonetheless, these little issues barely disrupted our playthrough, and the engaging story kept us coming back for more. We found ourselves wishing for even more planets to explore, as the ones available, though impressive, had us yearning for an expansive array of galaxies true to the Star Wars universe.

The requirement for an internet connection for certain facets of the game is a bit of a downside, especially for those who prefer or are restricted to offline play. However, this hiccup is minor in the grand scheme, as ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’ offers an expansive and mostly polished gaming experience.

Our time with the game flew by, making it easy to recommend to other fans of Star Wars or action-adventure titles. The narrative felt like a step up from its predecessor, and we’re already crossing our fingers for the next installment. Whether you’re here for the lore or the lightsabers, this game seems poised to offer hours of entertainment.

Madden NFL 24

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If you’re after the latest and greatest in virtual football, Madden NFL 24 is a solid pick, thanks to its lifelike animations and intelligent in-game strategies.


  • AI that actually feels like you’re playing against a human
  • Player motions and game physics that bring the game to life
  • Dual Entitlement means more bang for your buck


  • Features requiring an internet connection could be a downside for some
  • Occasional glitches disrupting gameplay
  • Learning curve could be steep for newcomers

We’ve just spent some time on the digital field with Madden NFL 24, and it’s like the players are right there in our living room. The way they move and react—thanks to that SAPIEN technology—is leaps beyond what we’ve seen before. Our virtual athletes seem almost self-aware, making those clutch catches at crucial moments.

The new FieldSENSE adds an extra layer of control, making it feel like we’re truly calling the shots. It’s a game-changer, especially when you’re trying to carve through a rival’s defense or finding that perfect pass route. Plus, the various modes offer a range of experiences, whether we want to chase glory in a solo career or clash with others online.

Despite the high praise, we’ve had a few hiccups. It’s not rare to face an odd glitch here and there that can throw you off your game. And sure, connecting to the internet isn’t always the easiest, especially when the online features are a big sell. Those new to the franchise might need a bit of patience before they really get in their groove.

Overall, Madden NFL 24 brings a fresh, immersive experience to the Xbox Series X. If you can overlook a few small issues and embrace the complexity, you’ll find plenty of depth and enjoyment here. It feels good to have that extra bit of control, to see our players act smarter and elevate our strategies when the game heats up.

Modern Warfare II Cross-Gen Bundle


We recommend grabbing this bundle for an action-packed experience with Task Force 141.


  • Bundle includes both Xbox One & Series X versions
  • Engaging single-player campaign with familiar characters
  • Vibrant multiplayer with extensive customization options


  • Requires significant storage space
  • May need an online subscription for certain features
  • Intense action may not suit all players

After spending some time with Modern Warfare II, we were drawn into its gripping campaign. Reuniting with characters like Price and Ghost felt like catching up with old buddies. The missions were varied, keeping us on the edge of our seats whether we were sneaking through enemy lines or in the heat of an all-out assault.

The multiplayer mode didn’t disappoint either. Jumping into battles had us weave through new tactics, maps, and community events. The gunplay is precise, making each firefight satisfying. Strategizing with friends to outplay others added another layer of excitement to the already thrilling gameplay.

The Special Ops mode, a cooperative multiplayer experience, is a test of our tactical skills and teamwork. Every mission called for a fresh approach, adding replayability to the game. And with the promise of new content, it seems like Modern Warfare II will keep us engaged for the long run.

This bundle is a definite win for those wanting to dive into a next-gen gaming experience. Remember to have a good amount of free storage on your console – this game is a heavyweight.

Sonic Origins Plus


If you’re seeking a nostalgic ride with a modern twist, Sonic Origins Plus is a must-have for your Xbox Series X arsenal.


  • Includes a generous collection of 16 Sonic titles with new playable characters
  • Refined visuals and additional content enhance classic Sonic gameplay
  • Offers both classic and anniversary modes for varied gaming experiences


  • Some may find the remastered animations depart from the vintage Sonic feel
  • Additional content could be overwhelming for gamers new to the Sonic universe
  • Minor inconsistencies in game performance reported by a few players

Having spent significant time speeding through the digitally-revamped zones of Sonic Origins Plus, we’ve experienced firsthand the fresh life breathed into this compendium of classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. The game feels both familiar and new, thanks to the crisp high-definition touch-ups and the reintroduction of beloved characters like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and, for the first time, Amy Rose.

The gameplay strikes an appreciable balance between the unaltered thrills of the original games and the convenience of modern gaming, with the anniversary mode gifting gamers unlimited lives and a panoramic HD perspective. Meanwhile, the additional content from mirror mode to extreme missions provides a layer of depth that keeps the experience fresh and challenging.

Yet, it’s not mere nostalgia that makes this collection stand out; the animated shorts that accompany each game offer a glimpse behind the iconic series, while the new character animations and music from other Sonic titles add some extra charm. Each session feels rewarding, whether completing a new stage, unlocking behind-the-scenes content, or simply racing through loops and collecting rings like the good old days.

In essence, Sonic Origins Plus is not just a trip down memory lane. It’s a polished-up invitation to old and new fans alike to explore and enjoy the Sonic universe with a quality that suits the capabilities of the Xbox Series X.

Hogwarts Legacy


If you’re a fan of magic and adventure, grabbing Hogwarts Legacy is a no-brainer.


  • Expansive open-world gameplay that truly captures the magic
  • Character customization allows for a personal, immersive experience
  • The story dives deep into the Wizarding World lore


  • Region-free version may have minor differences from local version
  • Graphics and performance may vary depending on Xbox model
  • Some may find the game less appealing if not fans of the Harry Potter franchise

Waving my wand and venturing through the iconic halls of Hogwarts, I can definitely say the excitement never wanes in Hogwarts Legacy. The game’s world is vast and begging for exploration. Whether you’re a fan of the books, movies, or new to the scene, this title packs a punch with its enchanting open-world escapade. It’s thrilling to attend classes, learn spells, and see familiar places rendered so beautifully.

What really sets it apart is the liberty to shape your own character. Fitting into a house, brewing potions, and tending to magical creatures – it’s all deeply enthralling. This level of customization isn’t just a gimmick; it makes every decision in the game feel significant, as if I’m truly influencing the wizarding world.

Bear in mind, though, this version might have some variations from what you’d buy locally. It’s a small hitch, but it’s worth noting for those who care about regional differences in packaging and product support. Additionally, for the hardware purists out there, keep in mind that the game’s visuals and frame rate can differ based on which Xbox model you have.

Despite these considerations, Hogwarts Legacy’s charm is undeniable. From the stunning scores that echo the films’ allure to the depth of the storyline, the game garners an earnest recommendation from us. Whether battling dark wizards or simply flying around on a broomstick, the magic of Hogwarts Legacy lingers long after you turn off your console.

Riders Republic


We believe adrenaline junkies will thrive on the thrill that Riders Republic offers, thanks to its vast open world and exciting multiplayer competitions.


  • Offers a diverse range of extreme sports
  • Massive multiplayer races with over 50 players create dynamic gameplay
  • Vibrant open world based on iconic US national parks


  • The open world may be overwhelming for players seeking simpler gameplay
  • Some may find the game mechanics a bit complex to master
  • Career mode requires time investment to fully enjoy

Riders Republic sweeps us into a vivid recreation of the great outdoors, where every leap, grind, and dash pumps the excitement higher. Whether we’re shredding down the powdery slopes of Yosemite or soaring through the sky in a wingsuit, the sense of freedom is electrifying. The game constantly pushes us to refine our skills, and the controls respond fluidly, making every success feel earned.

Despite the game’s gorgeous landscapes and thrilling sports variety, we must admit, it does take a moment to get the hang of things. Transitioning from one sport to another in this extensive playground requires a level of finesse that doesn’t always come naturally. But once we’re familiar with the routes and tricks, the world becomes our oyster, inviting us to explore every corner and uncover hidden challenges with our friends.

Our competitive spirit finds its home in Riders Republic. The mass races are a delightful chaos where strategy and reflexes are key to taking the lead. It’s not just about speed – it’s about outsmarting and outmaneuvering opponents in real-time. The excitement of neck-and-neck finishes has us coming back for more, race after exhilarating race.

Guardians of the Galaxy Adventure


We think you’ll enjoy the interstellar mayhem and camaraderie of the Guardians of the Galaxy, offering an engaging mix of action and narrative.


  • Dives into an engrossing original story
  • Allows you to command and synergize a dynamic team
  • Features an awesome ’80s soundtrack to enhance gameplay


  • Might be too cinematic for those seeking constant action
  • Includes long dialogue sequences not everyone will love
  • Occasional technical glitches disrupt the flow

Just finished grappling with a band of mischievous space rogues in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and the experience was a wild ride across the stars. Leading as Star-Lord, the gameplay felt invigorating, with electrifying combat moves and strategic team command that had us calling the shots amidst chaos.

The narrative is fresh, full of unexpected twists and buoyed by the charm you’d hope from such renowned characters. We felt fully in charge of the adventure, making decisions that shaped the game’s direction, providing a unique sense of ownership over our galactic journey.

Each Guardian brought a distinctive flavor to the action, and the camaraderie felt both genuine and hilarious. Balancing leadership with the quirks of each hero was a thrilling challenge. Plus, the soundtrack? Pure ’80s glory, setting the perfect tone for every battle and story moment.

Granted, at times the cinematic style took over, leading to stretches where gameplay took a backseat to storytelling. We noticed a few glitches here and there too, but they didn’t detract much from the overall fun. Should you decide to join this band of unlikely heroes, gear up for a blend of laughter, action, and heartfelt moments across the cosmos. It’s not just a game; it’s an experience that sticks with you.

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When we’re on the hunt for Xbox Series X games, we aim for titles that truly enhance our gaming experience. Here’s what we should look for:

Graphics and Performance: With the power of the Xbox Series X, we expect top-notch visuals. Games that offer 4K resolution and a high frame rate will provide a more immersive experience.

Genre Preferences: We all have our favorite types of games, whether it’s action, adventure, sports, or something else. Let’s stick to genres that we enjoy.

Multiplayer Options: If we love gaming with friends, we have to check for multiplayer features. Whether it’s online or local, playing with others can be a blast.

Considerations for Value

Game Length and Replayability: We look for games that offer enough content to justify their price. Games with higher replay value or longer storylines give us more bang for our buck.

Downloadable Content (DLC) and Updates: We should consider if the game comes with additional content that’s worth the extra expense. Ongoing updates can also add value to our purchase.

Community and Reviews

Engaging with the community and reading reviews can guide us towards the best choices. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Source Why It’s Helpful
Online Forums Real player experiences and advice.
Professional Reviews Detailed analysis of gameplay and mechanics.
User Reviews Diverse opinions from a wide audience.

By combining these insights with our personal preferences and the features we care about, we’ll be well on our way to selecting fantastic Xbox Series X games that suit our tastes and provide hours of entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about Xbox Series X games. This section will help you discover new games to play and understand more about the gaming options available.

What are the top-rated Xbox Series X games according to critics?

Leading titles for the Xbox Series X have wowed critics with their immersive gameplay and stunning graphics. Games like “Halo Infinite” and “Forza Horizon 5” have received high praise for their performance on the platform.

Which upcoming Xbox Series X games should I look out for?

We should keep an eye on releases like “Starfield” and “Fable,” as these titles promise to bring exciting new adventures to our consoles. Anticipation for these games is high due to their engaging worlds and potential for groundbreaking gameplay.

What are the best games for beginners on Xbox Series X?

For those just starting, “Minecraft” and “Ori and the Will of the Wisps” offer accessible gameplay experiences. They are easy to learn and provide hours of entertainment without being too complex.

Can you list some Xbox Series X exclusives worth playing?

Certainly, the Xbox Series X lineup features must-play exclusives like “The Medium” and “Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II.” These games offer experiences you won’t find on any other console.

What are the most popular games on Xbox Game Pass for Series X?

Xbox Game Pass members regularly enjoy games such as “Sea of Thieves” and “Gears 5.” These games top the popularity charts thanks to their engaging content and regular updates.

Which Xbox Series X titles are currently the most played?

Games like “Call of Duty: Warzone” and “Fortnite” continue to dominate playtime charts. Their vast multiplayer communities and constant updates keep players coming back for more.

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