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Podcasts have become a favorite way to get stories, learn new things, and laugh. But with so many out there, how do you find the real standouts? Here’s a list of some of my best podcast episodes ever created.

Listen Up: Must-Hear Podcast Episodes

RankPodcastEpisode TitleGenreYearBrief Description
1Serial“Adnan Syed” (Season 1, Episode 1)True Crime2014Launched the true-crime podcast craze, questioning Adnan Syed’s murder conviction.
2This American Life“24 Hours at the Golden Apple” (Episode 451)Documentary2010Captures a day in a Chicago public high school, showcasing student, teacher, and administrator challenges and triumphs.
3Radiolab“Passenger on the HMS Beagle” (Episode 16)Science2008Explores Charles Darwin’s life and work using creative sound design and storytelling to bring his discoveries to life.
4Reply All“The Case of the Missing Hit” (Episode 101)Technology2017Investigates the mysterious disappearance of a popular song from the internet, delving into music distribution and copyright complexities.
599% Invisible“The Milk Carton Kids” (Episode 265)Design2016Explores the design and cultural significance of milk cartons, from their origins to their role in missing persons cases.
6S-Town“Chapter 1”Serialized Storytelling2017Introduces the enigmatic life of John B. McLemore, drawing listeners into a compelling and ultimately heartbreaking mystery.
7WTF with Marc Maron“Episode 815: Barack Obama”Interview2018Features a wide-ranging and candid conversation with former President Barack Obama, covering everything from politics to pop culture.
8The Moth“The Moth Presents Anthony Griffith: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times”Storytelling2012Features comedian and storyteller Anthony Griffith sharing hilarious and poignant stories about his life.
9Hardcore History“Prophets of Doom” (Episode 59)History2011Explores the rise and fall of religious movements predicting the end of the world, offering historical perspective on contemporary anxieties.
10TED Radio Hour“Love” (Episode 12)Talks2015Features several TED Talks exploring different aspects of love, from romantic relationships to self-compassion.
11Code Switch“Latinx”Language2019Explores the history and meaning of the term “Latinx.”
12Heavyweight“After Ali”Memoir2018Revisits a high school prank and its consequences.
13Up First“The Coronavirus Update”News2020Provides an update on the coronavirus pandemic.
14How I Built This“Chipotle”Business2019Features an interview with the founder of Chipotle.
15Still Processing“Can We Talk About Kids and Race?”Parenting2019Discusses how to talk to kids about race.
16Invisibilia“The Mystery Number” (Episode 1)Science2015Explores the power and limitations of numbers, using the example of pi.
17The Daily“The Impeachment Inquiry”News2019Covers the day’s news about the Trump impeachment inquiry.
18Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!“Not My Job Interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda”Comedy2016Features a comedic interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda.
19This Is Love“Episode 1: The Beginning”Relationships2018Explores the different forms love can take.
20The Adventure Zone“Murder on the Starblaster” (Episode 1)Fiction2014Launches a comedic Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast.
21The West Wing Weekly“Pilot”Television2017Offers a comedic rewatch

Bonus Info & Suggestions

Reply All – “The Case of the Missing Hit”
: Frequently mentioned for its engaging storytelling and emotional payoff, this episode from Reply All stands out for its captivating journey into solving a musical mystery that seems impossible at the outset. It’s praised for its intrigue and the emotional resonance it creates with listeners.

This American Life – “129 Cars”: Highlighted for its exceptional narrative depth, this episode delves into the high-stakes world of car sales, providing listeners with a gripping story that combines human interest with the drama of a sales quota countdown.

Radiolab – “Colors”: This episode is celebrated for its educational content that explores the science and mystery behind colors in an entertaining and accessible manner. It’s recommended for its ability to break down complex scientific concepts into fascinating stories.

The Joe Rogan Experience – “Elon Musk” (#1169): Noted for its insightful conversation with one of the most influential tech entrepreneurs of our time, this episode offers a rare glimpse into the mind of Elon Musk, making it a must-listen for fans of technology and innovation.

WTF with Marc Maron – “President Barack Obama” (Episode 613): This episode is renowned for its historic nature and the intimate conversation it presents with a sitting president. The informal setting and candid discussion offer listeners a unique perspective on Barack Obama.

S-Town – “Chapter II”: Part of a critically acclaimed series, this episode continues the intriguing narrative set in motion from the first chapter, captivating listeners with its mystery and the complex portrait it paints of its central character.

Defining Podcast Excellence

When dissecting what makes a podcast episode truly stand out, various elements come into play. First and foremost, high-quality sound is crucial. It not only enhances listener immersion but maintains the attention on the content. Whether it’s an audio drama or a podcast discussion, clear and balanced sound conveys professionalism and dedication to the craft.

The content of podcasts also plays a central role. The best podcast episodes are those that tell a compelling story or share intriguing insights. They don’t just inform but engage the listener, making them think or feel part of an intimate conversation. Additionally, the best episodes resonate with listeners on a personal level. Podcasts that discuss universal themes, provide unique perspectives, or explore untold stories earn their spot in the lineup of noteworthiness. Podcasting, as an evolution of traditional radio, excels when it personalizes experiences and connects with its audience on a deeper level.

Lastly, a well-crafted podcast episode feels effortless. The flow from one topic to another, the rhythm of speech, and the pacing all contribute to an experience that feels both organized and spontaneous. It’s this delicate balance that can make a podcast episode leave a lasting impression and be considered the best in listeners’ ears.

Genre-Specific Standout Episodes

Great podcast episodes are like miniature masterpieces, captivating our imaginations across diverse genres. From gripping true crime tales to enlightening science explorations, the podcast world offers something for every listener.

True Crime and Investigative Journalism

The true crime genre has exploded in popularity. Series like Serial unravel complex legal cases, episode by episode. S-Town delves into the enigmatic life and death of a small-town genius. Criminal explores fascinating stories of crime, justice, and the gray areas in between.

Comedy and Entertainment

For a dose of laughter, WTF with Marc Maron delivers humor-infused interviews with notable figures. The Moth showcases the power of personal storytelling, highlighting both humorous and heartfelt experiences that resonate universally.

Science and Educational

Radiolab approaches complex scientific topics with infectious curiosity, making them engaging for all. Hardcore History offers immersive journeys into pivotal moments of the past. Science Vs cuts through popular myths with fact-based explanations.

Arts and Culture

99% Invisible reveals the often-overlooked design elements that shape our world. This American Life blends storytelling and journalism to illuminate poignant aspects of American culture. These podcasts delve into music, film, and the broader creative landscape, fostering a richer appreciation for the arts.

Iconic Episodes Across Podcast Series

Podcasts whisk us away on audio adventures, whether we’re exploring profound human stories, untangling scientific mysteries, or stepping into a world of the bizarre and whimsical. Here’s a look at standout episodes from legendary podcast series that have captivated listeners worldwide.

This American Life: Landmark Stories

This American Life has a knack for weaving everyday tales into compelling narratives. One such episode, “The Giant Pool of Money,” delves deep into the 2008 financial crisis. Its ability to illuminate complex topics through intimate storytelling sets the gold standard for journalistic podcasts.

Radiolab: Explorations of the Unknown

Radiolab journeys through science and philosophy, often turning the abstract into the relatable. Episodes like “Colors” colorfully illustrate how our perception of colors shapes our reality. “Space” transports us beyond our earthly confines to contemplate the cosmos—each episode expanding our understanding in imaginative ways.

Welcome to Night Vale: A Fiction Podcast Phenomenon

With its dark humor and surreal atmosphere, Welcome to Night Vale captures the essence of a fictional desert town where every conspiracy theory is true. Episodes such as “Pilot” and others throughout the series artfully balance the bizarre and the mundane, making this podcast a cult phenomenon.

Milestone Interviews and Conversations

Podcast interviews with key figures have led to some of the most memorable moments in broadcasting. Whether they open up about their personal lives, share expert insights, or simply make us laugh, these conversations are a treat for any listener.

In-Depth Conversations with Notable Figures

  • WTF with Marc Maron – The sheer scale of Marc Maron’s achievement becomes clear when you consider his interview with President Barack Obama. Holding a conversation with a sitting president in a personal setting like a garage was a groundbreaking moment in podcasting.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience – Joe Rogan’s long-form interviews with people like Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson offer hours of profound conversation. His talk with Musk, in particular, made headlines around the world and remains one of the most talked-about podcast episodes.

Comedian Insights and Anecdotes

  • The Adam Buxton Podcast – Adam Buxton brings a unique mix of humor and thoughtfulness to his discussions. His conversation with Paul McCartney revealed the musician’s lighter side as they shared laughs and music history.
  • WTF with Marc Maron – Besides his iconic chat with Obama, Maron has a knack for drawing out personal stories from fellow comedians, which often resonate deeply with his audience.

Narrative Non-Fiction and Storytelling

The magic of narrative non-fiction and storytelling podcasts lies in their ability to weave real events into compelling stories that captivate our hearts and minds. They can bring out the full spectrum of human emotions, from the joy of nostalgic trips to the shared understanding of grief.

Enthralling Serialized Narratives

Podcasts like Serial truly set the standard for serialized storytelling, with each season focusing on a single true story, unraveled episode by episode. The success of Serial paved the way for other storytelling triumphs, such as S-Town, a series that dives into the complex life of a quirky horologist in small-town Alabama. The producers masterfully present a narrative, peeling back the layers of a mystery through rich audio environments and interviews.

The Living Room episode from Love + Radio stands out as a stunning example of storytelling. This episode takes listeners on an emotional journey through a woman’s accidental discovery of a neighbor’s intimate moments, challenging our perspectives on privacy and connection.

Personal Stories and Experiences

On a more personal note, The Moth podcast showcases a collection of stories told by the individuals themselves. Audiences are led through authentic personal experiences, ranging from light-hearted anecdotes to deep, often poignant reflections. These narratives are unscripted and told live, which adds to their authenticity and the intimate connection listeners feel.

Reply All also brings an array of personal tales. While not purely non-fiction narrative, this podcast often touches on the nostalgic or poignant side of the internet era. These stories resonate with the listener, prompting both reflection on our own experiences and a deeper appreciation for the diverse tales that comprise human existence.

Podcasts in the category of narrative non-fiction and storytelling offer a powerful form of connection and reflection, proving that truth can often be as captivating as fiction.

Sociocultural and Historical Impact

Podcast episodes have reshaped the way we connect with history and society, presenting new perspectives and uncovering forgotten stories.

Society and Culture Reflections

Podcasts like 1619 and Lore offer deep insights into the fabric of American society. While 1619 addresses the long-lasting effects of slavery and its influence on American music, culture, and politics, Lore exposes the myths that define our social fears and attractions. Listening to episodes from these shows, audiences develop a sharper empathy for lived experiences across different time periods.

Historical Events and Revelations

Hardcore History stands out by transforming complex historical events into gripping narratives, making past conflicts and strategies more accessible. The show doesn’t just recite facts; it connects historical principles to today’s issues, helping listeners grasp the significance of past decisions and their enduring impacts. This approach not only informs but also provides a sort of therapy session, where one can learn from history to understand the present better.

Special Episodes and Unique Experiences

In the podcast universe, certain episodes stand out. They’re either groundbreaking in their approach or mark special occasions that resonate with listeners.

Experimental and Artistic Endeavors

Some of the most memorable podcast episodes come from shows that break the mold and experiment with their format. Love + Radio, known for its innovative storytelling, often leaves listeners reflecting deeply on each episode’s content. Similarly, Mystery Show had just a handful of episodes, yet its approach to unveiling everyday mysteries left a mark as a unique listening experience that ventured off the beaten path.

Milestone and Anniversary Episodes

Milestone episodes often serve as celebrations of a podcast’s journey. They reflect on past successes and share insights into the making of the show. For instance, major podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience celebrate high-numbered episodes by inviting significant guests or reflecting on the show’s impact and evolution. Moreover, You Must Remember This delves into the hidden or forgotten history of Hollywood, with certain landmark episodes highlighting pivotal moments in cinematic history, which have both entertained and educated audiences about the film industry.

Insights From The Web

You can find opinions about podcasts all over the web. Here we take a look at the voices and opinions of people talking about which podcast episodes they consider the best of all time.

The Art of Storytelling

One of the most compelling aspects of podcasting is its capacity to weave narratives that captivate the listener’s imagination. This American Life’s “129 Cars” is a prime example, immersing listeners in the high-stakes world of car sales with a level of drama and human interest that rivals any fictional narrative. Similarly, S-Town’s “Chapter II” unravels a mystery with such depth and nuance that it blurs the line between journalism and literature.

Conversations that Resonate

Podcasts offer a platform for conversations that might never find a space in traditional media. WTF with Marc Maron’s episode featuring President Barack Obama and The Joe Rogan Experience’s interview with Elon Musk are landmark moments where listeners are invited into a dialogue that is both intimate and expansive, providing insights into the minds of some of the most influential figures of our time.

Educational Insights

Beyond entertainment, podcasts serve as powerful educational tools. Radiolab’s “Colors” episode, for example, transforms a simple question into a fascinating exploration of science, art, and perception. It demonstrates the podcast medium’s ability to make complex subjects accessible and engaging to a broad audience.

The Power of Humor and Relatability

Humor has a special place in podcasting, with shows like Reply All’s “The Case of the Missing Hit” offering a blend of investigative journalism and comedic storytelling that resonates with listeners. It showcases the medium’s ability to tackle even the most obscure stories with a sense of wonder and amusement.

Innovative Soundscapes

Podcasts like Avant-Garde All the Time’s “The Sound of Silence” push the boundaries of what podcasting can be, experimenting with sound to create episodes that are as much art pieces as they are auditory experiences. These episodes challenge listeners to engage with the medium in new and unexpected ways.

Summary of Facts

  • This American Life’s “129 Cars” and S-Town’s “Chapter II” exemplify the narrative depth achievable in podcasting.
  • Interviews with figures like President Obama and Elon Musk highlight podcasting’s unique platform for meaningful conversations.
  • Episodes like Radiolab’s “Colors” demonstrate the medium’s educational potential.
  • Reply All’s “The Case of the Missing Hit” showcases the blend of humor and investigative journalism.
  • Avant-Garde All the Time’s “The Sound of Silence” explores the experimental potential of podcast soundscapes.


What makes a podcast episode stand out?

A standout podcast episode combines compelling storytelling, insightful information, emotional engagement, and often, a unique auditory experience that fully utilizes the podcast medium.

Can podcasts be educational as well as entertaining?

Absolutely. Many podcasts are specifically designed to educate on a wide range of topics, from science and history to art and personal development, often using storytelling and humor to enhance the learning experience.

How have podcasts changed the way we consume media?

Podcasts have democratized media consumption, allowing for more niche interests to be explored and giving a platform to voices that might not be heard in mainstream media. They offer a personal, on-demand listening experience that can be tailored to individual preferences.

By diving into the essence of these episodes, this article not only celebrates the achievements of podcast creators but also illuminates the diverse ways in which podcasts enrich our lives, offering laughter, insights, and connections that resonate long after the headphones are removed.

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