Squishmallows have taken the plush toy world by storm with their silky soft fabric and round, huggable bodies. Initially created by Kellytoy in 2017, these charming stuffed animals quickly became a hit among kids and adults alike. What sets Squishmallows apart is not just their squishy, marshmallow-like texture which provides comfort and support as a pillow or cuddle buddy, but also their vast array of adorable characters. Each Squishmallow comes with their own unique name and backstory, adding a personal touch that has helped build a community of collectors and fans.

When shopping for the best Squishmallows, it’s important to consider the character variety and their availability, as some are rarer than others. Size also matters; they can range from a tiny 3.5 inches to an impressive 24 inches. Keeping in mind the space you have available and the size of Squishmallow that will bring the most joy is crucial. Material quality is another key factor, ensuring you select a Squishmallow that retains its softness and shape over time.

Our team understands the joy these cuddly companions bring, which is why we’ve dedicated our efforts to narrowing down the top squishy selections. We meticulously assessed each Squishmallow based on softness, cuteness, and cuddle factor, ensuring we recommend only the best for Squishmallow enthusiasts.

Top Squishmallows Picks

We’ve gathered a list of the coziest and most adorable Squishmallows on the market. Each has been selected for its unique charm and cuddle-worthy quality, perfect for Squishmallow enthusiasts of all ages. Whether for a gift or a personal treasure, these plush companions promise to bring comfort and joy to whoever they meet. Enjoy exploring the soft textures and endearing faces of these beloved plush toys.

Top 10 Squishmallows for 2024

RankSquishmallow NameProsCons
1Squishmallows Harry PotterSuper soft, detailed design, easy to cleanLimited character design, not for rough play
2Glady The Ice CreamUltra-soft, adorable tie-dye pattern, great giftPricey for size, durability concerns
3Maui The PineappleCuddly, machine washable, unique personalityToo large for small spaces, limited edition
4Felton The Siamese CatExceptionally soft, durable, versatile useLimited design variety, limited educational value
5Jerome the TriceratopsSoft and squishy, promotes imaginative play, perfect sizeNeeds more stuffing, light color shows dirt
6TOYSYM Black CatMultifunctional with baby cats, extremely soft, versatileMay arrive flat, size issues, facial stitching variance
7Demir The DogIncredibly soft, versatile, durableHigher price, large size, too popular
8Ernest the Orange MonsterIncredibly soft, bright design, perfect sizePricey, collectible appeal, large for small kids
9Squishmallows GaboureyExtraordinarily soft, unique character, collectibleNot for rough play, collecting can be expensive
10Ada the Cream CowUltra-soft materials, unique backstory, variety of designsCare instructions needed, large for small spaces

1. Squishmallows Original Harry Potter

Harry Potter Squishmallow

If you’re a fan of cozy comfort and the wizarding world, adding this Squishmallow Harry Potter to your collection is a no-brainer.


  • Super soft and huggable, perfect for comfort
  • Detailed Harry Potter design that fans will love
  • Easy to clean with simple hand washing


  • Only one character design, so options are limited
  • May not be suitable for rough play
  • A collectible that might be pricier than standard plush toys

Sinking into the plush embrace of the Squishmallows Harry Potter plush, we couldn’t help but feel a comforting sense of nostalgia mixed with the delightful squishiness that these toys are known for. The quality is top-notch, and it feels like every detail was crafted with care, exhibiting nothing but love for the classic Gryffindor robe.

The coziness of this Squishmallow can’t be overstated. Whether we curled up with it during our latest movie marathon or used it as an impromptu pillow during a road trip, it provided unwavering comfort. We chuckled, thinking how it could double as a whimsical addition to a living room sofa or the centerpiece of a Harry Potter-themed bedroom.

But let’s chat practicality for a second. When it came time for a clean, a simple wash and air dry had our magical buddy looking as good as new. And for those building their own Squishmallow Squad, the Harry Potter theme opens a door to a whole new avenue of enchanting collectibles.

However, we must admit, if you’re after a wide array of characters, the choices could feel a bit restrictive. Also, we’d advise against giving it to younger kids who might not understand the value of this collectible. The craftsmanship beckons respect, not the wear and tear of roughhouse play.

Overall, the Squishmallows Original Harry Potter plush stood out as a charming, snuggly friend that sparked joy among us, fans and non-fans alike. Whether for play or display, it casts its spell unapologetically.

2. Glady The Ice Cream Squishmallow

Glady The Ice Cream Squishmallow

Glady the Ice Cream Squishmallow brightens any day with its cuddly softness and adorable design, making it an instant favorite.


  • Ultra-soft and perfect for cuddling
  • Adorable design with a unique tie-dye pattern
  • Great gift for kids and collectors of all ages


  • A bit pricey for its size
  • Smaller than some may expect
  • Long-term durability could be a concern

Every time we scoop up Glady the Ice Cream Squishmallow, it’s like hugging a cloud. Its plushness just kind of melts you into a smile. Designed with care, Glady’s rainbow hues and sweet expression turn a regular ol’ stuffed toy into a vibrant companion for anyone who loves a bit of color in their life.

We get that stuffed friends ought to withstand a good amount of love, and so far, Glady’s stitching and fabric have held up. We toted it around, from car rides to movie nights, and it’s still ready for more snuggle sessions. Its tie-dye design doesn’t even seem to fade after a few cuddles, which is a solid thumbs-up.

However, we’ve got to point out, Glady isn’t the biggest Squishmallow in the squad. With that premium price tag, some may expect a larger plush pal. It’s a bit of a trade-off – superior squishiness for size. If you’re looking to stretch your dollars or hoping to impress with size, this might not be the first choice.

When it comes to staying power, while Glady feels sturdy enough, only time will really tell if it can handle the hustle and bustle of constant companionship. For now, we say, if you’re up for adding a dash of charm and a sprinkle of love to your Squishmallow collection, Glady the Ice Cream is sweet on making friends.

3. Maui The Pineapple Squishmallow

Maui The Pineapple

If comfort and cute are what you’re after, Maui The Pineapple won’t disappoint.


  • Cuddly and comforting to hold
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Infuses a unique personality into your collection


  • Might be too large for very small spaces
  • Not suitable for rough play
  • Limited edition means it might be hard to find soon

It’s been just a short while since we got our hands on the Maui The Pineapple Squishmallow, and it’s already hard to imagine our collection without her. The ultra-soft, marshmallow-like feel of these plush toys is exactly what’s needed after a long day. What’s more, they’re not just for kids. Adults are joining in on the Squishmallow craze, and it’s clear to see why.

Our recent road trip proved Maui to be an indispensable companion. With her by your side, journeys become less dreary. Plus, the fact that she’s easily washable means any travel mishaps are quickly remedied with a spin in the machine.

As avid collectors, we appreciate that each Squishmallow has its own story. Maui, with her determination to conquer fears, inspires us to take on our own challenges. Gifting her to a friend or a child could be a delightful way to encourage them to face their fears.

However, it’s essential to bear in mind that while Maui is sizable enough to double as a cozy pillow, she might not fit perfectly in smaller spaces like a crowded bed full of toys. And although sturdy, we wouldn’t suggest subjecting her to intense play as she is meant for snuggling rather than rugged use. Lastly, being a part of a special collection implies that once stock runs out, it might be tough to get your hands on one later.

In conclusion, Maui The Pineapple is more than just a soft plush to add to the shelf. She’s a buddy that brings warmth, comfort, and a sprinkle of courage into our lives. Her cheerful face and snuggly form can easily make anyone’s day a little brighter.

4. Felton the Squishmallow

Felton The Siamese Cat Squishmallow

The Felton Squishmallow is a snuggle buddy we’ve all been charmed by, thanks to its incredible softness and adorable design.


  • Exceptionally soft and huggable
  • Durable and well-crafted
  • Versatile use from car rides to bedtime


  • Collectors may desire more varied designs
  • Limited educational value
  • May not be the preferred size for everyone

Getting our hands on Felton the Squishmallow, we were instantly taken in by how plush and cozy it felt. There’s something about squeezing this little guy that brings a sense of peace and comfort, which is no doubt why it’s become a favorite for people of all ages.

Holding Felton, it’s clear that the manufacturers put a lot of thought into its construction. It’s not just about the softness, but also about how sturdy it feels. Kids dragging it from room to room, it’s still as fluffy as the day we got it – a testament to its durability.

Now, we must acknowledge not every squishy pal is perfect for everyone. Some might find Felton too commonplace in looks; collectors often look for rarer designs. Yet even so, its charm is undeniable. Sure, it won’t replace educational toys, but as a companion for restful moments, it’s unmatched.

Lastly, its size fits quite well for cuddling but might not fit the bill for those seeking either a tiny companion or a larger cushion-like pal. It’s a middle-of-the-road option, superb for hugging and easy enough to carry around.

In summary, Felton the Squishmallow dazzles with a huggable design and an endearing presence that’s hard to ignore, whether for playtime or for a comforting cuddle.

The consensus among our friends is clear; for anyone in search of a fuzzy friend to share in quiet moments or adventures on the go, Felton the Squishmallow offers a squishy embrace unlike any other. If your heart is set on a Siamese cat with the softest touch, look no further.

5. Jerome the Triceratops Squishmallow

Jerome the Triceratops Squishmallow

If you’re after a soft, huggable friend, Jerome won’t disappoint with his cushy and adorable presence.


  • Exceptionally soft and Squishy for ultimate comfort
  • Promotes imaginative play with a unique character design
  • Perfect size for travel and cuddles


  • May need more stuffing for those who prefer firmer plush toys
  • Light color might show dirt more easily
  • Some may find it pricier compared to other plushies

After spending some time with Jerome, we’ve grown quite fond of this friendly triceratops. The soft material is a dream to snuggle with, creating a sense of comfort that can’t be overstated. Whether you’re lounging on the couch or need a travel buddy for a road trip, his squishy constitution molds perfectly for any scenario.

We’ve observed Jerome becoming more than just a plush toy; he quickly turns into a cherished companion—each squish encourages imaginative play and storytelling. You’ll find kids concocting adventures with Jerome by their side, and honestly, we’ve been tempted to join the fun ourselves!

However, we did notice that over time, Jerome might loom less plump than when he first arrived. For those who like their cuddle buddies with a bit more resistance, this might be a point to consider. Also, his vibrant hue, while eye-catching, could attract stains, so you might want to keep him away from anything that might spoil his looks.

Overall, Jerome has earned a spot in our hearts and on our shelves. It’s clear to see why he’s been hugged tight in homes across the country.

6. TOYSYM Cat Cuddles

TOYSYM Black Cat Stuffed Animal

We believe this adorable TOYSYM Black Cat Stuffed Animal set with its squishy baby cats is a joy for kids and serves as a great snuggly companion.


  • Multifunctional with a surprise element of baby cats inside.
  • Extremely soft and huggable, providing a comfortable feel.
  • Versatile as both a cute decoration and a cuddly pillow.


  • May arrive flat due to vacuum packing and require fluffing up.
  • Size might be smaller than expected.
  • Facial stitching may differ slightly from photos.

Sinking into the plush embrace of the TOYSYM Black Cat Stuffed Animal, we’re greeted by the tender touch of PP cotton filler that reminds us of a cloud’s caress. The black cat isn’t just a solitary figure; it hides a delightful secret—a quartet of baby kittens nestled within, ready to surprise and delight.

Our days are often brightened by placing this plump pillow amongst our home decor, as it brings a touch of whimsy to our spaces. Not just pleasing to the eye, it becomes the centerpiece of many heartwarming moments, be it on our couch or when gifted to a loved one.

While it’s wonderful having these plush toys bring smiles all around, attention is needed when they first arrive. Initially, they come packed tightly, so we have to spend a bit of time fluffing and helping them regain their full, intended shape. It’s a small task to ensure they’re ready to be fully enjoyed.

7. Demir The Snuggle Buddy

Demir The Dog

If you’re on the hunt for a cuddly pal to share the love with the kids, Demir the Dog tops the list with its undeniable charm.


  • Incredibly soft and perfect for hugging
  • Versatile for imaginative play or comfort during travel
  • Durable and well-made for endless snuggles


  • A higher price point compared to some other plush toys
  • Large size may not be convenient for very small spaces
  • Might become too popular, causing squabbles amongst the little ones

Curling up with Demir the Dog just feels cozy and comforting. As we squeezed its soft plush body, it felt like wrapping our arms around a cloud. Its friendly-faced, fuzzy fabric invites the gentlest of pats and the most heartwarming of squeezes, making it an instant best buddy during storytime or a movie marathon.

We took Demir on a road trip recently, and it was a hit among the kids. Long hours in the backseat turned into a delight rather than a drag. This Squishmallow not only served as a comfy pillow but also ignited a gleeful spark of creativity, with the kids coming up with countless adventures for their new green dog companion.

After weeks of play, we noticed how resilient and durable Demir is. Despite the everyday wear and tear from enthusiastic play sessions and nightly cuddles, the stitching held strong with no signs of wear. It’s refreshing to see a plush toy that can truly withstand the love and energy of children.

8. Ernest the Orange Monster

Ernest the Orange Monster

Picking up Ernest, you’ll immediately feel why every hug reassures us comfort comes in cute packages.


  • Incredibly soft and great for cuddles
  • Bright, cheerful design brings smiles
  • Perfect size for on-the-go companionship


  • Might be pricey for some budgets
  • Collectible appeal might necessitate buying more
  • Could be too large for very small kids

Recently, we had a chance to spend some time with Ernest the Orange Monster, part of the delightful Squishmallows family. First off, it’s like hugging a cloud that’s come down just for you. The vibrant orange hue and friendly face of Ernest instantly lifted our spirits. This fluffy buddy ticks all our boxes for a snug companion, be it on your bed or in your arms.

But, we all have different preferences. Some might find the price tag a bit steep, especially if you’re looking to grow your Squishmallow squad. As a collectible, the desire to grab more might be irresistible, which adds up.

Even at 10 inches, this plush may seem imposing for the littlest ones in our circles. Still, its size makes it a great travel buddy for road trips or flights. On a cozy evening, turning the pages of your favorite book becomes even more enjoyable with this squishy sidekick by your side.

Certainly, whether you’re gifting it or adding to your collection, Ernest the Orange Monster is a snuggly statement that’s hard to resist.

9. Squishmallows 14-Inch Gabourey

Squishmallows Gabourey

We think the Squishmallows Original Gabourey is a hug in plush form, ideal for anyone in need of a soft companion.


  • Extraordinarily soft and cuddly material
  • Unique character with an interesting backstory
  • Collectible with other Squishmallows for added fun


  • May not be suitable for rough play
  • Collecting can be expensive
  • Needs special care to maintain its softness

After spending some time with Gabourey, the peach flying squirrel Squishmallow, we’ve been charmed by its plush comfort. This isn’t just another stuffed animal – Gabourey comes with a sparkle of creativity, literally! The sequined heart adds that touch of shimmer, and who can resist a toy that doubles as a cozy pillow?

Just last night, during movie time, Gabourey was the perfect cuddle buddy. There’s something about the ultrasoft ‘Mallow material that makes you feel like you’re hugging a cloud. In fact, having this Squishmallow around felt like a stress-reliever – great for squeezing tight during those nail-biter scenes.

What’s more, our Gabourey has a whimsical story of writing romantic comedies, making it not only a fluffy friend but a conversation-starter and a match for those of us who love a good story or screenplay. Honestly, it’s like having a little imaginative companion by your side.

But let’s keep it real – these Squishmallows are on the delicate side. Roughhousing isn’t ideal for Gabourey’s squishy form. And if you’re like us and start to get hooked on these adorable creatures, your wallet might feel the pinch. Plus, they demand gentle care and cleaning to keep them soft and snuggly.

All in all, the Squishmallow squad has gained a new member in our hearts with Gabourey. It’s a delightful addition to any collection and can bring a smile even on dreary days. If you’re looking to start or expand your Squishmallow family, give Gabourey a squeeze. You’ll feel the instant cheer that has become synonymous with these plush pals.

10. Ada the Cream Cow

Ada Cream Cow

We think Ada the Cream Cow is going to be your cozy companion, snuggled up with her softness and adorable design.


  • Ultra-soft materials provide immense comfort
  • The unique backstory adds a personal touch
  • Perfect for collectors and kids with its variety of designs


  • Care instructions needed to maintain softness
  • May be too large for small storage spaces
  • Popularity can lead to occasional stock shortages

Ada has quickly become one of our go-to squishy friends for comfort. Holding her close during a movie or when needing a little pick-me-up, her ultra-plush feel and the high-quality materials stand out. We’ve noticed that adults and children alike can’t resist squeezing Ada, because, let’s be real, who could say no to those charming green floral spots?

When it comes to finding a plush that’s more than just a toy, Ada takes the cake. Each Squishmallow comes with a unique name and bio, which makes collecting them so much fun. We appreciate how Ada’s story sparks imagination, especially when we’re foraging for mushrooms in our garden, pretending she’s right there with us.

We do have to admit, while Ada fits perfectly on our beds and couches, she can be a bit cumbersome in smaller spaces. Storing her isn’t always a breeze, especially if you’re working with limited room. However, we’ve found that this gentle cow often ends up being a display piece because of its cuteness—a problem that’s not really a problem if you ask us.

Squishmallows like Ada are not just stuffed animals; they’re a wholesome experience. From adding a delightful aesthetic to our rooms to providing an unexpected emotional support, we’re thoroughly charmed. Are you ready to join us and the rest of the Squishmallow Squad?

Buying Guide

Assessing Quality

When looking for the best squishy companions, we focus on quality. A good squishmallow should feel soft and plush, not stiff or lumpy. The stitching should be neat and durable; we don’t want them coming apart after a few cuddles!

Size Matters

Size is also key. Think about where it’s going to spend most of its time – on a bed, a desk, or maybe in a backpack? Smaller sizes might be perfect for travel, while larger ones can be great for snuggles at home.

Care Instructions

Look for ones that come with clear care instructions. If you can wash and dry them without a fuss, they’ll be your cuddly pals for much longer.

FeatureWhy It’s Important
MaterialEnsures comfort and durability.
SizeShould fit the intended use space.
WashabilityEasy cleaning is a must.

Color and Design

Consider the color and design – it should be something you love looking at every day. Bright colors and unique patterns can make your space more lively. Plus, if it’s a gift, keep the receiver’s preferences in mind.

Safety First

For the little ones, ensure there are no small parts or loose accessories. Safety standards are a must. It’s best when they’re suitable for all ages.

Price Point

Lastly, we consider price. Value for money is important; it should align with the quality and features. Remember, the most expensive option isn’t always the best. Choose wisely and it’ll be money well spent.

With these pointers in mind, you’re all set to pick out the perfect squishy friend. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

As passionate collectors, we constantly hunt for unique and rare Squishmallows, and we’ve gathered some of the most common queries to help guide you.

What are some of the rarest Squishmallows to look for?

The rarest Squishmallows often include limited editions and store exclusives, such as the golden Hans the Hedgehog or the purple Avery the Mallard. These finds are like hidden gems in our searches.

Which Squishmallows are considered the most popular among collectors?

Among collectors, the popularity soars for Squishmallows with unique textures or colorways, like the tie-dye pegasus named Wendy or the pastel rainbow unicorn named Belana.

What are some highly sought after Disney Squishmallows?

Disney Squishmallows that have us on the lookout are the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse squish, especially when they’re decked out in seasonal attire or are part of a limited release.

How to identify the best Squishmallows for collecting vs. reselling?

For collecting, we aim for Squishmallows that resonate personally or complete a set, like the whole squad of sea creatures. In reselling, we watch for demand and exclusivity, like a retailer-specific Leonard the Lion.

Which Squishmallow characters make ideal gifts for males?

Characters such as Jack the Black Cat, Rocky the Raccoon, or Archie the Axolotl are often popular choices for males, appealing to a wide range of tastes and interests.

What factors contribute to a Squishmallow being deemed ‘the cutest’?

Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, but vibrant colors, endearing facial expressions, and a soft, huggable texture often sway our judgment towards deeming a Squishmallow ‘the cutest’.

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